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Last Updated: October 25, 2018

Missing Retail Titles

3D Atlas (double CD case)
3DO Game Guru (double CD case) -- should match USA release
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Slayer (double CD case) (CS090053)
Alone in the Dark 2 (Europe) (double CD case)
Another World (double CD case)
Ballz: The Director's Cut (single CD case)
Battle Chess (double CD case)
BC Racers (single CD case) -- should match USA release, also not dumped
Captain Quazer (double CD case)
Cyberia (double CD case)
Defcon 5 (double CD case)
Dragon Lore (German) (double CD case) (2199710)
Dragon's Lair (single CD case)
Flashback (single CD case)
Flying Nightmares (double CD case)
Gridders (back of manual has a 3DO warranty for UK only) (single CD case)
Immercenary (double CD case) (E294DCX) -- also German?
Incredible Machine, The (single CD case)
Johnny Bazookatone (single CD case)
Killing Time (double CD case)
Lost Files Of Sherlock Holmes, The (double CD case)
Off-World Interceptor (double CD case) -- should match USA version which is dumped
Panzer General (German) (double CD case) (CS090225)
PGA Tour 96 (double CD case)
Phoenix 3 (single CD case)
Psychic Detective (double CD case) (E333DCX)
Rise of the Robots (single CD case in long box)
Scramble Cobra (double CD case)
Shock Wave (double CD case)
Shock Wave 2: Beyond the Gate (double CD case) (E353DCX)
Snow Job (double CD case)
Soccer Kid (single CD case)
Star Control II (double CD case) -- should match USA release, also not dumped
Starblade (German) (single CD case) (FZ-SG5351)
Trip'd (double CD case) -- should match USA version[1]
Virtuoso (single CD case)
Way of the Warrior (double CD case)
Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger (double CD case) -- Disc 1 is missing, should match one of the USA releases
Wolfenstein 3D (double CD case)
Zhadnost: The People's Party (single CD case)

Missing Demos

3DO Magazine 06
3DO Magazine 08
3DO Magazine 09
3DO Magazine 10
3DO Magazine 11
3DO Magazine 12
3DO Magazine 13
3DO Multi Game Sampler Number 3, The
Panasonic REAL 3DO Interactive Multiplayer - Sampler CD for PAL System (DF-JN5011Z) -- bundled with FZ-1

Missing Versions

MegaRace (another version, not this one[2]. One of these two matches the USA release)
Return Fire (single CD case) (should be another version matching one of the USA release versions)
Road Rash (another European version)
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