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All known missing Wii U games and demos.

Note: An officially licensed "Wii U Lens Cleaner Disc" was released in all three regions. It may be a dummy disc, Wudump wouldn't recognize it and neither would computer disc drives.


Europe Games

Serial Region Bought Title Barcode Other Comments
AKBP Europe Hiccup Captain Toad - Treasure Tracker Version: 1.01 missing. Hiccup is working on dumping it (slowly).

Unconfirmed Revisions

ARDP	Super Mario 3D World (v1.00) // Probably doesn't exist as first print special sleeve, Nintendo Selects and original editions are v1.01.
AMKP	Mario Kart 8 (v1.02) // v1.00, v1.01 and v1.04 are dumped
AMKP	Mario Kart 8 (v1.03) // "
ANXP	Wii Party U (v1.00) // 1.01 is dumped
AXFP	Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (v1.01, v1.02 and v1.03) // v1.00 and v1.04 are dumped
ASTP	Wii Fit U (v1.00 and v1.01) // v1.02 is dumped

Nintendo Selects

Nintendo Selects editions of these games haven't been dumped and they may be new revisions.

BCZP	The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD
APLP	LEGO City Undercover
ABAP	Mario Party 10
ALCP	Nintendo Land
AC3P	Pikmin 3
AJ8P	SteamWorld Collection
BJDP	Just Dance 2015
ANXP	Wii Party U

Japan Games

AKBJ	Susume! Kinopio Taichou (v1.01)

Middle East / Southeast Asia Games

These are English NTSC games that have different disc serials from their USA counterparts, and thus may be variants of the USA releases. This list is incomplete.

ARKE	Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
ALZE	Legend of Zelda, The: Breath of the Wild
BCZE	Legend of Zelda, The: The Wind Waker HD
AMKE	Mario Kart 8
AX5E	Xenoblade Chronicles X


Label SerialRegionBoughtTitleBox SerialBarcodeOther Comments
?USA ? To be published by Limited Run Games. Probably Axiom Verge.
WUP-P-AXFE-USA-0USA Super Smash Bros. for Wii UWUP-P-AXFE-USZ 101986A04549690340400000v1.04. "V" serial on box: V-1404738.

Unconfirmed Revisions

AXFE	Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (v1.01) // v1.00 and v1.02 are dumped

Kiosk Demos


Note: Some of the Kiosk discs fail in Wudump. More info[1].

Paraphrased Name Sleeve Text Sleeve Barcode Number Disc Text Owner
2013-01 "LTN" DEMO, GPK CAT-I UPDATE JAN '13 LTN 79877 79883 - Disc, CAT-I Update RTL Jan 13 LTN LTN = Latin America? Disc was found in Chile. Different from [2]
2013-06 USA GPK, DEMO CAT-I UPDATE JUN '13 USA 80992  ? Ryanrocks
2013-10 "LTN"  ?  ? 82215 - Disc, CAT-I Update RTL OCT '13 LTN LTN = Latin America? Disc was found in Chile.
2014-08 USA GPK, DEMO CAT-I AUG '14 USA-PT 100147 100148 - DISC, CAT-I RTL AUG '14 USA-PT Fails with Wudump. Ryanrocks, VGDB

Unconfirmed Revisions

Nintendo Selects

Nintendo Selects editions of these games haven't been dumped and they may be new revisions.

BKBE	Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker	
ABAE	Mario Party 10
AFDE	NES Remix Pack
ATWE	New Super Mario Bros. U + New Super Luigi U
ACLE	Nintendo Land
AS2E	Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
ARDE	Super Mario 3D World //v1.00 and v1.02 are dumped. Someone with this disc has said its also v1.02.
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