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Accuracy of miss list unknown. Any demos or known revisions?

Japan & USA have some matching cross-regional releases.


Japan Games

NGCD-220      Choutetsu Brikin'ger (aka Ironclad)
NGCD-213      Neo Drift Out: New Technology
ADCD-104      Oshidashi Zentrick
ADCD-011      Over Top
NGCD-017      Sengoku Denshou
ADCD-013      Twinkle Star Sprites

Japan: Missing Revisions and Possible Revisions

NGCD-229      King of Fighters '96 NeoGeo Collection, The -- NGCD-229 MT B07 ringcode exists (same contents, unique offset)
NGCD-087      Samurai Spirits - Zankurou Musouken -- NGCD-087 MT 04 ringcode exists (same contents, unique offset)
NGCD-0850     Shinsetsu Samurai Spirits - Bushidou Retsuden -- NGCD-0850 MT A02 ringcode exists, different offset or revision?

USA & Europe Games

USA & Europe received the same releases (including packaging and serials).

????-????     2020 Super Baseball
NGCD-075E     Aero Fighters 2
NGCD-097E     Aero Fighters 3
ADCD-008E     Aggressors of Dark Kombat -- dumped, but no ringcode was provided
????-????     Alpha Mission II
NGCD-056E     Art of Fighting 2
????-????     Baseball Stars 2
????-????     Baseball Stars Professional
????-????     Blues Journey
NGCD-018E     Burning Fight
????-????     Crossed Swords
????-????     Cyber-lip
NGCD-082E     Double Dragon -- with the NGCD-082E MT B05 ringcode, possibly matches Rev 0 Japanese version
????-????     Fatal Fury
????-????     Fatal Fury 2
????-????     Football Frenzy
????-????     Galaxy Fight
NGCD-020E     Ghost Pilots
????-????     Karnov's Revenge
NGCD-055E     King of Fighters '94, The (Rev 2) -- with the EXE date "1994-12-26", possibly with the "NGCD-055E MT B08" ringcode (or higher Bxx)
NGCD-084E     King of Fighters '95, The -- dumped, but no ringcode was provided
NGCD-214E     King of Fighters '96, The -- dumped, but no ringcode was provided
NGCD-232E     King of Fighters '97, The
????-????     King of Fighters '98, The
????-????     Last Blade 2, The
????-????     Last Blade, The
NGCD-024E     Last Resort
????-????     League Bowling
NGCD-201E     Metal Slug
????-????     Mutation Nation
NGCD-001E     NAM-1975
NGCD-200E     Neo Turf Masters
????-????     Ninja Combat
????-????     Ninja Commando
????-????     Path Of The Warrior, The: Art of Fighting 3 -- dumped, but no ringcode was provided
????-????     Pulstar -- the dump has been posted on the forum, but mysteriously disappeared, iR0b0t may be able to recover it from backups?
????-????     Puzzle Bobble
????-????     Puzzled
????-????     Rally Chase
????-????     Real Bout Fatal Fury 2: The Newcomers
????-????     Real Bout Fatal Fury Special -- dumped, but no ringcode was provided
????-????     Riding Hero
????-????     Robo Army
????-????     Samurai Shodown
????-????     Samurai Shodown III -- NGCD-087E MT A03, NGCD-087E MT A05, NGCD-087E MT A06 ringcodes exist, different offsets or revisions?
????-????     Samurai Shodown IV: Amakusa's Revenge
????-????     Savage Reign (Rev 0) -- should match the dumped Japanese version, but with a different ringcode
????-????     Savage Reign (Rev 1) -- dumped, but no ringcode was provided
????-????     Sengoku
NGCD-040E     Sengoku 2
????-????     Soccer Brawl
????-????     Super Sidekicks
????-????     Super Sidekicks 2
????-????     Super Spy, The
????-????     Top Player's Golf
????-????     Viewpoint
????-????     Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer
????-????     Windjammers
????-????     World Heroes
????-????     World Heroes 2
????-????     World Heroes 2 Jet
????-????     World Heroes Perfect -- dumped, but no ringcode was provided


Unlicensed games with physical releases. List needs built with "Prototyped titles" and "Homebrew" from here (but only ones with physical releases).

Andro Dunos - bought wiggy2k
BangĀ² Busters [Bang Bang Busters]
Frog Feast
Last Hope
Xeno Crisis Pre-ordered Wiggy2k 1
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