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Sega Dreamcast
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Needs list updated from Dreamcast Junkyard guide, the most authoritative and accurate list.

White Label Betas

This list only includes White Label Promos known to be different revisions than final retail releases.

Name Disc Serial Notes TOSEC Status Disc Pic(s)
Disney's Dinosaur bought: Maddog
F1 World Grand Prix II for Dreamcast 952-0079-50 bought: Maddog Undumped
F1 World Grand Prix for Dreamcast "Redbull Demo" 952-0039-50 Undumped
Fighting Force 2 952-0030-80 Undumped
Giant Killers 952-0154-50 bought Maddog Dumped Pic of undumped variant (note no "Beta" on disc label). DIFFERENT THAN THIS ONE.
Half-Life (Video) 952-0117-50 No-Intro Non-Redump entry Undumped
Sega Extreme Sports 832-0030-50 White Label Promo, Milka version Undumped
Tee Off 952-0029-50 White Label Promo Undumped

Alternative Editions

These match the original releases, but it would be good to verify. Many other undumped White Label Promos exist, not yet added although most match retail. More White Labels need to be added from here[1].

Name Disc Serial Cover Serial Edition TOSEC Status Barcode Disc Pic(s) Box Pic(s)
18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker 952-0158-50 White Label Promo Dumped, same as retail
90 Minutes: Sega Championship Football 952-0166-50 White Label Promo Undumped
AeroWings White Label Promo Undumped
AeroWings 2: Airstrike 952-0113-50 White Label Promo Undumped
Army Men: Sarge's Heroes T-9708D-50 T-9708D-61
Bust-A-Move 4 952-0062-50 White Label Promo Dumped, same as retail Pic
Disneys 102 Dalmatiner T-36813D-50 T-36813D-18 Dumped 5 032921 011990 Pic Pic 1 Pic 2
Disney La Carica dei 102: Cuccioli alla Riscossa T-36813D-50 T-36813D-13 Undumped 5 032921 013376 Pic Pic 1 Pic 2
Disney 102 Dálmatas: Cachorros al rescate T-36813D-50 T-36813D-06 Undumped Pic
Disney's 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue 952-0147-50 White Label Promo Dumped, same as retail
Dynamite Cop Portuguese Ganha Sempre bundle w/ FM radio Undumped 5 603625 117082 Pic 1 Pic 2
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six incl. Eagle Watch Missions PT-45001D-05 T-45001D-05 Promo Sample 4 033756 003311
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