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Microsoft Xbox
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List is incomplete and needs additional research.


Title Region Barcode Notes Bought
Sims 2, The Denmark 5 035224 046171 Unconfirmed if unique disc. Dumped PAL disc is missing Danish/Finnish/Norweigan languages that are in the PS2 release.
The Finnish disc, and probably the Norweigan and Danish discs do not have a unique EA ID which suggests verification.
Spider-Man France? Classics release - AV00607E? Unconfirmed
Star Wars: Battlefront II UK 0 23272 00254 1 Classics. Likely matches Original (LA02601W) or Rev 1 USA dump (LA02604W). Italian and Spanish Classics releases likely also match.


Needs research. For magazine demos see Microsoft Xbox and Xbox 360 PAL Magazine Demos.

Title Region Notes Bought
Sonic Heroes [1] [2] [3]
TimeSplitters: Future Perfect Germany Cover Disc Label


Title Region Barcode Notes Bought
Outlaw Volleyball Europe English only SS00303E variant, released by scene but so far all the copies found are SS00701E
Guilty Gear Isuka Europe Scene release exists with string AW00102E, no proof that retail copies exist?
Burnout Revenge (Demo) France/Germany No proof that it was actually released? Equivalent of the standalone French/German PS2 demo.
Iron Phoenix Australia No proof that it was actually released?
Metal Slug 5 Europe No proof that it was actually released?
Samurai Shodown V Europe 5060050942533 No proof that it was actually released?
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