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A list of missing discs for the Memorex / Tandy VIS system.


  • 1992 Time Magazine Compact Almanac, The
  • American Heritage Illustrated Encyclopedic Dictionary -secured RevQuixo
  • American Vista -secured RevQuixo
  • Astrology Source -secured RevQuixo
  • Better Homes and Gardens: Healthy Cooking -secured RevQuixo
  • Cask of Amontillado, The -secured RevQuixo
  • December 24th -secured RevQuixo
  • Exploring America's National Parks
  • Just Grandma and Me -secured RevQuixo
  • Kids Can Read: A Long Hard Day on the Ranch -secured RevQuixo
  • Kids Can Read: Aesop's Fables -secured RevQuixo
  • Kids Can Read: Cinderella -secured RevQuixo
  • Kids Can Read: Heather Hits Her First Home Run -secured RevQuixo
  • Kids Can Read: Moving Gives Me a Stomache Ache -secured RevQuixo
  • Kids Can Read: Mud Puddles -secured RevQuixo
  • Kids Can Read: Scary Poems For Rotten Kids -secured RevQuixo
  • Kids Can Read: The Night Before Christmas -secured RevQuixo
  • Kids Can Read: The Paper Bag Princess -secured RevQuixo
  • Kids Can Read: Thomas' Snowsuit -secured RevQuixo
  • Learn To Play Guitar -secured RevQuixo
  • Manhole, The -secured RevQuixo
  • Meeting of Minds, The -secured RevQuixo
  • Mosaic Magic -secured RevQuixo
  • Mutanoid Math Challenge -secured RevQuixo
  • Mutanoid Word Challenge -secured RevQuixo
  • Necklace, The -secured RevQuixo
  • New Basics Electronic Cookbook, The -secured RevQuixo
  • Our House -secured RevQuixo
  • Peter and the Wolf -secured RevQuixo
  • Playing With Language: Games in French -secured RevQuixo
  • Playing With Language: Games in Japanese -secured RevQuixo
  • Playing With Language: Games in Spanish -secured RevQuixo
  • Race the Clock -secured RevQuixo
  • Rodney's Funscreen -secured RevQuixo
  • Sail With Columbus -secured RevQuixo
  • Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Vol. 2 -secured RevQuixo
  • Survey of Western Art, A -secured RevQuixo
  • Talking Stepping Stones -secured RevQuixo
  • Tell-Tale Heart, The -secured RevQuixo
  • Time Table of History: Arts and Entertainment -secured RevQuixo
  • Time Table of History: Business, Politics & Media -secured RevQuixo
  • Time Table of History: Science and Innovation -secured RevQuixo
  • Video Movie Guide 1993
  • World Vista -secured RevQuixo
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