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All known missing Sony Playstation 2 PAL discs.



Serial Region Title Barcode Other Comments Bought
SLES-50801 Greece 2002 FIFA World Cup 5 030948 030260 Electronic Arts ID (Disc): EAQ03403795D
SLES-54919 Russia Agent Hugo: Lemoon Twist 5 704652 999884 (Агент Кузя: Лимонный твист)
UNK-Serial Russia? Agent Hugo: RoboRumble (Кузя: Суперагент 2) Unconfirmed
SLES-53578 Bratz: Rock Angelz No proof of existence.
SCES-54524 Buzz! Junior: Jungle Party
SCES-54704 Austria/Switzerland Buzz! Junior: Monsterspaß [1]
SLES-55424? Croatia Buzz! Mozak Hrvatske [2]
SCES-53928 Buzz! The Big Quiz
SCES-54071 Buzz! The Big Quiz
SCES-54073 Russia? Buzz! The Big Quiz Maki
SCES-54506 Buzz! The Mega Quiz Unknown region
SCES-54504 Portugal Buzz! The Mega Quiz (Buzz! O Mega Quiz) 7 11719 69828 9
SCES-54269 Buzz! The Sports Quiz
SCES-54263 Portugal Buzz! The Sports Quiz (Buzz! O Quiz Desportivo) 7 11719 69627 8 [3]
SLES-53711 Chronicles of Narnia, The: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe 8 717418 064785? Unknown region
SLES-52653 Club Football 2005: Liverpool FC Italy thoroughly searched, probably released in another country.
SCES-50596 Denmark Disney/Pixar Monsters, Inc. 7 11719 31632 9
SCES-50602 Disney/Pixar Monsters, Inc.
SCES-50605 Disney/Pixar Monsters, Inc.
SLES-55623 Russia Disney/Pixar Toy Story 3 8 717418 266981 (История игрушек: Большой побег [4])
SLES-53242 Portugal DreamWorks Madagascar Confirmed exists [5]
SLES-50014 Greece? FIFA 2001
SLES-50465 FIFA Football 2002
SLES-50468 FIFA Football 2002
SLES-51061 Europe Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 2009 Rerelease [6]
SLES-51219 Portugal Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Unconfirmed
SLES-52247 Russia Hobbit, The (Хоббит) Seems to exist [7].
SLES-52314 Russia Hugo: Bukkazoom! 4 607043 580924 (Кузя: Жукодром!) [8]
SLES-52675 Hugo: CannonCruise Hard to imagine what other language is not already released for this game [9], but then again Hugos are known to have a ton of regional variants.
SLES-52676 Russia Hugo: CannonCruise 5 703782 200464? (Кузя: На абордаж!) Seems to exist [10].
UNK-Serial Poland Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights 4 005209 100557 Says it's Polish language [11]
UNK-Serial Russia MotoGP 08 5 055060 924181 [12]. ID above Barcode: IS92370-09RUS
SLES-55078 Russia NHL 07 5 035226 051395 [13]
SLES-55338 Europe NHL 09 v1.0* without # in serial.
SLES-55339 Germany NHL 09 v1.0* without # in serial.
SLES-53500 Sweden Nickelodeon Svampbob Fyrkant: Tystnad, Tagning, Tvaettsvamp Seems to exist on Tradera [14], serial number not confirmed. qnorsten
SLES-50484 Rayman M No proof of existence.
SCES-53603 France SingStar '80s With # = v2.0*
SCES-53609 Sweden SingStar '80s Without # = v1.0* qnorsten
SCES-53608 SingStar '80s Unknown region
SCES-53795 SingStar '80s
SCES-55257 France SingStar Chansons Magiques de Disney 7 11719 74425 2 Cheap ebay link [15]
SCES-54353 Denmark SingStar Legends 7 11719 69947 7 Bought and dumping right now Ebay [16]
SCES-53565 SingStar Pop
SCES-53397 SingStar Pop - World Events Code Can't find any hard evidence of this title or serial number despite a lot of google hits on uncited lists.
SCES-54573 Scandinavia SingStar Pop Hits 7 11719 67458 0
7 11719 67828 1
Sv,No,Da? Confirmed exists. olofolleola4
SCES-55619 Portugal SingStar Portugal Hits 7 11719 10257 1
SCES-5389? Portugal SingStar Rocks! 0711719664963
SCES-55590 Denmark SingStar Store Drømme [17]
SCES-55060 Denmark SingStar Summer Party [18]
SCES-55262 Denmark SingStar Syng med Disney 7 11719 74515 0
SCES-50928 Europe SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Without # = v1.0*? / Press Kit (not Promo)? (early version was released by scene, possibly a beta)
SLES-51731 Starsky & Hutch No proof of existence. Original source/reference?
SCES-52596 This Is Football 2005 Probably doesn't exist, serial number isn't adjacent like the other regional variants.
SLES-51782 Warhammer 40,000: Fire Warrior No evidence.

