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Unknown Region is a purgatory of rare discs known to exist, but not enough information is known to place them in a region list yet.



Some of these are possibly unreleased and if so should go into Philips CD-i Missing Preproduction list.

Title Serial # Barcode Notes
Urban Murderfiles: Episode 1 New York City [1]
Zeneca: Quaeritur III CD-i Ready. Quiz program. [2]

Samplers / Demos

Very little to seemingly no information exists on some of these. Most of them are probably European.

Title Region Serial # Barcode Notes
BeoCenter AV5 Bang & Olufsen. Moland Interactive
CD-i - An Established Format In The Market
CD-i Clickshow
CD-i Gang 1991
CD-I Means Business CapDisc
CD-i Product Preview McGill Multimedia
CD-i Training Philips Consumer Electronics Company. 1996
CD-I World - Digital Video Free Demo Disc 1993. Parker Taylor & Company. Valkieser Multi Media
CD-I World - ProSource Parker Taylor & Company. Vucom Graphic Systems
CD-I World - Vol. 1 Issue 1.5 Parker Taylor & Company 1992
CD-I World (1-1992) Parker Taylor & Company. Big Hand Productions
CD-Visuals Sample Explainer Visuals
Cocktails Demo 1993
Codim Presentation Codim Interactive Media. 1993
Digital Video POS/Training Disc 1.2 1994. 1.2. Philips Electronics NV. SF Consulting, Willow Interactive. Philips Sales & Product Training Department
Everything You Always Wanted To Ask John Hawkins App: 1.0 (Karaoke-CD)
Everything You Always Wanted To Ask John Hawkins II
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About CD-i
Examples From Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia (1988)
Final Product Delivery Specification, App I, N & M, ver. 8.04
FunTower Big Hand Productions. 1994
General CD-i Presentation - Autumn 1993 Codim Interactive Media
General CD-i Presentation - March 1994 Codim Interactive Media
Hasselt FMV Testdisc 1993. 1.0
ICDIA 1996 Summit - Philips CD-i Strategy 1996
ICDIA Awards 1993 1994. PF Magic
ICDIA Awards 1994 1995. CapDisc
ICDIA Awards 1995 1995
ICDIA Awards 1996 1996
Imation Superdisk Driver For CDI670
Introduction To CD-i Production
KI Philips CD-i Preview - Summer 1994
Let The Games Begin 1995. Philips Professional Products
MicroTouch Touch Screen Calibration Disc MicroTouch Corp. Philips Interactive Media Center. 1994
Photo-CD Sampler 1991. App: pre-release
Power Match Philips Media Systems. Big Hand Productions. Two's Company. 1993
Professional CD-i Examples
Ridiculously Short Introduction To CD-i Production, A 07/1993
Script Systems: Create Your Own Video-CD Script Systems
Some Technical Aspects Of CD-I 22SW1000/00 1989
Technical Aspects Of Full Motion Video 22SW1017/00 Philips Media Systems. 03/1993
Tele CD-i Demonstrator 0.99 CD-R
Validation Disc 1 Philips, Sony, Microware. 1989
Validation Disc 2 Philips, Sony, Microware. 1990. 1.0
Video-CD Tools & Overview Gerard Smelt. 1994
Why CD-I? 1991
World Of Opportunities Pacific Video Resources. 1993

Reference / Multimedia

Title Serial # Barcode Notes
Autosport Formula 1 Grand Prix '93 [3]
Count Down To The Future
Hello USA (Disc 1): Hit The Road Philips Professional Publishing Int'l
Hello USA (Disc 2): ? Presumed to exist.
Hello USA (Disc 3): The Heart Of Country Music Philips Professional Publishing Int'l
Spanish Level 3 Maxwell Multi Media


