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DAT Version: Memorex - Visual Information System - Datfile (68) (2019-08-21 01-51-09)

MIA: 41/68

American Heritage - Illustrated Encyclopedic Dictionary (USA)
American Vista (USA)
Astrology Source (USA)
Better Homes and Gardens - Healthy Cooking (USA)
December 24th (USA)
Discis Books Multimedia - The Cask of Amontillado - Edgar Allan Poe (USA) (En,Es)
Discis Books Multimedia - The Necklace - Guy de Maupassant (USA) (En,Es)
Discis Books Multimedia - The Tell-Tale Heart - Edgar Allan Poe (USA) (En,Es)
Kids Can Read! A Long Hard Day at the Ranch - Audrey Nelson (USA) (En,Es)
Kids Can Read! Aesop's Fables (USA) (En,Es)
Kids Can Read! Cinderella - The Original Fairy Tale (USA) (En,Es)
Kids Can Read! Heather Hits Her First Home Run by Ted Planos (USA) (En,Es)
Kids Can Read! Moving Gives Me a Stomach Ache - Story by Heather McKend (USA) (En,Es)
Kids Can Read! Mud Puddle - Robert N. Munsch (USA) (En,Es)
Kids Can Read! Scary Poems for Rotten Kids written by Sean O Huigin (USA) (En,Es)
Kids Can Read! The Night Before Christmas - Clement C. Moore LLD (USA) (En,Es)
Kids Can Read! The Paper Bag Princess - Robert N. Munsch (USA) (En,Es)
Kids Can Read! Thomas' Snowsuit - R. Munsch (USA) (En,Es)
Learn to Play Guitar Volume 1 (USA)
Manhole, The - New and Enhanced! (USA)
Meeting of Minds Series, The - Interactive Games of History, Art, Music, and Ideas (USA)
Mercer Mayer's Just Grandma and Me (USA) (En,Ja,Es)
Mosaic Magic (USA)
Mutanoid Math Challenge (USA)
Mutanoid Word Challenge (USA)
New Basics Electronic Cookbook, The (USA)
Our House featuring The Family Circus (USA)
Peter and the Wolf - A Multimedia Storybook (USA)
Playing with Language - Games in French (USA)
Playing with Language - Games in Japanese (USA)
Playing with Language - Games in Spanish (USA)
Race the Clock (USA) (En,Es)
Rodney's Funscreen (USA)
Sail with Columbus (USA)
Sherlock Holmes - Consulting Detective Volume II (USA)
Survey of Western Art, A - The Electronic Library of Art (USA)
Talking Stepping Stones - Bonus Pack (USA)
Time Table of History - Arts and Entertainment - 1993 Edition (USA)
Time Table of History - Business, Politics & Media - 1993 Edition (USA)
Time Table of History - Science and Innovation - 1993 Edition (USA)
World Vista (USA)
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