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USA & Brazil miss list. Strangely Brazil Saturn games were released as NTSC and some Brazil releases have matching hashes to their USA release counter parts.

  • List of USA Demos[1]
  • List of USA Games[2]
  • List of Brazil Saturn games.[3]
  • List of USA / Brazil Redump entries[4]
  • List of known revisions[5] (Needs checking!)

Edit on 10.10.2018 by Diego-rbb-93: All USA games added recently deleted from the list. I checked the missing ones to make sure non of them were already added.

Total count: 40 games and 1 revision to finish the USA games set.


USA Games

T-9505H		Bottom of the 9th
81010		CONGO The Movie - The Lost City of Zinj
T-9507H		Contra - Legacy of War
T-1304H		Creature Shock Special Edition
T-8124H		Crow, The: City of Angels
T-9509H		Crypt Killer
T-1305H		Dark Legend
T-16207H	Double Switch
T-8117H		Dragonheart: Fire and Steel
81076		Enemy Zero
MK-81206	F1 Challenge
T-5025H		FIFA World Cup Soccer '98
T-1504H		Galaxy Fight
81045		Golden Axe: The Duel
T-7004H		Grand Slam
T-7605H		Heir of Zendor: The Legend of the Land
T-23001H	Herc's Adventures
T-31101H 	Highway 2000
T-7015H		Hyper 3D Pinball
T-7905H		Incredible Hulk, The: The Pantheon Saga
T-14403H	Lunacy
T-9707H		Maximum Force
T-12522H	Norse by Norsewest: The Return of the Lost Vikings
T-7904H		Olympic Soccer
T-7604H		P.T.O. II
T-16213H	Quarterback Attack
T-9708H		Rampage: World Tour
T-2301H		Shinobi Legions
T-5005H		Shockwave Assault
T-13204 H	Skeleton Warriors
T-15911H	Solar Eclipse
T-5007H		Space Hulk: Vengeance of the Blood Angels
T-8135H		Star Fighter
81128		Steep Slope Sliders
T-16406H	True Pinball
T-2303 H	Valora Valley Golf
81015		Virtua Cop (not bundled with Lightgun)
 T-31102H	Virtual Casino
T-7602H		Winning Post
81129		Winter Heat
T-7903H		World Cup Golf: Professional Edition


81073		Fighters Megamix (Not for Resale) -- SATURN81073B ringcode (no RE)
81800		Sonic R (Not for Resale) -- same as normal one?
81031		Bootleg Sampler -- v2.009, 1008681031-2 ringcode
81600		Sega Saturn Choice Cuts -- v2.000, SATURN81600R2 ringcode
T-7902H		Thunderstrike 2 -- v3.000, 2/96 on the ringcode

Possible Revisions

T-16201H	Corpse Killer: Graveyard Edition (Disc 1) -- v1.000?, SATURNT16201HA ringcode (no R)
T-1302H		Minnesota Fats: Pool Legend -- v1.000?, SATURNT1302H ringcode (no R)
81048B		NiGHTS into Dreams... -- v1.000?, SATURN81048B ringcode (no R)
T-17701H	Rayman -- v1.000?, SATURNT17701H ringcode (no RE or R2)
T-17701H	Rayman -- v1.000?, SATURNT17701HRE ringcode
81214		Scorcher -- v1.000?, SATURN81214 ringcode (no RE)
81600		Sega Saturn Choice Cuts -- v1.000?, SATURN81600 ringcode (no RE or R2)
14002		Three Dirty Dwarves -- v1.000?, SATURN14002 ringcode (no RE)

USA Demos

MM 86013-2	Club Saturn - idlord bought
81077		Sega Screams Volume 2

USA Applications

80118D		Net Link Custom Web Browser Version 3.0 (PlanetWeb Internet Browser V. 1.135)

USA Unlicensed

LF1		Lost & Found Vol. 1 (2 discs)
LF2		Lost & Found Volume 2 (2 discs)
LF3		Lost & Found Volume 3 - only Disc 3 is "Duck Video Tools" is undumped; Discs 1 and 2 contain suspicious data track errors and should be verified (maybe a DIC bug?)

