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Special Versions

GKCJ	Kidou Senshi Gundam: Senshitachi no Kiseki (Kadokawa Shoten Union Planning Special Edition)  機動戦士ガンダム 戦士達の軌跡 (角川書店連合企画 特別編)


It's possible that some of the earlier missing versions never made it to market (because of game-breaking bugs or whatever)

    	Baten Kaitos II - Hajimari no Tsubasa to Kamigami no Shishi (Disc 1) (v1.00)
    	Baten Kaitos II - Hajimari no Tsubasa to Kamigami no Shishi (Disc 2) (v1.00)
   	Beach Spikers: Virtua Beach Volleyball (v1.00)
   	Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO (v1.00)
   	Captain Tsubasa: Ougon Sedai no Chousen (v1.00)
   	Chaos Field Expanded (v1.00) & (v1.01)
    	Charinko Hero (v1.00)
    	ChibiRobo! (v1.00)
   	Croket! Banking no Kiki wo Sukue (v1.00)
   	Disney's Mickey Mouse no Fushigi na Kagami (v1.00)
   	Egg Mania - Tsukande! Mawashite! Dossun Puzzle!! (v1.00)
    	Game Boy Player Start-Up Disc (v1.00) (also Korea region)
   	Giant Egg - Billy Hatcher no Daibouken (v1.00)
   	Medarot Brave (v1.00)
   	Monopoly - Mezase!! Daifugou Jinsei!! (v1.00)
    	Odama (v1.00)
   	Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II (v1.00) & (v1.01)
   	Rockman EXE Transmission (v1.00)
   	Shaman King - Soul Fight (v1.00)
   	Soulcalibur II (v1.00)
   	Super Monkey Ball (v1.00) & (v1.01)
   	Zoids vs. (v1.00)
GZVJ	Zoids vs. III (v1.02) - confirmed to exist(?)

Revisions (probably don't exist)

GPIJ	Pikmin (v1.00) // even a box without "A" stamp on its sleeve was v1.01
    	Killer7 // only 1.02 is dumped, but the game seems to have distinct versions for each region



Serial Title Confirmed to Exist? Bought Other Comments
DBSJBeach Spikers: Virtua Beach Volleyball Yes image
DEOJCapcom vs. SNK 2 EO Yes image
017JDiag 2001/06/01 Yes image
????DOL-USA Ver.02 (本体検査ディスク) Serial number unconfirmedSystem Inspection Disc DOL-USA Ver.02 image
????DOL Ver. 03 (本体検査ディスク)Serial number unconfirmedSystem Inspection Disc DOL Ver. 03 image
????Diag Ver 03-00 Serial number unconfirmed image
DY2JDonkey Konga 2: Hit Song Parade Possibly confirmed
DY3JDonkey Konga 3: Tabehoudai! Haru Mogitate 50-kyoku Possibly confirmed
DFSJFIFA 2002: Road to FIFA World Cup Possibly confirmed
????Gekko (機能検査プログラム 2002/10/08版) Serial number unconfirmed Gekko Function Testing Progam 2002/10/08 version, photo too blurry to know if 査 is definitely 査. image
DEGJGiant Egg: Billy Hatcher no Daibouken Possibly confirmed
???? P.N. 03 demo Serial number unconfirmed eBay auction
DMPJMario Party 4 image
DW3JWrestlemania X8 Yes image
????Yu-Gi-Oh! Falsebound Kingdom: Kyokou ni Tozasareta Oukokuserial number unconfirmed