Title Region Serial # Barcode Notes / Publisher
1000 Jahre Osterreich Haudek & Kurek
Aalborg Tekniske Skole Uddannelsesguide Aalborg tekniske skole
Achterhoek Magazine Netherlands [4]
Adjustable Bed, The Philips Electronics
AGFA Matrix CR2030 Interactive Training Disc AGFA Diagnostic Imaging Systems
Aide A La Vente Memsoft
Aldosterone: Un Toxique Cardiovasculaire? Searle
Allerheiligen Schaffhausen Suisa
Alpine Car Audio And Communication Systems Alpine
Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 USA [5]
Ampeda Symbol Ampeda
Amsterdam – Blijvend in Wording Netherlands? [6]
AMTS Pilot Disc Philips Electronics NV
Annual Report 1992/1993 USA [7]
Art of Performing, The [8]
Asics Interactive Catalogue 1996 Asics
Atlas Of Hair, The L'Oreal
Auf Die Platze, Fertig, Los! Colmar
Autosurveillance Des Stations d'epuration Office International de l'eau
Avis Avis
Aylesford Newsprint SCA Graphic Paper Aylesford Newsprint
Back Injury Prevention Program [9]
Basic Life Support USA [10]
Backcare Program, The [11]
Bang & Olufsen Test Bang & Olufsen
Bang & Olufsen Test Disc Bang & Olufsen
Basiskennis Natuurkunde En Techniek 2: Eenheden Vapro
Basiskennis Natuurkunde En Techniek: 1 - Meten Vapro
Bautagebuch Tauernkraftwerke AG
Bedrijfshulpverlener Supermarkt: 1 Inleiding EHBO 2 supermarkt trurip
Bedrijfshulpverlener Supermarkt: 2 EHBO 1 supermarkt trurip
Bedrijfshulpverlener Supermarkt: 3 Brand ontruiming supermarkt trurip
Being A Marketing Organization The Principal Financial Group
Bell Atlantic Info Active Electronic Directory Bell Atlantic
Beneteau Sailing Yachts 95/96 Beneteau
Besancon Parcours d'une Ville Besancon/l'iinnovation
Best Practices Philips Electronics
Bhairravi Varnam - Tamil Text University of Amsterdam
Bilinçli Seçim [12]
Bild Am Sonntag Axel Springer Verlag AG
Biocoupe Worldwide 8190054 8712581900540 [13]
BioNova Badeteiche BioNova
Blaascathertesisatie onbekend
Bleu Corail - Aout 1994 Bleu Corail
Bleu Corail Decembre 1994 Bleu Corail
Bleu corail Janvier 1995 Bleu Corail
Blue Corail Demo Blue Corail
BMW: Kiosk v12/97
BMW: Motorrad- Und Fahrerausstattung [14]
Borne Citis Borne Citis
Bose Home Cinema Sound Systems Bose
Bose Lyfestyle 12 Bose
Brantano Brantano
Brantano Interactive Brantano
British American Tobacco GmbH - Wilkommen Bei BAT British American Tobacco
Brockhues AG Image Brockhues AG
Bruxelles Bruxelles
BSO Company Presentation BSO
Building The Winning Company - Toolkit Philips
Burger King CD-i Training Burger King
Canal Plus - 10 Ans Canal Plus
Canal Pro Canal Pro
CanalSEM - Soins & Conseils Pour Le Jardin SEM
Canton HiFi Lautsprecher Canton
Cardiology Diagnosis Interactive Zeneca Pharmaceuticals
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome [15]
CDA - Ein Unternehmensportrat CDA
CD-Eye World Media Demodisk CD-Eye
CD-i & Training Europe 8180057 8712581800574 [16]
C-Ditabac France 8122506 8712581225063 Paris sans tabac [17]
Centurion - A Process Of Change Philips
Centurion - Building The Winning Company 1 Philips Electronics
Chanel Juin 95 Chanel
Change Angels's Kick-off - Go For Assets 1 Industrial Management Force
Chargeurs Rapport Annuel 1993 Chargeurs
Churchhill Livingstone Tumours CD-i Programme Epic
Churchill Livingstone Tumours CD-i Programme Churchill Livingstone
Ciba Ciba
