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Last update: Feb 28, 2018.


4432-50        Adventures of Batman and Robin, The
T-158015-50    Animals, The
UNKNOWN        Battle Frenzy (Germany)
T-50025-05     Bill Walsh College Football (UK)
T-16201F-50    Corpse Killer (32X CD)
4436-50        Dragon's Lair
T-143025-50    Dungeon Explorer
4438-09        Fahrenheit (French)
T-60165-50     Fatal Fury Special
4608-50        Formula One World Championship: Beyond the Limit
4411-09        Jurassic Park (French)
4411-18        Jurassic Park (German)
4411-06        Jurassic Park (Spanish)
T-162015-50    Kids on Site
T-93025-50     Kris Kross
T-160016-50    Lawnmower Man, The
204            Lethal Enforcers (Sample) -- probably a CD-R
T-143035-50    Lords of Thunder
T-88025-50     Marko's Magic Football
4442-50        Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
4903-09        Night Trap (French)
T-16202F-50    Night Trap (32X CD)
T-93035-50     Power Factory featuring C&C Music Factory
T-50035-50     Power Monger
4206           Prize Fighter
T-60175-50     Samurai Shodown
T-93185-50     Sensible Soccer
T-162035-50    Slam City (32X CD)
4284-50        Starblade
T-162045-50    Supreme Warrior
T-16203F-50    Supreme Warrior (32X CD)
4435-50        Surgical Strike
T-88065-50     Syndicate
4429-09        Tomcat Alley (French)
4429-06        Tomcat Alley (Spanish)
4428           Wonder Dog

Demos / Coverdiscs

UNKNOWN        Battle Corpse
UNKNOWN        Beast II
UNKNOWN        Lawnmower Man, The
UNKNOWN        Lethal Enforcers 2: Gun Fighters
UNKNOWN        Microcosm Trade Sample
UNKNOWN        Samurai Shodown
UNKNOWN        Sensible Soccer
UNKNOWN        TimeCop
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