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Games: Undumped Revisions

Serial Title Barcode Other Comments / Languages Bought
ULUS-10545 FIFA Soccer 11 - Canadian release. 2.00 internal version. 1.00 dumped. Probably exists, needs Ring code checking

Games: Alternate Retail Editions

These discs have a different serial number for the Limited or Premium editions, but the dump will probably match the original edition. (Needs Greatest Hits edition releases added).

Serial Title Edition Barcode Other Comments / Languages Bought
ULUS-10588 Fate/Extra Limited Edition 893610001532 Original version ULUS-10576 already dumped [1]
ULUS-90677 FIFA Soccer 12 Internal Serial is ULUS-10587. Expected to match dumped Original edition. Sadikyo
ULUS-10578 Legend of Heroes, The: Trails in the Sky Premium Edition 853466001414 Original version ULUS-10540 already dumped [2]
ULUS-10331 Need for Speed: ProStreet Original Only the Greatest Hits edition is dumped[3].
UCUS-94918 Rock Band Unplugged Not For Resale Probably bundled. [4] Sadikyo
ULUS-10199 WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007 Original Only the Greatest Hits edition is dumped[5].
ULUS-10281 WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008 Original Only the Greatest Hits edition is dumped[6].
ULUS-10549 Ys Seven Premium Edition 853466001384 Original version ULUS-10551 already dumped [7]
ULUS-10569 Ys: The Oath in Felghana Premium Edition 853466001391 Original version ULUS-10558 already dumped [8]

Public Betas

Serial Title Comments Bought
UCUS-98657 Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror (Public Beta Vol. 1) [9]

Retail Demos

Serial Title Comments Bought
UCUS-98723 Patapon [10] UCUS-98721 already dumped Internal Serial: UCET-01015
UCUS-98734 Patapon 2
UCUS-98709 PSP System Best Buy Kiosk Disc #4 Not to be confused with the Non-Best Buy branded variant[11]. Scan[12]

Test Sample: Games & Demos

UMDs with silver labels and black text. Version number on disc label is sometimes pre-final.

Serial Title Version # on Disc Label Version # in Redump Notes Bought
UCUS-10231 Arthur and the Invisibles: The Game 1.04 Unreleased title. Hidden Palace
UCUS-98648 ATV Offroad Fury Pro 0.30 1.00 [13]
ULUX-80198 Blade Dancer: Lineage of Light 1.00 [14]
ULUS-10184 Coded Arms: Contagion 1.03 1.04 [15]
ULUX-80127 Frantix 1.00 [16]
ULUS-10210 Ghost Rider 1.01 1.02 [17]
ULUX-80184 Godfather, The - The Game 5.00 [18]
ULUX-80128 Gripshift 0.10 [19]
ULUX-80211 Gun Showdown 0.01 [20]
ULUX-80369 Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! 0.01 [21]
ULUS-10054 Infected 1.00 1.02 [22]
ULUX-80275 Jackass: The Game 0.01 [23]
UCUS-98755 Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier 0.30 [24]
UCUS-98624 MLB 06: The Show 0.10 1.01 [25]
ULUS-10266 Monster Hunter Freedom 2 1.00 1.01 [26]
ULUX-80110 NFL Street 2: Unleashed 1.00 [27]
ULUS-10150 Star Trek: Tactical Assault 1.01 1.02 [28]

Cancelled / Not Pressed

Cancelled and was never pressed to UMD (as a Test Sample).

Serial Title Notes
ULUS-10372 Brave: A Warrior's Tale Scheduled for 08/03/09, PSP version cancelled before release.
UCUS-98745 BUZZ! Quiz World PSN Release only?
ULUS-1065? Fifa 14 (Canadian version) PSN Release only? The last Fifa published for PSP in America regions was Fifa 14 Legacy Edition, having a physical release in LATAM and only digital publishing for North America through USA PS Store. Both use the same Serial ID. While a Canadian release could have been expected (EA Canada developed these editions), no sign of this version exists. As well, no missing gaps between ULUS-10654 (PES 14), ULUS-10655 (Fifa 14) and ULUS-10656 (Summon Night 5) can be found in our list, so we expect this release to be canned. There's a chance it could have been published on the PSP PS Store with another serial, no clue about it.
ULUS-10173 Kazook Not released in US?
ULUS-10270 Silverfall
ULUS-10119 Superman Returns: The Video Game
ULUS-10371 Umihara Kawase
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