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*Note: This and NAOMI 2 lists are not complete and require further documentation. GDL/GDS titles are not designated for NAOMI 1/2 respectively or vise versa.

List is generated from[1]. Unsure of region info? Japan only arcade system? List is probably incomplete as it didn't even even list the only NAOMI disc in redump[2]. Sega Naomi games came on both Discs and Cartridges. Redump will work to preserve the Disc portion. Some of the games in the Generated List may be cartridge based. The Titles listed in the table are all Discs.


Exists in MAME = Means hashes exist in MAME, meaning they are already known!

Preliminary Missing GD-ROM Titles

Serial Title Developer Notes
GDL-0004Capcom Vs. SNK Millennium Fight 2000 Pro (Japan)Sega / Capcom / SNKExists in MAME / MajorPBX Ownes
GDL-0005Doki Doki Idol Star SeekerSega / G.Rev
GDL-0007Capcom Vs. SNK 2 Millionaire Fighting 2001 (Japan)Sega / Capcom / SNK
GDL-0008Capcom Vs. SNK 2 Mark Of The Millennium 2001 (USA)Sega / Capcom / SNKExists in MAME / MajorPBX Ownes
GDL-0009Capcom Vs. SNK 2 (Export)Sega / Capcom / SNK
GDL-0010IkarugaSega / Treasure / G.Rev
GDL-0012Cleopatra Fortune PlusSega / Taito / AltronExists in MAME
GDL-0013Moeru Casinyo (Japan)Sega / AltronExists in MAME
GDL-0014Musapey's Choco MarkerSega / Ecole
GDL-0014AMusapey's Choco Marker (Rev A)Sega / EcoleExists in MAME / MajorPBX Ownes
GDL-0017Quiz Keitai Q modeSega / AmedioExists in MAME / MajorPBX Ownes
GDL-0018Azumanga Daioh Puzzle Bobble [あずまんが大王パズルボブル]Sega / Taito / MOSSExists in MAME
GDL-0019AGuilty Gear XX #Reload (Japan, Rev A)Sega / Sammy / Arc System WorksExists in MAME / MajorPBX Ownes
GDL-0022Usagi - Yamashiro Mahjong Hen (Japan)Sega / Taito / Warashi - Mahjong KoboExists in MAME / MajorPBX Ownes
GDL-0023ABorder Down (Rev A)Sega / G.RevExists in MAME / MajorPBX Ownes
GDL-0024Psyvariar 2 - The Will To Fabricate (Japan)Sega / SuccessExists in MAME
GDL-0026Trizeal (Japan)Sega / Triangle ServiceExists in MAME
GDL-0028Melty Blood Act Cadenza (Japan)Sega / Ecole / Type-Moon
GDL-0028AMelty Blood Act Cadenza (Japan, Rev A)Sega / Ecole / Type-Moon
GDL-0028BMelty Blood Act Cadenza (Japan, Rev B)Sega / Ecole / Type-Moon
GDL-0030Senko No Ronde (Japan)Sega / G.RevExists in MAME / MajorPBX Ownes
GDL-0030ASenko No Ronde (Japan, Rev A)Sega / G.RevExists in MAME / MajorPBX Ownes
GDL-0032ARadirgy (Japan, Rev A)Sega / MilestoneExists in MAME / MajorPBX Ownes
GDL-0033Guilty Gear XX Slash (Japan)Sega / Arc System Works
GDL-0034Kurukuru Chameleon (Japan)Sega / AbleExists in MAME / MajorPBX Ownes
GDL-0035Under Defeat (Japan)Sega / G.RevExists in MAME
GDL-0036Trigger Heart Exelica (Japan)Sega / WarashiExists in MAME
GDL-0036ATrigger Heart Exelica Ver.A (Japan)Sega / WarashiExists in MAME
GDL-0037Jingi Storm - The Arcade (Japan)Sega / Atrativa JapanExists in MAME / MajorPBX Ownes
GDL-0038Senko No Ronde Special (Export, Japan)Sega / G.RevExists in MAME / MajorPBX Ownes
GDL-0039AMelty Blood Act Cadenza Version B2 (Japan)Sega / Ecole / Type-MoonExists in MAME / MajorPBX Ownes
GDL-0040カラス [Karous] (Japan)Sega / MilestoneExists in MAME
GDS-0001Confidential MissionSega / HitmakerExists in MAME / MajorPBX Ownes
GDS-0002Shakatto TambourineSega
GDS-0002AShakatto Tambourine (Rev A)Sega
GDS-0002BShakatto Tambourine (Rev B)SegaExists in MAME
GDS-0005Spikers BattleSegaExists in MAME / MajorPBX Ownes
GDS-0009Virtua Golf / Dynamic GolfSega / WOW Entertainment
GDS-0010World Series Baseball / Super Major LeagueSegaExists in MAME / MajorPBX Ownes
GDS-0013Shakatto Tambourine Motto Norinori Shinkyoku Tsuika (2K1 SPR)SegaExists in MAME
GDS-0015Virtua Tennis 2 / Power Smash 2Sega
GDS-0015AVirtua Tennis 2 / Power Smash 2 (Rev A)SegaExists in MAME / MajorPBX Ownes
GDS-0016Shakatto Tambourine Cho Powerup Chu (2K1 AUT) [シャカっとタンバリン! 2K1AUT]SegaExists in MAME, [3] / MajorPBX Ownes
GDS-0018Lupin The Third - The ShootingSegaExists in MAME
GDS-0018ALupin The Third - The Shooting (Rev A)SegaExists in MAME
GDS-0021Lupin The Third - The TypingSega
GDS-0021ALupin The Third - The Typing (Rev A) [ルパン三世 THE TYPING]SegaExists in MAME, [4]
GDS-0023Naomi DIMM Firmware UpdaterSega
GDS-0023ANaomi DIMM Firmware Updater (2.13)SegaExists in MAME / MajorPBX Ownes
GDS-0023BNaomi DIMM Firmware Updater (Rev B)Sega
GDS-0023DNaomi DIMM Firmware Updater (Rev D)Sega
GDS-0023ENaomi DIMM Firmware Updater (3.17)SegaExists in MAME / MajorPBX Ownes
GDS-0030Dragon TreasureSega
GDS-0030ADragon Treasure (Rev A)SegaExists in MAME
GDS-0030BDragon Treasure (Rev B)SegaExists in MAME
GDS-0037Dragon Treasure 2Sega
GDS-0037ADragon Treasure 2 (Rev A)SegaExists in MAME
GDS-0041Dragon Treasure 3Sega
GDS-0041ADragon Treasure 3 (Rev A)SegaExists in MAME
GDS-0042Naomi DIMM Firmware Updater for CF-BOXSega
GDS-0042ANaomi DIMM Firmware Updater for CF-BOX (4.01)SegaV2.000