Beta Trial Code

Only one remaining:

TLES-82043 Metal Gear Solid Subsistence [19]


For a list of what is needed from the Official PlayStation 2 Magazine, please go here: OPS2M PAL Magazine Demos.

Dedicated Demos

Highly likely that more demos need to be added to this miss list. When assembling the list I was careful to only include Demos (not similarly looking Promos).

Serial Region Title Other Comments Bought
SCED-51905 Amplitude
UNK-Serial Area 51 [20]
SLED-51364 ATV: Quad Power Racing 2
UNK-Serial Beyond Good & Evil
SLED-53512 Burnout Revenge
SCED-54345 Buzz! Junior: Jungle Party From Press Kit
SCED-????? Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz Press Kit ebay [21]
SCED-54363 Buzz! The Sports Quiz Show
SCED-51176 Disney El Planeta Del Tesoro Disco Promocional Como se Hizo
SCED-51176 Disney's Treasure Planet NOT SCES-51176
SLED-54401 Destroy All Humans! 2 [22][23]
UNK-Serial Downhill Domination [24]
UNK-Serial Eyetoy Play [25]
SLED-53126 Fight Night Round 2
SLES-51921? Final Fantasy X-2 [26], Should be "SLED"?
SCED-54190 Forbidden Siren 2 [27]
SCED-53733 Genji [28]
SLED-50980 Gitaroo Man
SCED-51352 Gran Turismo 4: Nissan Micra Edition
SCED-52311 I-Ninja
SCED-52841/G Jackie Chan Adventures [29]
SCED-50614 Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy [30]
SLED-54315 LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy
SLED-53359 LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game [31]
SLED-50762 Maximo [32]
SLED-50895 Medal of Honor: Frontline
SLED-50782 Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty [33]
SLED-50439 MX 2002 featuring Ricky Carmichael
SLED-51975 Need for Speed: Underground [34]
SLES-55450 PES 2009: Pro Evolution Soccer
SLED-51264 Pro Evolution Soccer 2 [35]
SCED-52847 Ratchet & Clank 3
SCED-54088 Roland Garros Virtual Tour '06
SCED-53962 Shadow of the Collosus
SLED-54032 Sonic Riders
SLED-51178 TOCA Race Driver
SLED-52851 TOCA Race Driver 2
SLED-53085 UEFA Champions League 2004-2005
SCES-52137/PR WRC 3: The Official Game of the FIA World Rally Championship From Press Kit [36] user7

Misc Compilation Demos

Probably some Bonus Demos missing, here's what's in redump[37].

Serial Region Title Other Comments Bought
SCED-52391 Bonus Demo 6 ebay
SCED-52437 Bonus Demo 7 (15/16) Bundled with Network Access Disc [38]
SCED-53018 Germany? Bonus Demo 8 (Geu)
SCES-51407-ANZ Exclusive PlayStation 2 Summer Sample Disc [39]
SCED-50569 France Play: Dec 2002 - Jan 2003 Press exclusive demo, bundled with DVD-Video? [40]
SCED-51148 PlayStation Experience Demo Disc
SCED-51899 PlayStation Experience Demo Disc
UNK-Serial Selector Demo 02
UNK-Serial Selector Demo 04
UNK-Serial Selector Demo 06
UNK-Serial Selector Demo 07
UNK-Serial Selector Demo 08 Last number spotted in the series, are there more?

