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Last Updated: August 11, 2019.



Canada variants:

Pebble Beach Golf Links (FZ-SC0101) - Wiggy2k
Real Pinball (FZ-SC0801)
Waialae Country Club (FZ-SC0102)(Should match USA release) - Wiggy2k

USA Releases:

20th Century Video Almanac
Battle Chess (3DO Maniac Pack Disc 2) -- with the ringcode starts with "IFPI L238" and ends with "00020 R1H"
Brain Dead 13 Starring Fritz v1.1 (Disc 1) -- ringcode is unknown, is it a v1.1 of the disc 1 or a disc 1 of the v1.1 game?? CRC is 0x8D0D6228
Brain Dead 13 Starring Fritz v1.1 (Disc 2) -- does it exist?
Crash 'n Burn (Original) [61010-C] -- with the "3DRM-1239120 1" ringcode
Crime Patrol (Original) -- with the "B587 CP 000173-2 R71" ringcode
Dennis Miller That's News to Me
Digital Dreamware
Dragon's Lair (Original) -- with the "DH 65003 SRCR**01" ringcode (no "-2")
Escape from Monster Manor - A Terrifying Hunt for the Undead
ESPN Baseball: Interactive Hitting
ESPN Golf: Lower Your Score with Tom Kite: Shot Making Mental Messages (add-on disc)
ESPN Let's Play Soccer with John Harkes and Mia Hamm - beets
ESPN Let's Play Tennis with Tracy Austin
Fun 'n Games
Gex (Not for Resale) [63060-C] -- with the ringcode "3DRM-1277190 2"
Horde, The [61030-C]
Horde, The [61030-C RCB] -- some longboxes say "RCB" above the barcode, some say "RCB-1", are the discs any different?
Isis: Earth, Wind and Fire - Panasonic (Info that 10 copies were sold at their concert. maybe demo or something?)
Killing Time v3.10 (mail-in disc) -- black disc front with red letters, "RE2" on the ringcode - awbacon
Last Bounty Hunter, The
Mad Dog McCree [ALG 000029] -- with the ringcode ends with "SRCR**02"
Mad Dog McCree II: The Lost Gold (Gunslinger Collection Disc 2) -- with the "B1379 CP 900015-2.2 R71" ringcode
MegaRace -- with the "B309 DJ 219961-2" ringcode, probably ends with "R70"
Mind Teazzer
Oceans Below
Out of This World (Original) -- with the "45097-1" ringcode
Out of This World (3DO Maniac Pack Disc 3) -- with the "CD3DO0230RE" ringcode
Panasonic REAL 3DO Interactive Multiplayer - Demonstration CD [FZDEM1]
Panzer General
Plumbers Don't Wear Ties -- some other weird version exists [1]
Putt-Putt Goes to the Moon
Putt-Putt Joins the Parade -- with the "CQ PARADE" ringcode
Quarantine (Rev 1) -- with the "439480068501RE" ringcode
Quarterback Attack - The Professional Quarterback Simulator
Real Pinball
Return Fire: Maps o' Death
Sampler III and 3DO Storage Manager
San Diego Zoo Presents...The Animals!, The
Scramble Cobra
Seal of the Pharoah
Sesame Street: Numbers
SlopeStyle - An Interactive Learning Cube
Snow Job Starring Tracy Scoggins Disc 1
Snow Job Starring Tracy Scoggins Disc 2
Soccer Kid -- with the "B260 CE 00942-2 R70" ringcode (no "RE-1")
Space Ace (Rev 0) -- with the "DH 65008" ringcode (no "RE-1")
Space Shuttle
Super Street Fighter II Turbo (Rev 0) -- with the "FZSM3851" ringcode
Supreme Warrior (Disc 1) (Fire & Earth)
Super Wing Commander -- with the "B708 CC 10024-2" ringcode
Theme Park
Toon the classroom
Total Eclipse [DFJN5015ZAZ] -- exactly with the "DFJN5015ZAZ" serial on the CD front, not just manual; CRC is 0x5DF075D0
Twisted: The Game Show -- with the "730807-2 70" ringcode (or was it a typo? "730807 70" variant is dumped)
Virtual Vivid (Rev 0) -- with the "GL VIRTUA" ringcode (no "RE-1")
Way of the Warrior (3DO Maniac Pack Disc 4) -- with the ringcode starts with "IFPI L238"
Who Shot Johnny Rock?
Wicked 18
Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger (Disc 2) (version that does not match European release)
Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger (Disc 3) (version that does not match European release)
Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger (Disc 4) (version that does not match European release)
Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger (Disc 1) (version that should match European release)


