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Region for games should be worldwide releases without regional variants.

Dump with dic with the /ms flag.


Additional sources:

  • wikipedia (need to check for what was released on disc)


Unlicensed Games

Needs titles added from [1]

4x4 Jam
Alice Dreams Tournament (Collectors Edition)
Alice's Mom's Rescue
Another World
Armed Seven
Bang Bang Busters
Battle Crust
Cool Herders
Dux (Limited Edition with bonus CD Audio)
Dux 1.5
Elansar and Philia - bought RevQuixo
Fade to Black
Fast Striker
Feet of Fury - submitted
Escape 2042: The Truth Defenders
Escapee, The
Finding Teddy
FlashBack: Quest for Identity
Ghost Blade (3 disc edition)
Gunlord (Collector Edition)
Hermes - submitted
Irides: Master of Blocks - bought RevQuixo
Last Hope
Last Hope: Pink Bullets
Leona's Tricky Adventures
Maqiupai - bought RevQuixo
Orion's Puzzle Collection
Pier Solar and the Great Architects (Japan) - bought jhmiller
Pier Solar and the Great Architects (Europe)
Pier Solar and the Great Architects (USA)
Redux Dark Matters
Rush Rush Rally Racing
Rush Rush Rally Racing DX
Rush Rush Rally Reloaded
Wind and Water Puzzle Battles - 2008 RedSpotGames Release
Wind and Water Puzzle Battles - 2016 DragonBox Release - submitted
Zia and the Goddess of Magic

Unlicensed USA Applications

Blaze Exploder (US version) [2]
GameShark Lite - bought user7

Requires Optiarc dumping method (or just send to Jackal) [3]

Bleem! for Dreamcast: Customed-tuned to Supercharge Gran Turismo 2 - Jackal
Bleemcast! for Metal Gear Solid - Jackal
Bleemcast! for Tekken 3 - Jackal
DC-X for Dreamcast
MP3 DC (Blaze) (2 discs)

Unlicensed Europe Applications

Action Replay CDX
Action Replay CDX (Demo Version) [4]
Blaze Xploder (DE)
Blaze Xploder (UK)
Game Guru (Russia)
Game Guru 1 (Russia) - bought Maki
Game Guru 2 (Russia)
Game Guru 3 (Russia) - bought Maki
Game Guru 4 (Russia)
Game Guru Gold 1 (Russia)
Xploder Ultimate Cheats Collection - bought wiggy
Xploder Ultimate Cheats Collection Volume 2

Requires Optiarc dumping method (or just send to Jackal) [5]

DC-X for Dreamcast

Unlicensed Japanese Applications

Pro Action Replay [6]
Pro Action Replay 2
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