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Sony PlayStation 2

USA: Undumped DiscsUnlicensed List
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A work-in-progress list documenting Sony PlayStation 2 Packaging Variants including alternate editions, serial number extensions, and alternate barcodes.

For a dedicated list of undumped builds see Sony PlayStation 2 PAL Missing Dumps.


  • The list is ordered by serial number. The serial number is recorded as on the disc label. If the packaging has an alternate serial number than on the disc, please add it to the "Notes" column.
  • If feasible, save pictures as evidence with's Save Page Now and link them in the "Notes" column. The most important info can be found on the Disc Label and Back Cover.
  • If the columns start becoming wonky sized, may need to break up the tables into smaller sizes (such as grouping serial numbers by the 100's).

Serial number variant notes:

  • Re-release serials (which occasionally contain software updates on the disc):
    • "#", "#2", "#3", etc can indicate an updated revision of the game version/software. However the "#" may indicate a change in packaging art only. In a few rare examples, some serial numbers were issued with only a "#"-version serial number (and no non-"#" serial number variant exists).
    • "/E" is for the PlayStation Essentials version of the game.
    • "/P" is for the PlayStation Platinum version of the game.
  • Limited Editions can occasionally contain unique builds of the game:
    • "/SE" for Special Edition and "/CE" for Collector's Edition, but this serial extension is usually only found on the box and not on the disc as the disc itself (which usually matches the standard retail version).
  • Regional extensions are generally not indicative of unique builds:
    • Including: "/ANZ" (Australia & New Zealand), "/RUS" (Russia), etc.
    • There may be a "#" revision indicator at the end of the extension however "/ANZ#".
Type ID Title Region Edition Barcode Variant Dumped? Notes Bought
[none] Athens 2004 (demo) [none] No A press kit variant bundled with a PC data disc.[1][2][3] Has Disc ID 9655244. Ring matches
SCES 50522 Disney's Peter Pan: The Legend of Never Land Europe No
SCES 50522#2 Disney's Peter Pan: The Legend of Never Land Original 8 717418 061784 Yes
SCES 50522#2 Disney's Peter Pan: The Legend of Never Land Original 8 717418 072193 Yes
SCES 50526#2 Disney's Peter Pan: The Legend of Never Land Europe No
SCES 50878 Tekken 4 Europe Promo No mictlantecuhtle
SCES 50928 SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Europe No Without # = v1.0*? (can't find on ebay) / From Press Kit (not Promo)? 1.0 build was released by scene, probably a beta.
SCES 50960 Disney's Stitch: Experiment 626 Europe No
SLES 50282? Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings Europe 4 012927 220016 No Barcode variant has been seen on ebay, but disc serial is blurry [4]
SLES 51124# Turok: Evolution Germany No
SCES 51159 Getaway, The Europe No Commemorative edition undumped. To celebrate 100 million discs pressed for PlayStation 2 in Europe. 1000 numbered discs, starting from number 100.000.001 [5]
SLES 51351-GER# Lake Masters EX Germany No [6]
SLES 51508 Hulk Europe No
SCES 51593 Hardware: Online Arena Europe No Commemorative edition undumped. To celebrate 150 million discs pressed for PlayStation 2 in Europe. 100 numbered discs, starting from number 150.000.001 [7]
SLES 51968-ANZ# Nickelodeon SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Australia 4 005209 051187 No v2.00 with # exists, possible verification of [8]
SCES 51971 Jet Li: Rise to Honour Europe No Non-promo edition not dumped
SLES 52118# Castlevania Europe 4 012927 122389 No [9]
SCED 52260 Forbidden Siren (Demo) Europe No [10] /GER serial already dumped
SCED 52261 Jet Li: Rise to Honour (Demo) Europe 711719439127 No [11] [12] /G serial already dumped
SLES 52448# Knights of the Temple: Infernal Crusade Europe 5 450270 010585 No [13]
SLES 52486 Astro Boy Europe Original 5 060004 763023 Yes
SLES 52486# Astro Boy Europe No
SLES 52541#2 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Europe 5026555303002 No It matches: [14]
SCED 52932/ANZ Bonus Demo 8 (old) Australia No Proof: [15], may be verification of [16]
SCED 52946 Getaway, The: Black Monday (Demo) Europe 9619758 No [17] [18] [19] /G serial already dumped
SLES 53007# Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Europe No Seen in the Splinter Cell Trilogy pack. The other discs did not have a #
SCES 53054/CEN Tekken's Nina Williams in: Death by Degrees Europe No
SLES 53143 Fantastic 4 Europe Promo No
SLES 53332/P Medal of Honor: European Assault Europe No Platinum edition, possible verification of [20], pic: [21]
SLES 53563# Nickelodeon SpongeBob SquarePants and Friends Unite! Europe No
SCES 53604/GER#2 SingStar '80s Germany No [22]
SCES 53609#2 SingStar '80s Sweden No
SLES 53747-ANZ Ed, Edd n Eddy: The Mis-Edventures Australia 5 037930 072888 No Currently only the 53747# edition is dumped, this may be an earlier revision
SLES 53763# Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter Europe 3 307210 199010 No [23]
SLES 54347#2 Sims 2, The: Pets Europe No [24]
SLES 54356# Final Fantasy XII Germany 5 060121 824997 No [25]
SLES 54582# International Tennis Pro Europe No
SLES 54683#2 Medal of Honor: Vanguard Europe/Australia 5 030930 055547 > No [26]
SLES 55024# Nickelodeon SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis Europe No
SCES 55388/POR Buzz! Quem É o Génio Português? Portugal 7 11719 12724 6 No [27] Highly likely to match SCES-55388 (Buzz! ¿Qué Sabes de tu País?)
SCES 55420 Buzz! De Slimste van Nederland Netherlands 7 11719 12564 8 No [28] Highly likely to match the dumped Belgian Buzz which has a suffix that redump has not transcribed correctly. The dumped SCES-55420 promo with the Belgian title matches and does not have a suffix.
SCES 55423 Buzz! Danske Genier Denmark 7 11719 12574 7 No [29] [30] Highly likely to match SCES-55423/NOR (Buzz! Norgesmester)
SCES 55424/CRO ? Buzz! Mozak Hrvatske Croatia 7 11719 12654 6 ? No Matches SCES-55424 "Brain of the World". Barcode guessed from gap, could potentially end with 447, 744, 843, 942. Images: [31] [32] Previously for sale here: [33], [34], [35], [36], [37], [38].
SCES 55425 Buzz!: Svenska Genier Sweden 7 11719 12594 5 No [39] Highly likely to match SCES-55425/FIN (Buzz!: Suomen Neropatti)
SLES 55338 NHL 09 Europe No v1.0* without # in serial. UNCONFIRMED?
SLES 55339 NHL 09 Germany No v1.0* without # in serial. UNCONFIRMED?
SCES 55538 SingStar (Demo) Germany 711719107859 No [40] [41] /GER serial already dumped
SLES 82038#; 82039# Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams Europe No
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