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(Missing Retail Korean Titles)
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Last Updated: January 16, 2022.
Sourced from Wikipedia[]
Sourced from Wikipedia[]
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  D no Shokutaku (Pre-Release Version?) [CDG-128011] -- 2CD blue jewel case, CD serials are CDG-128011A and CDG-128011B
  D no Shokutaku (Pre-Release Version?) [CDG-128011] -- 2CD blue jewel case, CD serials are CDG-128011A and CDG-128011B
Return Fire (Demonstration-ban) [FZ-JJ9DSR-5F] [][][]
  Scramble Cobra (Premium Version) [FZ-JJ9PSC-5H] [][]
  Scramble Cobra (Premium Version) [FZ-JJ9PSC-5H] [][]

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Panasonic 3DO: USAEurope & PALAsia

Sourced from Wikipedia[1]


Missing Retail Korean Titles

Agi Gongnyong Goldie [GDT-EA061]
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Slayer [GDT-GA131]
BattleSport [GDT-GA421]
BC Racers [GDT-GA331]
Demolition Man
Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise [GDT-EA031]
Fun 'n Games [GDT-GA281]
Gex [GDT-GA291] -- "JVC GDTGA291 P3E" ringcode variant is needed [2]
Icebreaker [GDT-GA321]
Memory Gwanli CD -- translates as "Memory Management CD"
Myst [GDT-GA311]
Putt-Putt Goes to the Moon [GDT-EA041]
Putt-Putt Joins the Parade [GDT-EA051]
Road Rash
Soccer Kid [GDT-GA121] 
Space Shuttle [GDT-GA161]
Star Control II
Stellar 7 - Draxon's Revenge -- seen on the photo, but unsure if Korean
Strahl [GDT-GA301]
Super Street Fighter II Turbo [GDT-GA191]
Wing Commander III

Missing Retail Titles

Doom -- USA region CD repacked with Japanese cover and manual

Missing Not-For-Sale Titles

Ekiden - '95 Rettou Ekiden Houhan Campaign [3][4]
Susono Country Club - Golf-ba Multimedia Shinsho [JM-GD001][5]
TOYOPET RV World [PT-2RV] [6][7]
Toyota Name - The Technology - Multimedia Catalog [8]

Missing Demos

D no Shokutaku (Pre-Release Version?) [CDG-128011] -- 2CD blue jewel case, CD serials are CDG-128011A and CDG-128011B
Scramble Cobra (Premium Version) [FZ-JJ9PSC-5H] [9][10]

Missing Editions

Mahjong-kyou Jidai - Cogal Houkago-hen - limited edition exists?
Policenauts (Mouse Set) [FZ-JJ1PK001] - atrac17
Twinkle Knights (Version B) [IS-AX0001?] -- no idea about the artwork/ringcode/contents differences, but there are claims that 2 versions exist

Memory Set Box

Nobunaga no Yabou - Haouden (Memory Set Box) [FZ-EM256SA]
Sangokushi IV (Memory Set Box) [FZ-EM256SC]
Theme Park (Memory Set Box) [FZ-EM256SD]
Winning Post (Memory Set Box) [FZ-EM256SB]

Power-Up Campaign

Chiki Chiki Machine Mou Race: Kenken to Black Maou no Ijiwaru Daisakusen (Power-Up Campaign) [FZ-SJ1351R] [11][12]
Nobunaga no Yabou - Haouden (Power-Up Campaign) [FZ-SJ2851R] [13] - atrac17
Samurai Shodown (Power-Up Campaign) [FZ-SJ3155R] [14]

Missing Revisions

Grimm Meisaku Gekijou 1 - Bremen no Ongakutai (Rev 1) [FZ-SJ3051] -- ringcode contains "#1"
Shanghai - Banri no Choujou (Rev 0) [FZ-SJ1660] -- ringcode should be "FZ-SJ1660-Rxx V"
Takeru (Rev 0) [FZ-SJ1201] -- ringcode should be without "#1"

Missing Photo CD Titles (3DO-branded)

Hase Naomi - Instinct [FZ-JJ1YP0403] -- 4905914904032 [15][16]
Jinbo Miki - Taiyou Densetsu Mata Hari [FZ-JJ1YP0402] -- 4985914904025 [17] - Wiggy2k
Mono CD Series Vol. 2 - Sekai no Udedokei Rolex - Rolex Collection Manual [FZ-YPE0702] -- 4984824066571 [18]
Notte Mitai Ressha Ittemitai Rosen Catalog - Tetsudou no Tabi - Kinki & Chuugoku & Shikoku & Kyuushuu [FZ-YPE0203]
Photo-Q Vol. 1 (New Type Photo Quiz) [FZ-JJ1YP0801] -- 4984824107205
Photo-Q Pro Vol. 1 (New Type Photo Quiz) [FZ-JJ1YP0802] -- 4984824107212 [19] - Wiggy2k
Shiho [FZ-JJ1YP0401] -- 4985914904018 [20] - Wiggy2k
Tomomi Miyauchi - Suhada no Seifuku [IMPSW-1101] -- 4986770000043 [21]
Yuko Mizushima - Vigor [FZ-JJYP0102] [22] - Wiggy2k

Missing Photo CD Titles (Idea Factory)

??? [PX-005]
??? [PX-006]
Steelwood 2: Private Eye [PX-???]
Yuusha no Yabou [PX-008]


Bodyconscious Digital Rave! Part 2: Akasaka & Maebashi [TPS-18013] - advertised on Super Model Gail McKenna spinecard
Bodyconscious Digital Rave! Part 3 [TPS-18014] - advertised on Super Model Gail McKenna spinecard
Dragon Ball Z: Cell to Kogeki da! [23]
Rockman X3 [FZ-SJ3853] - was recalled from the shops, but certain copies should still exist
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