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Note: This list is very incomplete. More research needed. See VGMDB for a more complete list.

Double check the Redump database before purchasing.



Title (Latin)Title (Non-Latin)RegionPurchased ByNote
Age of Mythology: Original Soundtrack USA [1]
Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean Official Soundtrack (Toys "R" Us) USA [2]
Biomutant Official Soundtrack USA [3]
Brassino Isles Tropical Cruise USA [4]
Brentalfloss Flossophy USA [5]
Command & Conquer: Renegade Soundtrack USA 4014307
The DOTA 2 Official Soundtrack USA [6]
Dungeon Master: The Album USA [7]
Ecco: Songs of Time USA [8]
Fallout: The Soundtrack USA [9] Beware of misprint that has game instead.
Fallout 2: The Soundtrack USA [10]
Music of Elemental, The: War of Magic USA Bundled with Elemental: The War of Magic Limited Edition
Original Music from Ultima IX: Ascension USA [11]
Overwatch Soundtrack [Collector's Edition] USA [12]
Robotech: Battlecry Exclusive Game Soundtrack USA Bundled with big-box collector's edition, also includes concept art
Twilight Symphony USA [13] 3 Discs
Concert N64 Canada [14]
FINAL BOSS Canada [15]


Title (Latin)Title (Non-Latin)RegionPurchased ByNote
A Plague Tale: Requiem (Original Soundtrack) Europe [16]
A Plague Tale: Innocence (Original Soundtrack) Europe [17]
Another World (Official Soundtrack) Europe [18]
Coffee Talk (Original Soundtrack) Europe [19]
Cris Tales (Original Soundtrack) Europe [20]
Demon Turf (Original Soundtrack) Europe [21]
Dying Light 2: Stay Human (Original Soundtrack) Europe [22]
Lisa Miskovsky The Theme from Mirror's Edge Still Alive: The Remixes Europe DGX07706160D2 [23]
Pikmin: Vous Meilleurs Amis: Song of Love Europe (France?) [24]
Planescape: Torment (Platynowa Kolekcja)Płyta z muzykąPoland [25]
So Let Us Melt (Official Soundtrack) Europe [26]
Temtem (Original Soundtrack) Europe [27]
The Medium (Original Soundtrack) Europe [28] 2xCD version, different from
Ubisoft soundtrack sampler: Video Games Live London 2006 Limited Edition Europe [29]


Title (Latin)Title (Non-Latin)RegionPurchased ByNote
Bahamut Lagoon Japan (2 discs) [30]
Collection of Illusionary Music: Touhou Suimusou Original Sound Track Japan
Fuuraiki 2: Original Soundtrack Japan (Disc 1) FGOS-007 (Disc 2) FGOS-008
Fuuraiki Sound Sketch: Your First Journey Japan FGOS-003
Fuuraiki: Original Soundtrack Japan (Disc 1) FGOS-004 (Disc 2) FGOS-005
Hourai Ningyou: Dolls in Pseudo Paradise: ZUN's Music Collection vol. I Japan
Izanagi Busshitsu: Neo-traditionalism of Japan.: ZUN's Music Collection vol.7 Japan
Konami Special Music: Senryoubako Japan (3 discs) [31]
Kuon no Kizuna: Heian-hen Japan (Disc 1) FGDC-001 (Disc 2) FGDC-002
Kuon no Kizuna: Original Soundtrack "R" Japan (Disc 1) FGOS-009 (Disc 2) FGOS-010 (Disc 3) FGOS-011
Michi no Hana, Michi no Tabi: ZUN's Music Collection vol.5.5 Japan
Missing Parts: Original Soundtrack Japan FGOS-006
Lucasfilm Games Japan [32]
Oozora Majutsu: Magical Astronomy: ZUN's Music Collection vol.5 Japan
Perfect Cherry Blossom for Busy People Soundtrack Japan [33]
R-Type Special Japan [34]
Rendai Noyakou: Ghostly Field Club: ZUN's Music Collection Vol.2 Japan
Tactical Fighter Original Soundtrack ~ DJ Hitomi and Soundtrack Japan [35]
Torifune Iseki: Trojan Green Asteroid: ZUN's Music Collection vol.6 Japan
Wachenröder Japan [36]
X'mas Collections: music from SQUARE ENIX Japan [37]
Yuusha 30 Sou ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK勇者30奏 オリジナル・サウンドトラックJapan [38]
Yumetagae Kagaku Seiki: Changeability of Strange Dream: ZUN's Music Collection vol.3 Japan
Zap! Music for Snowboarders Japan [39]


Title (Latin)Title (Non-Latin)RegionPurchased ByNote
50 Cent: Bulletproof: The Soundtrack [40]
Gabriel Knight Soundtrack (The Gabriel Knight Mysteries Collection) [41]
Half-Life [42]
Input 64: A Collection of Commodore 64 Game Music [43]
Jet Set Radio Future: Music Sampler [44]
Mystical Tales: The Sound of Warcraft III (2 discs) [45]
N64 Anthems (Bundled with Total N64 magazine) [46]
The Nameless Mod OST World (Disc 1) [47] (Disc 2) [48] CD-R TNM OST
Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath: Original Soundtrack, vol. 1 (Limited Collector's Edition) [49]
Quake IV: Soundtrack for a Video Game (2 discs) [50]
V-Rally 2: Championship Edition: Music Fuelled by Sin [51]
Worms Armageddon: Original Soundtrack Original Release version [52]
Yager O.S.T. (Bundled with Limited Special Edition) [53]

Audio CD Games

Title (Latin)Title (Non-Latin)RegionPurchased ByNote
Terror T.R.A.X. #1: Track of the Vampire USAmictlantecuhtle [54]
Terror T.R.A.X. #2: Track of the Werewolf USA [55]
Terror T.R.A.X. #3: Track of the Mummy USA [56]
Terror T.R.A.X. #4: Track of the Creature USA [57]
The Isotopes: Choose Your Own Adventure USA [58] [59] [60] "opens with 13 original songs, then ends with interactive tracks that allow the listener to choose the fate of the band in its quest to be heroes"
The Late Hour: Choose Your Own Adventure USA [61]
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