Dumping CD-Rs with Errors in the Last 2 Sectors

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Many CD-Rs have Errors in their Last 2 Sectors due to how the discs were "mastered". These dumps are usually not bad, but require extra steps to ensure QC when adding to redump.


  • Dump your disc to confirm it is getting c2 errors at the end (if your dump does NOT get c2 errors at the end, then there's no need to follow this guide).
  • Redump your disc multiple times WITHOUT the /c2 flag. If your bin files match from two dumps, then your results are good. Note: You may need to dump more than twice to get matching results.
  • Now you have a good disc image ready for adding to Redump.
  • Copy + paste the link to this guide in your submission the Moderator adding your disc will have context.
  • Also include two sets of MPF/DiscImageCreator logs showing matching results.
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