Gekkan Nintendo Tentou series

todo: upload all images to permanent reliable host

SerialTitleMonth as word + yearBought Status Other Comments
D28JGekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2002.4.4April 2002 Confirmed via scene Scene: Interactive_Multi-Game_Demo_Disk_April_2002_JPN_NGC-ICP
D37JGekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2002.8.xAugust 2002 Serial possibly unconfirmed
D38JGekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2002.9.1 September 2002 Whovian9369 confirmed auction
D44JGekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2002.12.1 (Disc 1)December 2002 confirmed auction. Image from private message with seller (shows that disc is disc 1 revision 0). Has a pre-final wind waker demo on it, which was uploaded onto the web anonymously as a gcm created from the tgc in the disc filesystem, using tgc2gcm.
D44JGekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2002.12.1 (Disc 2) December 2002 confirmed
D45JGekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2003.1 January 2003 Existence unconfirmed / serial guessed
D48JGekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2003.3.1March 2003 Serial possibly unconfirmed Photos: box (back) (close), box (front) (close), box (close)
D49JGekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2003.4.1April 2003 Serial possibly unconfirmed
D??JGekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2003.5.1May 2003 Not to be confused with e-Catalog 2003 Haru (D53J)
D5??Gekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2003.6.1June 2003 Serial unconfirmed mercari auction, yahoo auction (direct image links for latter: 1, 2, 3)
D62JGekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2003.8.x (Disc 1)August 2003 Serial possibly unconfirmed. 2003.8.1 Disc 2 is dumped.
D63JGekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2003.9.1September 2003 Serial unconfirmed
D64JGekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2003.10.1October 2003 confirmed images Photos: box (front), box (back) (close)
D65JGekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2003.11.x (Disc 1)November 2003 Serial possibly unconfirmed
D65JGekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2003.11.x (Disc 2)November 2003 Serial unconfirmed
????Gekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2004.1.x
- (only?) contains Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire "problem repair program"
January 2004 Serial unconfirmed different to the dumped D68Jv0. auction for this or D68Jv0.
????Gekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2004.2.1Febuary 2004 Serial unconfirmed Photos: box (front), box (back)
????Gekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2004.2.x
- (only?) contains Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire "problem repair program"
Febuary 2004 Serial unconfirmed
D74JGekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2004.3.xMarch 2004 Serial possibly unconfirmed
D76JGekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2004.3.x"fixed version"
- presumably (only?) contains Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire "problem repair program"
March 2004 Serial possibly unconfirmed
????Gekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2004.6.1June 2004 Serial unconfirmed box front box back close-up
????Gekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2004.8.1August 2004 Serial unconfirmed Photos: box (front), box (back) (close)
????Gekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2004.9.xSeptember 2004 Serial unconfirmed Might be dumped soon by someone that Hiccup found online who has the disc
D37JGekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2004.11.xNovember 2004 Serial possibly unconfirmed
D88JGekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2004.12.1December 2004 confirmed 1
D92JGekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2004-2005 year-end/New Year's Holiday Serial possibly unconfirmed
D93JGekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2005.1.xJanuary 2005 Serial unconfirmed
D94JGekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2005.2.xFebruary 2005 Serial possibly unconfirmed
D95JGekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2005.3.xMarch 2005 Serial possibly unconfirmed 1
D96JGekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2005.4.xApril 2005 Serial possibly unconfirmed
D??JGekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2005.5.xMay 2005 Serial unconfirmed
D98JGekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2005.6.1June 2005 confirmed images
D?9JGekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2005.7.xJuly 2005 Serial unconfirmed
E22JGekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2005.8.xAugust 2005 Serial possibly unconfirmed
E23JGekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2005.9.1September 2005 confirmed image
E2EJGekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2005.11.xNovember 2005 Serial possibly unconfirmed
E25JGekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2005.11.x revised editionNovember 2005 confirmed image
E26JGekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2005.12.xDecember 2005 Serial possibly unconfirmed
????Gekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2005-2006 year-end Existence unconfirmed
????Gekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2006.1.xJanuary 2006 Serial unconfirmed
E2??Gekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2006.2.xFebruary 2006 Serial unconfirmed
????Gekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2006.3.xMarch 2006 Serial unconfirmed
E33JGekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2006.5.xMay 2006 confirmed image
E34JGekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2006.6.xJune 2006 Serial unconfirmed
E35JGekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2006.7.1July 2006 Serial possibly unconfirmed
E36JGekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2006.8.xAugust 2006 Serial possibly unconfirmed
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