Cilag - Mycoses & Allergies Cilag
Clarins Initial Training I Clarins Paris
Clarins Initial Training II Clarins Paris
Clarins Initial Training III Clarins Paris
Codes Rousseau CD-i Test 3 Codes Rousseau
Codes Rousseau Cours A - AL Moto Codes Rousseau
Codes Rousseau Test No. 5 Coed Rousseau
Concept Of Clustering, The Philips Medial Systems
Confronting The Risks For CHD Merck, Sharp & Dohme
Congress Innsbruck - City Meets Nature Congress Innsbruck
Conseils Et Demonstrations Interactifs Opticiens Krys
Controles Et Verifications Avant Depart En Circulation AFT Iftim
Countdown to the Future [18]
Cours De Perfectionnement En Imagerie Cardiaque Synthelabo
Cover Girl Procter & Gamble
Culture & Tourisme En Lorraince Region Lorraine
Customer Care Hoge Hotelschool Maastricht, Infath
Dat Lucht Op Astma Fonds
DCC Product Presentation Philips Consumer Electronics BV
De Vernieuwing Van Agrarisch Nederland AgriPers
Delta Demo Delta
Deutsche Bahnen: Bahn Flug DB
Deutsche Bahnen: Das Ameropa Buchungssystem DB
Deutsche Bahnen: Die bessere BahnCard DB
Deutsche Bahnen: Reserviert Ist Garantiert DB
Deutsche Bahnen: Verkaufen Am Expressschalter DB
Diagnostic Procedure Philips Medical Systems
Diamant Frituurtest Diamant
Dictionaire De La Langue De Signes Fraincaise Disque 1 Philips
Dictionaire De La Langue De Signes Fraincaise Disque 2 Philips
Die Shell Produkte 1996 Shell
Dienstleisterungen Der Radio Austria AG Radio Austria AG
Digital Video POS Demo Disc IIa Philips Media
DISCover Belgium Belgium Inbel
Dolby Surround Prologic POS/Demo Philips Sound & Vision
Driving Guide Query, Inc.
Dutch Publishers Demo Philips Media Systems
Dwangmiddelen Op Straat Ministerie van Binnelandse Zaken
E-Cat No. 1 Philips Media
E-Cat No. 2 Philips Media
ECCO: Ein Meeting Jagt Das Andere ECCO Electronic Coaching
ECCO: Erst Stirbt Das Image ECCO Electronic Coaching
ECCO: Messegesprache ECCO Electronic Coaching
Ecolauto: Cours De Formation B Codoroute
Ecolauto: Moto 1 DV Codoroute
Ecolauto: No. 1 Codoroute
Ecolauto: No. 1 Test Codoroute Codoroute
Ecolauto: No. 2 Codoroute
Ecolauto: No. 3 Codoroute
Ecolauto: No. 3 Tets Codoroute Codoroute
Ecolauto: No. 4 Codoroute
Ecolauto: No. 5 Codoroute
Ediser 4 Ediser
Ediser CDITest Ediser
Edudisc: Biocoupe Philips
Edudisc: Kosmografie Philips
Edudisc: Reis Langs De Velden Philips
Edudisc: Relief Philips
Edudisc: Weer En Klimaat Philips
Effectief Communiceren FIMMBO
Enci-Clopedie Enci
Energiemanagement Novem
English For Business 2: Managing Quality University of Wolverhampton
Enter 94 IGR
ERM Produkt Catalogus #3 [19]
Essentials - The New Shape Of Home Shopping Freemans
EuroStar European Union
Eurotower - Von Schilling Zum Euro EuroTower
Examen Du Permis De Chasser Vol 1 Chasseur de France
Examen Du Permis De Chasser Vol 2 Chasseur de France
Examenvragen December 1998 Veka Best
Facom 96 Facom
Fahren Lernen A Vogel
Fahren Lernen B Vogel
Fendt L'innovation Tracteur Fendt
Fiat: CD-i Demo Marco 95 Fiat
Filieres D'enseignement Professionel En Alsace Alsace
Finance And Accounting Philips
-Scher Tennis Collection Fischer
First Aid USA [20]
For Me It Must Be A Silhouette Silhouette
Ford Courier Ford
Free Record Shop Jaarbericht 92/93 Free Record Shop
Futuropolis Nederlandse Bibliotheken [21]
Generation Inoxydable Ipsen
