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Before we start dumping we must first setup our tools properly.


  • Open Options → File system settings.
  • In Display Time Stamp options group select Local time stamp option.


Create a new .TXT file and copy/paste the following information into the file (remove the preceding tabs). Rename the file as "redump.cpp" and move it into CloneCD's profile folder (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\SlySoft\CloneCD\Profiles):

  • [CloneCD ReadPrefs]
  • ReadSubData=1
  • RegenerateData=0
  • ReadSubAudio=1
  • AbortOnReadError=0
  • FastErrorSkip=0
  • ReadSpeedData=8
  • ReadSpeedAudio=8
  • IntelligentBadSectorScan=1
  • SectorSkip=1
  • NoErrorReport=0
  • FirstSessionOnly=0
  • AudioQuality=3

NOTE 1: Plextor drives can set "FastErrorSkip=1" or if you know your drive supports it.

NOTE 2: Setting the Data/Audio ReadSpeeds at speeds lower than 8x can cause permanent damage to modern drives. Do so at your own risk!

NOTE 3: Only enable “overread into lead-in and lead-out” if your drive actually supports that. EAC itself has a function to test that in the same tab.

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