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Plextor is a brand name for optical drives and hard drives. For dumping CD-ROMs and similar material for Redump, Plextor brand drives are required (there's very few other non-Plextor drives that work too). They are required for Redump because they can read the lead-in and lead-out parts of a CD-ROM.

The name Plextor is a combination of the words "multiplex" and "motor". The brand was made by a Japanese company named Shinano Kenshi, but they sold the optical drives and hard drives to a company called Lite-On. Shinano Kenshi still makes devices known as Plextalk (for blind people) and Plexlogger. These days, the Plextor brand is mostly used for hard drives.

Please refer to DiscImageCreator: Optical Disc Drive Compatibility to know which Plextor optical drives are usable to dump with.

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