Generation Inoxydable Ipsen
Glucobay Bayer
Goca Goca
Gouden Brief 1993 Op CD-i, De DMIN
Grootel Bedrijfspresentatie Grootel
Group 4 Securitas Group 4 securitas
Grubenhunt & Ofensau - Von Reichtum Der Erde Grubenhunt & Ofensau
GTE Imagitrek Presentation Disc GTE
GTE Selling Naturally / Telecom Services GTE Vantage
Hafner Fur Gute Zahne C. Hafner
Halm Super Jet Halm
Halm Super Jet 2.0 Halm
Halm Super Jet Spare Parts Dutch Electronic Publishers
Harlon Corporate Communicatie Harlon
Helioform HF 600 C. Hafner
Highlights Auf Philips Photo-CD Philips Media Systems Deutschland
Hoegaarden Hoegaarden
How To Improve Your Liefe By Making Time XDRA
Hubert Ebner Verkehrslehrmittel GmbH Hubert Ebner
ID Van Wieg tot Graf Germany? [22]
lnfection Control Practices for Dentistry USA [23]
Infotouch Health Kiosk USA [24]
Inme Loreal
Innovative Technologies - Simple Solutions Philips Professional Products
Interact-Cases [25]
lnteract-Consult [26]
lnteractive EMT-B [27]
Interact-Intro [28]
Interact-Surgery [29]
Intermarche - Les Mousquetaires Intermarche
Introducing CD-Medical Philips Medical Systems
Introducing: NOB Interactive, 1995 NOB Interactive
Isere Demo (Incl. Floppy) Isere
ItaltelSistemi Philips Automation SpA
Itineraires En Ophtalmologie Ipsen
Jeulin 93 Jeulin
KB Pour Ne Pas Se Planter KB
Klantenservice Hoge Hotelschool Maastricht
Know Now: Klantvriendelijk En Klantgericht Functioeren Know Now
Know Now: Zakelijk Telefoongebruik Know Now
Knowledge Disc [30]
Koelen, Maart 1994 PNEM
KTM Bikes Vom Besten KTM
Kulturberg National Tirol Werbung
La Palma La Palma
Lanzor 30 mg Laboratoires Houde
LDD Gmunden LDD Gmunden
Leichter Lernen Hubert Ebner
Lenting & Van Etten Advertising Company Presentation Netherlands Lenting & Van Etten Advertising [31]
Lenzig AG Lenzig AG
Leren Leren Ministerie van de Vlaamse gemeenschap
Leri's Trend 97 Leri
Les Magiciens D'os Theramex
Les Meilleurs Moments D'Atlanta Specia
Lights Of Vienna Vienna
L'Oreal Interactief Dialoogprogramma Voor Salon Gebruik L'Oreal
Lux - Verkeufs Schulung Teil 1 Lux
Marie Claire 97 Marie Claire
Marine Nationale 3.2 Marine National
Marine Nationale Encyclopedie Marine Nationale France
Maritiem Museum Curacao Maritiem Museum Curacao
Marlboro – Follow Your Dreams CD-i Ready. [32]
McDonnel Douglas McDonnel Douglas
McNoddell Douglas McDonnell Douglas
Media Bit Showmaster Demo Media Bit
MediaPro Instore Demo (Incl. Floppy) MediaPro
Mediasud Mediasud
Melrose: A Good Person To Do Business With Melrose
Melrose: Agreed? Melrose
Melrose: Ideas Into Action Melrose
Melrose: Keeping Customers Cool Melrose
Melrose: Managing Change Melrose
Melrose: Motivating The Team Melrose
Melrose: Quaility The Only Way Melrose
Melrose: Say What You Want Melrose
Melrose: Targeting For Performance Melrose
Melrose: Teams & Leaders Melrose
Melrose: The Appraisal Interview Melrose
Melrose: The Coach 1.0 Melrose
Melrose: The Newcomers Melrose
Merceded Occasion (Incl. Floppy) Mercedez
Mercedez: Die Neue E-klasse Mercedez
Merz & Co. GmbH - Tetesept Erkaltungsmedizin Merz & Co
Met Raad En Daan Koninklijke Luchtmacht
Miniaturisation [33]
MJM Info 98 MJM
Mobalpa Cuisines & Salles De Bains Mobalpa
Mopedprufung Kuratorium Fur Verkehrssicherheit
Moyens D'aller Plus Loin, Les Lipha Sante
Msterialen Interactief FIMMBO