Missing 5 Releases:

Decathlon (US) (Oldergames) (2007)[2]
Icebreaker II (US) (Oldergames) (2007)[3]
OnSide Soccer (US) (Oldergames) (2007)[4]
Powerslide (Includes Bonus Disc - Footie) (US) (Oldergames) (2007) CD1[5]
Powerslide (Includes Bonus Disc - Footie) (US) (Oldergames) (2007) CD2[6]


Tylenol Interactive Store [7]


Missing ~200 Releases:

3DO Content Library (200 Discs) (peekb's) 
3DO - M2 Portfolio and Toolkit [8]


Proof of existence in bitrate's collection:

BIOS Fear 11/28/95 - Panasonic Software
C-Runner - at least 2 different builds exist
Escape From Planet Klamtrops
Golden Gate: Treasure by the Bay - Studio 3DO
NHL Hockey '96 - Electronic Arts
Save Yourself ... 2/24/98 [9]
Theo the Dinosaur
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
Varuna's Forces - JVC


No proof of existence, only three sources on the internet [10] [11] [12]:

11th Hour, The - Virgin
Absolute Zero - Domark
American Blonde - Vivid Interactive
Baldies - Gametek
Cadillacs & Dinosaurs - Rocket Science
Channel Blonde - Vivid Interactive
Cheating - Vivid Interactive
Chess Wars: A Medieval Fantasy - Art Data Interactive
Clayfighter II: Judgement Clay - Interplay
CyberClash - Crystal Dynamics
Cyberwar - Sales Curve
Deadly Skies - JVC
Death Mask - Pixus/Electric
Deep Blue Fleet [13]
Deus Ex Machina - Silmarils
Dinoblaze - Virgin
Discworld - Psygnosis
Doom II - Art Data Interactive
Dragon's Lair 2: Time Warp - Readysoft
Duelin' Firemen! - Runandgun! Movin'
Eye Spy - Cerebre
Fatty Bear's Draw Show
Fast Draw Showdown - American Laser Games
Fire & Ice - LG Software
Firewolves - LG Software
Fun! [14]
Garage Sale - Starwave
Grandest Fleet, The - J.C. Research
Hard Corps - Sales Curve
Hot Roxx - Vivid Interactive
Intimate Journey - Vivid Interactive
In Your Face - Meta-Design
Inspector Danger's Crime Quiz - Digital Production [15]
InteractV Aerobics... Hi, Low & Combo - Videoact V
Jobe's War - Interactive
Kingdom O' Magic - Sales Curve
Lawnmowerman 2, The - Sales Curve
Lemmings 3
Lemmings Chronicles, The
Loadstar: The Legend of Tully Bodine - Rocket Science
Lost Vikings [16]
Lost Vikings II - Interplay
Maximum Surge - Digital Pictures
McKenzie & Co - American Laser Games
Mirage - Atlantis Interactive
Naked Reunion - Vivid Interactive
Nevada 51 - Electronic Arts
Penn & Teller's Smoke and Mirrors - Absolute Ent.
Planet Strike - Studio 3DO
Planet Vegas - VideoactV
Prowler - Origin
Rad the Rock Hopper - Crystal Oasis
Rayman - Ubi Soft
Real Line: An Interactive Learning Cube - L3 Interactive
Return to Zork - Activision
Rock and Roll Racing - Interplay
Saturncide - American Laser Games
Scottish Open, The - Core Design
Shell Shock - Core Design
Shoot Out at Old Tucson - American Laser Games
Shred Fest - Electronic Arts
Silly Classix the museum
Slam City
Star Trek The Next Generation - Spectrum Holobyte
Star Wars Chess
Steamy Windows - Vivid Interactive
Street Fighter Animated - Capcom
Studio Invasion
Thunderhawk - Core Design
ToonTime 2 - Videoact V
Triple Play '96 - EA Sports
Ultimate Fighting Style, The: An Interactive Learning Cube interactive
Vikings - MicroProse
Voices in my Bed - Vivid Interactive
Warriors - Mindscape
WaterWorld - Interplay
Wingnuts - Rocket Science
Winner Take All - Vivid Interactive
Wonder Lust - ElectroMedia
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