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Asia PSP games missing from database


UCAS-40064	Blade Dancer: Qiannian Zhi Yaoding (Asia)
UCAS-40314    	Bleach - Heat the Soul 7 (Asia) (INTERNAL SERIAL: NPHG-00087)
UCAS-40297	Bleach - Soul Carnival 2 (Asia)
UCAS-40234	Bleach Soul Carnival (Asia)
UCAS-40180	Coded Soul (Asia)
UCAS-40212	Crimsongem Saga (Asia)
UCAS-40204	Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII (Asia)(USA SERIAL: ULUS-10336)(FW 3.90)
ULAS-42222	Dante's Inferno (Asia) (USA SERIAL: ULUS-10469)
UCAS-40201	Dead Head Fred (Asia) (USA SERIAL: ULUS-10288)
UCAS-40197	Echochrome - Mugen Kairou (Asia)
UCAS-40307	Everybody's Tennis (Asia)
UCAS-40285	Fat Princess - Fistful of Cake (Asia) (INTERNAL SERIAL: NPHG-00025)
ULAS-42114	FIFA 08 (Asia)
ULAS-42186	FIFA 10 (Asia) (EUR SERIAL: ULES-01322)
ULAS-42186	FIFA Soccer 13 (Asia) (USA SERIAL: ULUS-10595)
ULAS-42058	FIFA World Cup: Germany 2006 (Asia)
ULAS-42186	Ford Racing: Off Road (Asia) (USA SERIAL: ULUS-10326)
ULAS-42043	From Russia with Love: 007 (Asia)
UCAS-40025	Ghost in the Shell - Stand Alone Complex (Koukaku Kidoutai: Stand Alone Complex)(Asia)
UCAS-40265	Gran Turismo (Asia)
ULAS-42136	Hellboy: The Science of Evil (Asia) (USA SERIAL: ULUS-10301)
UCAS-40065	I.Q. Mania (Asia)
UCAS-40280	Invizimals (Asia)
UCAS-40063	Loco Roco (Asia)
UCAS-40142	Lost Regnum - The Emperor of Theives (Asia)
UCAS-40139	Magic Sudoku (Asia)
ULAS-42199	Metal Slug XX (Asia) (USA SERIAL: ULUS-10495) 
UCAS-40266	MotorStorm: Arctic Edge (Asia)
ULAS-42131	Musou Orochi (Asia)
UCAS-40192	MyStylist (Asia)
ULAS-42295	NBA 2K12 (Asia) (USA SERIAL: ULUS-10585)
ULAS-42113	NBA Live 08 (Asia)
UCAS-40193	Patapon (Asia)
UCAS-40318	Patapon 3 (Asia)
UCAS-40052	Piposaru Academia 2 (Asia)
ULAS-42263	Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (USA SERIAL: ULUS-10480)
UNKNOWN		Professional Baseball Spirits 2012 (INTERNAL SERIAL: NPHH-00338)
UCAS-40233	Resistance Retribution (Asia)
ULAS-42151	Samurai Shodown Anthology (Asia) (USA SERIAL: ULUS-10401)
ULAS-42032	San Goku Shi VI (Asia)
ULAS-42150	Shin Sangoku Musou - 2nd Evolution (Asia)
ULAS-42156	Shin Sangoku Musou - Multi Raid (Asia)
ULAS-42230	Shin Sangoku Musou - Multi Raid 2 (Asia)
ULAS-42202	Shin Sangoku Musou 5 Special (Asia)
ULUS-10285	Silent Hill Origins (Asia) (En,Fr,De,Es,It) (USA SERIAL: ULUS-10285)
UCAS-40284	SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 3 (Asia) (INTERNAL SERIAL: NPHG-00032)
UCAS-40045	TalkMan (Microphone Doukonban) (Asia)
UCAS-40077	TalkMan EURO: TalkMan Europa Gengo Ban (Microphone Doukonban) (Asia)
UCAS-40078	TalkMan EURO: TalkMan Europa Gengo Ban (Software Tantaiban) (Asia)
UCAS-40099	Tekken - Dark Resurrection (Asia)
ULAS-42143	The King of Fighters Collection: The Orochi Saga (Asia) (USA SERIAL: ULUS-10360)
ULAS-42073	Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins (Asia)
UCAS-40055	Yarudora Portable - Blood the Last Vampire (Asia)
UCAS-40035	Yarudora Portable - Yukiwari no Hana (Asia)
UCAS-40240	Yuusha no Kuse ni Namaikida Or 2 (Asia)
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