M-Studios Internal Demo Animation M-Studios
Multimedia lntroduction to Knot Tying and Suturing [34]
Museo Amparo Museo Amparo
New Perspectives In Heart Failure Zambon
Nieuwe Regelement Rijbewijzen CBR
Objectif Transparence Laboratoire Chauvin
OGB 100 Jahre OGB
Oil Of Ulay - Colour Consultant Oil of Ulay
Omgaan Met Steriele Medische Hulpmiddelen Bohn Stafleu Van Loghum
Ontdek De Interactieve Wereld Van Neckermann Neckermann
Osterreichs Werbepreise ORF
Otto Bock Neuheiten Vol. 2 Otto Bock Orthopadische Industrie
Paindent Paindent
Personenauto - De Theorie Veka Best
Peugeot: Excellence In Sales Leadership Peugeot
Peugeot: Magazin Interactif 01/97 Peugeot
Peugeot: Magazin Interactif 02/96 Peugeot
Peugeot: Magazin Interactif 04/96 Peugeot
Peugeot: Magazin Interactif 07/96 Peugeot
Peugeot: Magazin Interactif 10/96 Peugeot
Peugeot: Magazin Interactif Hors Serie 10/96 Peugeot
Peugeot: Peugeot 106 Showroomversie Peugeot. Same as [35]?
Peugeot: Peugeot 605 Peugeot / Philips
Peugeot: Product Range Information 03/97 Peugeot
Peugeot: Product Range Information For Showroom Use Peugeot
Peugeot: Selling For Real 4 Peugeot
Peugeot: Selling For Real 1 Peugeot
Peugeot: Selling For Real 2 Peugeot
Peugeot: Selling For Real 3 Peugeot
Peugeot: The New 106 Peugeot
Peugeot: The Passport Experience Peugeot
PFS Interactive Training: Math PFS
PFS Interactive Training: Osha MHE Forklifts PFS
PharmaLaser Volume 2 Kava
Philip Morris Gema Phillip Morris
Philips Audio/Video Products '92/'93 Version 1? Philips Consumer Electronics BV
Philips Car Systems - The Power To Perform 10/94 Philips Car Systems
Philips Car Systems - The Power To Perform 3/94 Philips Car Systems
Philips Competence Centre - The Evoluon Philips Competence Centre [36]
Philips Consumer Electronics Promo 1995 Philips Consumer Electronics
Philips Customer Day 1995 Philips Electronics NV
Philips HiFi 1992 Philips Consumer Electronics BV
Philips Honderd Philips Electronics NV [37]
Philips ICR '95 Limited Edition Philips
Philips Invents Philips
Philips S&V Mission On Music - June 1995 Philips Sound & Vision
Philips S&V Presentations - June 1995 Philips Sound & Vision
Philips S&V Replay - April 1995 Philips Sound & Vision
Philips S&V Update - October 1994 Philips Sound & Vision
Philips TASS Presentation Philips TASS
Plexicolor Golden Plexicolor
Poilane Poilane
Poilane Poilane
Points De Vue Sur Le Claucome Laboratoire Chauvin
Praxicolor Interactive Colour Training Loreal Centre Technique
Pregolide Eli Lilly & Company
Procesbeheersing Deel 1 Vapro
Process Surveillance Rover Group
Quest For M-powerment, A Philips Electronics
Rabobank TV 11/99 Rabobank
Raffeisen Interaktiv Raffeisen Landesbank
Reform Theoretische Lenkerprufung Hubert Ebner
Renault Demo (Incl. Floppydisk) Renault
Responding in the Golden Hour (8 discs) [38]
Royal Smilde Royal Smilde
RVV 1990 RVV
Salzburger Elektronische Programm Sommer 1995 Salzburger Land Tourismus GmbH
Salzburger Elektronische Programm Winter 1995 Salzburger Land Tourismus GmbH
Scan & Teach Degener
Schindler Schindler
Schindler 700 Schindler
Scholenbouw Campman Tennekes de Jong architecten
Schon Design Schon Design
Screendisc Interactive Preview Systems ScreenDisc
Selling Intimate Appearal Computer Training Development
SEP Moteurs 1994 SEP