Brazilian Editions

These should match USA releases and contain USA discs with USA serial numbers, but it is good to confirm them if possible.

191x56			Alien Trilogy	
192106			AMOK	
191x33			Andretti Racing	
193476			Area 51	
191x76			Astal	
191x64			Battle Arena Toshinden Remix	
191x69			Black Dawn	
191x89			Black Fire	
191x48			Blast Chamber	
193336			Bug Too!	
191x80			Bug!	
191566			Burning Rangers	
191x86			Clockwork Knight	
191x81			Clockwork Knight 2	
191x32			Command & Conquer	
191x11			Crimewave	
191x58			Croc - A Lenda de Gobbos	
191x30			Crusader No Remorse	
191636			Cyber Speedway	
191x70			Cyberia	
191x79			D	
191xx5			Darklight Conflict	
193026			Daytona USA	
193596			Daytona USA Championship Circuit Edition	
193406			DecAthlete	
191536			Die Hard Arcade	
193466			Die Hard Trilogy	
191x35			Doom	
191x27			Duke Nukem 3D	
191326			Enemy Zero	
191456			FIFA A Caminho da Copa 98	
191x82			FIFA Soccer 96	
191x37			FIFA Soccer 97	
191x12			Fighters Megamix	
193446			Fighting Vipers	
191x87			Gex	
191x88			Golden Axe The Duel	
191166			Grid Runner	
191x78			Hang-On GP	
191496			Heir of Zendor ~The Legend and the Land~	
191x36			Hexen ~Beyond Heretic~	
191x47			Hyper 3D Pinball	
191426			Independence Day - The Game	
191x20			Iron Man X-O Manowar in Heavy Metal	
191x38			Last Bronx	
191x62			Machine Head	
191236			ManX TT Super Bike	
191x50			MechWarrior 2	
191396			Mega Man X4	
191x42			Mortal Kombat Trilogy
193126			Mr. Bones	
192056			Myst	
191476			Nascar 98	
191406			NBA Action 98	
191x73			NBA Jam Tournament Edition	
191x53			NBA Live 97	
193296			Night Warriors - Darkstalkers' Revenge	
191506			P.T.O. II - Pacific Theater of Operations II	
192016			Panzer Dragoon	
192146			Panzer Dragoon Zwei	
191286			Quake	
191x39			Rampage World Tour	
191046			Rayman	
191386			Resident Evil	
191546			Riven A SequĂȘncia de Myst	
193246			Road & Track Presents The Need For Speed	
193176			Road Rash	
192126 (192106)		Scorcher	
193076			Sega Rally Championship	
191296			Sega Touring Car Championship	
193346			Sega Worldwide Soccer '97	
191x66			Shinobi Legions	
191x74			Shockwave Assault	
191x75			Sim City 2000	
191x84			Slam'n Jam '96 featuring Magic & Kareem	
193376			Sonic 3D Blast	
191276			Sonic Jam	
191x44			Soviet Strike	
191x21			Space Hulk - Vengeance of the Blood Angels	
191x15			Steep Slope Sliders	
191x57			Street Fighter Alpha 2	
191446			Street Fighter Collection	
193286			Street Fighter Zero	
191516			The House of the Dead	
191x41			The Lost World Jurassic Park	
191x72			Thunderstrike 2	
191x59			Tomb Raider	
191x43			Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3	
193056			Virtua Cop	
191x31			Virtua Cop (with Stunner Arcade Gun)	
193606			Virtua Cop 2	
191xx7			Virtua Fighter	
193066			Virtua Fighter 2	
191x28			Virtua Fighter Kids	
191x52			Virtua Fighter Remix	
191x65			Virtual-On - Cyber Troopers	
191366			Warcraft II - The Dark Saga	
191x45			Wing Arms
191x63			Winter Heat	
191x68			Worldwide Soccer	
191316			Worldwide Soccer '98	
193206			Worms
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