Games (Region Info Unknown)

18 Wheeler 
Airline Pilots 
Akatsuki Denkou Senki 
Boat Race Ocean Heats 
Cannon Spike / Gunspike 
Capcom Vs. SNK : Millennium Fight 2000 (Confirmed GD-ROM)
Cosmic Smash 
Crackin' DJ 
Crackin' DJ 2 
Crazy Taxi 
Dead or Alive 2 
Dead or Alive 2 Millennium 
Death Crimson OX 
Dengen Tenshi Taisen Janshi Shangri-la 
Dynamite Baseball '99 
Dynamite Baseball Naomi 
Dynamite Deka EX 
F1 World Grand Prix 
F355 Challenge 2 : International Course Edition Twin 
F355 Challenge : Twin 
Fish Live 
Giant Gram 2 : All Japan Pro Wrestling In Nippon Budokan 
Giant Gram 2000 : All Japan Pro Wrestling 3 Brave Men Of Glory 
Gigawing 2 
Guilty Gear X - bought Maddog
Gun Beat 
Gun Survivor 2 : Biohazard Code Veronica 
Heavy Metal : Geomatrix 
Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai 3 
Illmatic Envelope 
Inu No Osanpo 
Jambo! Safari 
Mamoru-kun wa Norowarete Shimatta! 
Manic Panic Ghosts! / Pokasuka Ghost 
Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 
Mazan : Flash Of The Blade 
Melty Blood Actress Again 
Mobile Suit Gundam : Federation Vs. Jion 
MushiKing 2k5 1st 
MushiKing : The Battle of the Beetles 
MushiKing II 
Ninja Assault 
Out Triggers 
Pocket Shooting 
Power Stone 
Power Stone 2 
Project Justice / Moero! Justice Gakuen 
Puyo Puyo Da! 
Puzzle Kurutto Stone 
Quiz Ah Megamisama! / Quiz Ah My Goddess! 
Radirgy Noa 
Ring Out 4x4 
Samba de Amigo 
Samba de Amigo ver.2000 
Sega Marine Fishing 
Sega Strike Fighter 
Sega Tetris 
Shin Nihon Prowrestling Toukon Retsuden 4 Arcade Edition (Confirmed Cartridge JP version)
Slash Out 
The House of the Dead 2 
The Typing of the Dead 
Tokyo Bus Tour 
Touch De Uno! 
Touch De Uno! 2 
Toy Fighter / Waffupu 
Virtua NBA 
Virtua Striker 2 Ver.2000 
Virtua Tennis / Power Smash 
Virtua Tennis 2 / Power Smash 2 
Virtual On Oratorio Tangram M.S.B.S.Ver.5.66 
Wave Runner GP 
World Kicks 
World Series 99 / Super Major League 99 (Confirmed Cartridge JP version)
WWF Royal Rumble 
Zero Gunner 2 
Zombie Revenge
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