SEPPI Winter 94/95 SEPPI
Service A La Clientele, Le Hoge Hotelschool Maastricht
Shimano Grundig - See Me, Feel Me, Hear Me Grundig
Shimano Product Catalogue Shimano
Sipa Image Catalogue Sipa Image
Sista/Pattex/Rubson Henkel
Spine Sense [39]
Skin Style Lancaster
Splend'Or Photo-CD Projecten Splend'Or
Stars: Ad Peters Star Netherlands
Stars: Rob Peetoom Star Netherlands
Starten Sie Mit Uns Algemeine Sparkasse Oberosterreich
Stella Artois Stella Artois
Stomach In Motion Janssen Pharmaceutica
Stomach In Motion Janssen Pharmaceutica
Strafvordering Aruba Korps politie Nederlandse antillen
Stretch Top System 8000001 TTI [40]
Studiedisk Strafrecht: De Overval Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
STW Jaarverslag 1991 Stg. voor Technische Wetenschappen
Swatch 1993 Swatch
Swiss Click Switzerland [41] Switserland aroad
Tandem Production Presentation Tanden Production
Tele Bebe Tele Bebe
TeleApotheke TeleApotheke
Thrombolyse Dans Tous Ses Etats, La Actilyse
Tissot Info Kiosk Tissot
Transport Multimodal AFT Iftim
Transport The Produits 1 VAPRO
Triatec IDP Triatec
Trodat Trodat
Trois Mats Belem Fondation Belem
Unique World Of Unisource Unisource
Veterinarpharmaka Serum-werk Berburg AG
Video Arts: Best Of Motives 1, The Video Arts
Video Arts: Dreaded Appraisal, The Video Arts
Video Arts: Meetings, Bloody Meetings Video Arts
Video Arts: Report Writing Video Arts
Video Arts: Sell To Me 1 Video Arts
Videotronic D'Or D'Or
Videotronic: De Keyn De Keyn
Videotronic: Eschenback Optik Eschenbach Optik
Videotronic: Gaz De France Videotronic
Videotronic: Neudorff Neudorff
Videotronic: Ouvre Huitres Ouvre Huitres
Volvo 850: Colour & Upholstery CDM01 [42]
Volvo 960 - Colour & Upholstery Volvo Car Corp.
Volvo 960 - Product Information Volvo Car Corp.
Volvo: 440/460 Information Produit Volvo
Volvo: 440/460 Product Upholstery / Product Information Volvo
Volvo: 440/460 Teintes Et Garnitures Volvo
Volvo: 850 Farben & Bezuge Volvo
Volvo: 850 Information Produit Volvo
Volvo: 850 Product & Upholstery / Product Information Volvo
Volvo: 850 Racing Volvo
Volvo: 850 Teintes Et Garnitures Volvo
Volvo: 940 Colour & Upholstery Volvo
Volvo: 940 Information Produit Volvo
Volvo: 940 Product & Upholstery / Product Information Volvo
Volvo: 940 Teintes Et Garnitures Volvo
Volvo: 960 Colour & Upholstery Volvo
Volvo: 960 Information Produit Volvo
Volvo: 960 Product Information Volvo
Volvo: 960 Teintes Et Garnitures Volvo
Volvo: Films II Volvo
Volvo: Films III Volvo
Volvo: S80 Volvo
Volvo: Tirez Le Meilleur Parti Du CD-i Volvo
Arik Brauer: Von Haus Zu Haus Austria 0102782 9004406439410 [43]
Wall In Motion Janssen Pharmaceutica
Wapenherkenning Ministerie van Binnelandse Zaken
Welcome To Philips Philips International BV
Welkom Bij Albert Heijn TeleCD-i Albert Heijn
Werndl Office Furniture Systems Werndl
Weru Weru
Wet Milieubeheer Gemeente Doetinchem
Whirlpool - Le Monde Fantastique Whirlpool
Wiener Blut Wiener Blut
World Wide Advise Royal Haskoning Group
Yamaha 1996 French Market Yamaha
Yamaha 1997 Belgian Market Yamaha
Yamaha 1998 Dutch Market Yamaha
Yamaha Brochure 1994 Yamaha Motor Europe
Zestril 24 Hours Zestril
ZielspahrPlan: Wohne. Volksbank
Zorg Voor Houding En Beweging FIMMBO
Zumtobel Staff The Light Zumtobel Licht GmbH

