Sony PlayStation 3 Asia Missing Dumps

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A list for non-Japanese Asian regions. Serial numbers start with: BCAS, BLAS or BCAX (some demos). List is probably incomplete.


Type ID Title Alternate Title(s) Notes Bought
BCAS 20051 Socom U.S Navy Seal’s Confrontation
BCAS 20055 Resistance 2
BCAS 20066 Killzone 2
BCAS 20071 Demon's Souls
BCAS 20074 Infamous Original release
BCAS 20078 Little Big Planet
BCAS 20109 Last Rebellion
BCAS 20114 Last Rebellion Asia serial, English version
BCAS 20115 Demon's Souls
BCAS 20126 BlazBlue: Continuum Shift
BCAS 20143 Fallout: New Vegas
BCAS 20151 Gran Turismo 5
BCAS 20168 Disgaea 4
BCAS 25001 Final Fantasy XIII Asia serial, but Japanese only
BCAS 25004 Final Fantasy XIII Asia serial, full English
BCAS 25005B Final Fantasy XIII English subs
BLAS 50025 Medal of Honor Airborn
BLAS 50032 Army of Two
BLAS 50034 Half Life 2 The Orange Box
BLAS 50039 Burnout Paradise
BLAS 50049 Condemned 2 Hong Kong?
BLAS 50056 Battlefield Bad Company
BLAS 50072 Dead Space
BLAS 50074 Silent Hill: Homecoming
BLAS 50076 Far Cry 2
BLAS 50078 Tom Clancy’s EndWar
BLAS 50092 Bionic Commando
BLAS 50093 Skate 2 Hong Kong?
BLAS 50098 Sonic Ultimate Genesis Collection Hong Kong?
BLAS 50099 The Godfather Part II Hong Kong?
BLAS 50148 Brütal Legend Hong Kong?
BLAS 50174 Army of Two: 40th Day
BLAS 50183 Alien vs. Predator Taiwan?
BLAS 50197 Grand Theft Auto IV Episodes from Liberty City
BLAS 50230 Dead Rising 2
BLAS 50232 Medal of Honor
BLAS 50244 Burnout Paradise - Ultimate Box
BLAS 50248 Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
BLAS 50259 Splatterhouse
BLAS 50272 Create
BLAS 50277 Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet
BLAS 50278 Assassins Creed: Brotherhood
BLAS 50295 NBA Jam
BLAS 50471 World Soccer Winning Eleven 2012


BCAS20136	3D Collection[1]
BCAS20226	All About Playstation Game Hits Vol 1
BCAX90003	PlayStation 3 Big Hit Titles' Demo Collection
BCAS20158	Playstation 3 Big Hit Titles Demo Collection Vol.3
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