Undumped Serial Number Variants

"#" serial number variants do not necessarily mean a software revision, but it means there is a good chance it is a software revision.

Serial Variant Needed Region Title Barcode Other Comments Bought
SLES-52486# Europe Astro Boy
SLES-52118# Europe Castlevania 4 012927 122389 [41]
SLES-50386-P# Europe Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex
SCES-50522 Europe Disney's Peter Pan: The Legend of Never Land
SCES-50526#2 Europe Disney's Peter Pan: The Legend of Never Land
SCES-50960 Europe Disney's Stitch: Experiment 626
SLES-54356# Germany Final Fantasy XII 5 060121 824997 [42]
SLES-50330#2 Europe Grand Theft Auto III
SLES-52541#2 Europe/Scandinavia Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 5026555303002 It matches: [43] olofolleola4 (2018-12-13)
SLES-54582# Europe International Tennis Pro
SLES-54683#2 Europe/Australia Medal of Honor: Vanguard 5 030930 055547 > [44]
SLES-53717# Europe/Australia Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition Remix 5 026555 305341 [45]
SLES-52448# Europe Knights of the Temple: Infernal Crusade 5 450270 010585 [46]
SLES-55024# Europe Nickelodeon SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis
SLES-82038#, SLES-82039# Europe Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams
SLES-50382#4 Europe Silent Hill 2 4 012927 124345 [47]
SCES-53609#2 Sweden SingStar '80s
SCES-50928 Europe SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Original retail release without #?
SLES-50562 Europe Super Bust-A-Move 2
SCES-53054/CEN Europe Tekken's Nina Williams in: Death by Degrees
SLES-53763# Europe Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 3 307210 199010 [48]
SLES-51124# Germany Turok: Evolution


PS2 unlicensed discs must be dumped with DIC's /sf flag. This may cause excessive read times, so use with caution.

Action Replay MAX v3.32 (Europe)
Action Replay MAX v3.60 (Europe)
Best Cheat Disc In The World..., The (UK)
Best Cheat Disc In The World... Volume 2, The (UK)
Cheat Code Demon - Zone Free DVD Software (Europe)
Cheatcode S Spécial Action/Combat/Aventure (France)
Cheatcode S Spécial Sports Extrêmes (France)
Cheatcode S v3.0 (France)
Codes Exclusifs pour Gran Turismo 4 (France)
Codes Exclusifs pour Metal Gear Solid 3 (France)
Codes Exclusifs pour Tomb Raider AOD (France)
Codes Exclusifs pour True Crime: Streets of LA (France)
DVD Region X v1.0 (Europe)
DVD Region X v2.0 (Europe)
DVD Region X v2.0 (Free with PSi-2 Issue 18) (Europe)
GT Circuit Breaker
Junk TV
Mega Memory 16 v1.3 (UK)
Memory Manager Plus v1.8 (Europe)
Parental GameLock v1.0 (En/Ger) (UK)
Play Cheats Vol 2 [49]
Play TV: Let Us Play! (two sided, partial label side requires resurfacing to read full TOC)
Playcodes Disc #06 (France)
Playcodes Disc #07 (France)
PlayStation 2 Cheats (Action Replay) [50]
PS2 Action Replay Per Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (Italy)
Power Play for PlayStation 2: Top 50 [51] (two sided, partial label side requires resurfacing to read full TOC)
Swap Magic 3.6 (Europe) (CD + DVD set)
Swap Magic 3.8 Coder (Europe) (CD + DVD set)
Thrustmaster Cheat Code-Extreme Sports Selection 
Ultimate Cheats Platinum (UK)
Ultimate Cheats for Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance (UK)
Ultimate Cheats for BMX XXX (UK)
Ultimate Cheats for Final Fantasy X[52]
Ultimate Cheats for Gran Turismo 4 (UK)
Ultimate Cheats for Metal Gear Solid 2 (UK)
Ultimate Cheats for Tomb Raider AOD (UK)
Ultimate Cheats for True Crime: Streets of LA (UK)
Ultimate Update for Pro Evolution Soccer 3 (UK)
X-Mem v1.0 (France)
X-Port v1.03 (France)
Xploder V4 Lite (Europe)
Xploder V6 (Europe) (Xploder V5 Mega Cheats disc)
Xploder v1.0 Build 011219 (UK)
Xtreme Cheats Volume 01 (UK)
Xtreme Cheats Volume 02 (UK)
Xtreme Cheats Volume 03 (UK)

