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  • Missing Redump dat, being added to IBM PC at the moment.
  • These do not include multisession discs with both Audio CD content and MP3 content, add to Enhanced CD.

Dumped in IBM PC

Freedom Planet: Official Game Soundtrack (USA)NovaAurora95492, 95493, 95494MP3 CD
MP3 DC - Use MP3 Audio CD's on Your Dreamcast (USA, Europe) (100 Track MP3 Disc)user7 / Jackal / Maddog61694MP3 CD
Dark Souls II - Official Soundtrack CD (Europe)Intothisworld82163MP3 CD
Witcher, The - Enhanced Edition (USA) (MP3 Music Files)NovaAurora89754MP3 CD
Guacamelee! Original Soundtrack (USA) (PC Game Bundle)mictlantecuhtle101133MP3 CD
Dyscourse - The Soundtrack (USA) (PC Game Bundle)NovaAurora102189MP3 CD
Fire Emblem - Fuuka Setsugetsu Original Soundtrack (Japan) (Bonus Disc)mictlantecuhtle86322MP3 DVD
Bravely Second - End Layer - Special Mini Soundtrack - Hi-Res Data DVD-ROM (Japan) (3DS Game Bundle)NovaAurora96545MP3 DVD
SBFR the Best 2 - Black (Japan)NovaAurora96555MP3 DVD
SBFR the Best 2 - White (Japan)NovaAurora96556MP3 DVD
SBFR the Best 3 - Kirby First History (Japan)NovaAurora96557MP3 DVD
SBFR the Best 4 - PKMN First History (Japan)NovaAurora96558MP3 DVD


Axiom Verge: Original SoundtrackUSA
Rogue Legacy: Original SoundtrackUSA
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