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IFPI L941 was the mastering SID code assigned to an unknown CD manufacturer. It was located in Singapore, according to the "Manufactured in Singapore" text on the disc labels. Some or all of the discs manufactured here were sold in Australia, and possibly other countries.

Only four discs are known, numbered 1 to 4 in sequence.

SID codes

  • Mastering SID code: IFPI L941
  • Mould SID codes: IFPI 3E0x

It's hard to tell if the third digit of the mould SID code is a 0, a D or an O, but I think it's a zero.


The ringcode text consists of:

  • the mastering SID code (IFPI L941);
  • the manufacturer's serial for the disc;
  • the publisher's serial for the disc;
  • a barcode.

The mastering SID code is written in small letters above and to the left of the manufacturer's serial.

The barcode is surrounded by two long solid bars. The publisher's serial is surrounded by two small bars.

SID Code
# Publisher
SID code
1996 IFPI L941 0001 GEFD 25105 IFPI 7999 Nirvana - From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah ([1])
1997-01-04 IFPI L941 0002 60048 IFPI 3ED4 Die Hard Trilogy
1997 IFPI L941 0003 60064 IFPI 3E01 Comanche 3
1996-12-30 IFPI L941 0004 60045 IFPI 3E03 Cricket 97
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