Playable Cheats (UK) aka Spielbare Cheats (Germany)

Playable Cheats (UK)

Early discs have "P2" on them and may have been bundled with that magazine.

# Title on Disc Label Status Notes
2 P2 Playable Cheats Volume 2 [53]
4 P2 Playable Cheats Volume 4 [54]
11 Playable Cheats Vol.11 [55]
14 Playable Cheats Vol.14 [56]
17 Playable Cheats Vol.17 [57]. Possibly bundled with Play Magazine issue 116.
19 Case
21 Playable Cheats Vol.21 [58]
21 Playable Cheats Vol.21 Play Magazine variant [59]
25 Playable Cheats Vol.25 [60][61]
26 Playable Cheats Vol.26 [62]
31 Playable Cheats Vol.31 [63]
34 Playable Cheats Vol.34 Bundled with Play magazine. [64]
35 Playable Cheats Vol.35 [65]

Spielbare Cheats (Germany)

  • Spielbare Cheats 16 [66]
  • Spielbare Cheats 20 [67]
  • Speilbare Cheats 24 [68]

P2 Magazine discs

Note: NOT to be confused with PSi2 magazine discs. Even more confusing, P2 cheat discs ALSO have the PSi2 logo on them (along with the PS2 logo).

Magazine Issue # does not match Disc Volume #. Magazine Issue # (sometimes?) on disc case spine.

Magazine Date Magazine # Disc Volume # Title on Disc Label Double-Sided? Status Notes
1 DVD-Video?[69]
12 Instant Cheats Volume 12 No Undumped [70][71]
15 Likely belongs to PS2 Magazine Issue 60 or 62.
60 Cover notes it comes with a disc.
62 Cover notes it comes with a disc.
65 20 P2 Cheats Volume 20 No Undumped [72][73][74]

PSi2 Magazine discs

Named inconsistenly, the "PSi2" aka "Playable Cheats" series (sometimes uses "Vol" for numbering), is collected here.

Some discs are double-sided (CD cheat disc + DVD-Video). The cheat disc side is partially covered with a label and must be dumped with DIC cli until failure. Jackal will manually correct the TOC.


Magazine Date # Title on Case Title on Disc Label Double-Sided? Status Notes
1 Undumped
2 Undumped
3 Undumped
4 Undumped
5 Undumped
2001-06 6 Undumped
2001-07? 7 Undumped
2001-08? 8 Undumped
2001-09? 9 Undumped
2001-10? 10 Undumped
2001-11? 11 Undumped
2001-12 12 Undumped
13 Undumped
14 Undumped
15 Undumped
16 Undumped
17 Undumped
18 Undumped
19 PSi2 19 Yes Undumped [75]
20 Xtreme Cheats No Undumped [76]
21 Yes Undumped
22 Undumped
23 Undumped
24 Undumped
25 Undumped
26 Undumped
2003-01? 27 Undumped
2003-02 28 Undumped
2003-03 29 PSi2 29 Yes CD side dumped, DVD-side billy
2003-04? 30 Yes Undumped
2003-05? 31 Undumped
3003-06? 32 Undumped
2003-07 33 ?
2003-08? 34 Undumped
2003-09? 35 Undumped
2003-10 36 No Undumped
2003-11? 37 Undumped
2003-12? 38 PSi2 38 No Undumped [77] Any after 38?


