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Last update: June 26, 2018


No Serial      Bug Blasters - The Exterminators [1]
4408           Ecco The Dolphin (Rerelease) [2] -- confirmed unique dump
No Serial      Star Strike [3]
               Batman Returns (Australia)
               Bloodshot (Australia)
               Double Switch (Australia)
               Dune (Australia)
               Fatal Fury Special (Australia)
               Ground Zero Texas (Australia)
               Jurassic Park (Australia) [4] -- confirmed unique dump
               Midnight Raiders (Australia)
               Prize Fighter (Australia) [5] -- no "15" rating icon on the discs
               Samurai Shodown (Australia)
               Snatcher (Australia)
               Supreme Warrior (Australia)
4429           Tomcat Alley (Australia) [6] -- barcode is 9312544025465, confirmed unique dump
               Yumemi Mystery Mansion (Australia)

Demos / Coverdiscs

               Battlecorps (Paragon Publishing Demo)
No Serial      Beast II (Demo Disc) [7]
               Digital Pictures Demo Disc -- unconfirmed, rumored to contain Slam City rolling demo
204            Lethal Enforcers (Sample) -- probably a CD-R
No Serial      Microcosm (Trade Sample) [8]
No Serial      Sensible Soccer (Demo Disc) [9]
               World Cup USA '94 -- was intended to be released with one of the Mega Power issues, got replaced with FIFA demo discs at the last minute

Revisions / Versions

4408           Ecco the Dolphin -- the one with the ringcode "MK-4408P-00135   #04" is needed
T-93145-50     Ground Zero Texas (Disc 1) -- the one with the ringcode "1-T-93145-50   64" is needed, confirmed unique dump
T-113015-50    Microcosm -- the one with the ringcode "T-113015-50   14" is needed, confirmed unique dump
4127           Sega Classics Arcade Collection (Rev A) -- the one with the ringcode "610-5411P-00036A 2" is needed
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