Sony PlayStation Portable - PAL Packing Variant List

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Sony PlayStation Portable
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Europe & PAL / Packaging Variant List

A work-in-progress list documenting Sony PlayStation Portable Packaging Variants including alternate editions, serial number extensions, and alternate barcodes.

For a dedicated list of undumped builds see Sony PlayStation Portable - PAL Undumped Discs.


  • The list is ordered by serial number. The serial number is recorded as on the disc label. If the packaging has an alternate serial number than on the disc, please add it to the "Notes" column.
  • If feasible, save pictures as evidence with's Save Page Now and link them in the "Notes" column. The most important info can be found on the Disc Label and Back Cover.
  • If the columns start becoming wonky sized, may need to break up the tables into smaller sizes (such as grouping serial numbers by the 100's).

Serial number variant notes:

  • Re-release serials (which occasionally contain software updates on the disc):
    • "#", "#2", "#3", etc can indicate an updated revision of the game version/software. However the "#" may indicate a change in packaging art only. In a few rare examples, some serial numbers were issued with only a "#"-version serial number (and no non-"#" serial number variant exists).
  • Limited Editions can occasionally contain unique builds of the game.
  • Regional extensions are generally not indicative of unique builds:
    • Including: "/ANZ" (Australia & New Zealand), "/RUS" (Russia), etc.
    • There may be a "#" revision indicator at the end of the extension however "/ANZ#".

Type ID Title Region Edition Barcode Variant Dumped? Notes Bought
UCES 01032/POR Buzz! Master Quiz Portugal PSP Essentials 7 11719 13477 0 Yes
UCES 01032/SPA Buzz! Concurso de Bolsillo Spain No Highly likely to match [1]. Pics
UCES 01202/NZ Buzz! Brain of New Zealand New Zealand 7 11719 13654 5 No Highly likely to match [2]. Serial/Disc pic. More pics
UCES 01203/NOR Buzz! Norgesmester Norway 7 11719 13694 1 No Highly likely to match [3].
UCES 01204/SWE Buzz! Svenska Genier Sweden 7 11719 13844 0 No Highly likely to match [4]. Pics
UCES 01206/CRO Buzz! Mozak Hrvatske Croatia 7 11719 13794 8 No Pic. Highly likely to match UCES-01206
UCES 01207 Buzz! Сокровища нации Russia 7 11719 13824 2 Yes Serial/Disc pic Case front Case back.
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