Discs that Don't Exist

A list of serial numbers on the internet that are confirmed or probable typo's or where the serial number is already used by another game.

Serial Region Title Comments
SLES-51214 18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker Similar looking to dupe serial number SLES-50214. Same serial as Harry Potter og Hemmelighedernes Kammer.
SCES-53108 American Chopper Same dupe serial number as SLES-53108
SLES-51405 Armored Core 3 No proof [79] (51405 number claimed by other game)
SLES-50561 Atlantis III: The New World Similar looking to dupe serial number SLES-50661
SCES-53385 Buzz! Brain of the UK Similar looking to dupe serial number SCES-55385
SLES-52852 Capcom Fighting Evolution Similar looking to dupe serial number SLES-52854 (52852 number claimed by other game)
SCES-53404 Deep Water Same dupe serial number as SLES-53404
SCES-52065 Flipnic: Ultimate Pinball Same dupe serial number as SLES-52065
SLES-50633 Gitaroo Man Similar looking to dupe serial number SLES-50653 (50633 number claimed by other game)
SCES-51533 God of War No proof (51533 number claimed by other game)
SCES-50850 Gran Turismo Concept: 2002 Tokyo-Geneva Similar looking to dupe serial number SCES-50858 (50850 number claimed by other game)
SLES-51541 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Similar looking to dupe serial number SLES-52541 (51541 number claimed by other game)
SLES-50506 Half-Life All 5 main languages dumped (50506 number claimed by other game)
SCES-50614 Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy Same serial as demo except SCED
SLES-52124 kill.switch Same dupe serial number as SCES-52124
SCES-60971 Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix Shows up online as Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix + (Ultimate Hits) Japan
SLES-50370 Le Tour de France Similar looking to dupe serial number SLES-50570
SLES-52605 Polar Express, The Similar looking to dupe serial number SLES-52685
SLES-54418 Powerdrome Similar looking to dupe serial number SLES-52418 (54418 number claimed by other game)
SLES-50768 Rally Championship Similar looking to dupe serial number SLES-50763
SCES-50987 Resident Evil Outbreak No proof (50987 number claimed by other game)
SLES-52423 Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2 Same dupe serial number as SCES-52423
SCES-54613 Italy SingStar Pop Hits This is a packaging serial only and contains disc SCES-54570 [80]
SLES-53300 SOCOM 3: U.S. Navy SEALs Same dupe serial number as SCES-53300
SCES-51022 Speed Challenge: Jacques Villeneuve's Racing Vision Same dupe serial number as SLES-51022
SLES-51618 Speed Challenge: Jacques Villeneuve's Racing Vision No proof (51618 number claimed by other game)
SLES-51618 Italy Starsky & Hutch Was removed from the miss list, presumably for a reason. Lizard has a copy of this game with Italian art, but the serial matches the one in redump (51618 number claimed by other game)
SCES-51548 Italy/Spain This Is Football Considering This is Football and This is Football 2 were only known to be released on PSX, seems unlikely. No evidence (51548 number claimed by other game)
SCES-52936 This Is Football 2005 Confirmed to be package only serial for Platinum release of [81].
SLES-50432 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 Similar looking to dupe serial number SLES-50435
SLES-51752 Tony Hawk's Underground Similar serial to German version SLES-51852 (51752 number claimed by other game)
SLES-54845 Warriors Orochi Similar looking to dupe serial number SLES-54875 (54845 number claimed by other game)
SCES-50009 Wild Wild Racing Same dupe serial number as SLES-50009
SCES-50935 WRC II Extreme Existing dump has all languages (50935 number claimed by other game)
SLES-51294 XIII Similar looking to dupe serial number SLES-51244
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