Movies & TV

Title Publisher Producer Content Date Version Catalogue No DV Notes
Unisex II Interactive Video Publishing CD-Media CD-Adult 1994 App: CD-Media Yes

CD-i Authoring

Based on MediaMogul as an example, I assume these are all development CD-Roms for use on pc/mac computers?

Title Publisher Producer Date Version
CD Recording Software For The CDD521 OptImage Interactive Services Company OptImage Interactive Services Company 18/11/1992 1.0
CD-i Authoring Overview Presentation OptImage
CD-I Starter System OptImage 1989 (!)
Creation For The Imagination OptImage Interactive Services Company OptImage Interactive Services Company LP
Creation With Digital Video OptImage Interactive Services Company Interactive Recources 1993
Creation With MediaMogul OptImage Interactive Services Company Big Hand Productions 1992
Creation With MediaMogul - alternate OptImage
Font Catalogue Philips Media Systems Philips Freeland Studios 1991
HAL90 Demo Disc Philips Media Systems Philips IMS Italia 10/1993 1.5.1
Interactive Resources Demo Interactive Resources Interactive Resources
MediaMogul 1.0 OptImage 1.0
MediaMogul 1.1 OptImage 1.1
MediaMogul 1.2 Beta OptImage 1.2 Beta
MediaMogul 2.0 OptImage 2.0
MediaMogul 2.1 OptImage 2.1
MediaMogul 2.2 OptImage 2.2
MediaMogul 2.2.1 OptImage 2.2.1
MediaMogul Audition Scripts 2.2.1 OptImage 2.2.1
MediaMogul Plug-In Demo Interactive Resources
MediaShowCase OptImage
OptImage Media Showcase OptImage Interactive Services Company OptImage Interactive Services Company 1992 1.0
ShowMaster Demo 1.0 Philips Media 1996
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