Sony PlayStation 4 PAL Missing Dumps

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Missing: 47 Discs | Updated: 12/08/2014


Serial Title Region Barcode Notes Bought
CUSA-00024 Skylanders: Swap Force Europe 5030917132674
CUSA-00028 Call of Duty: Ghosts Russia 5030917126246
CUSA-00031 Rayman Legends Europe 3307215774519
CUSA-00049 Battlefield 4 Europe 5030931111341
CUSA-00051 Injustice: Gods Among Us - Ultimate Edition Europe 5051892145213
CUSA-00052 The LEGO Movie Videogame Europe 5051892154567
CUSA-00054 Mad Max Europe 5051892145251
CUSA-00086 The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Edition Europe 5055856411253
CUSA-00088 Madden NFL 25 Europe 5030941111324
CUSA-00089 NBA Live 14 Europe 5030940111332
CUSA-00104 NBA 2K14 Europe 5026555415057
CUSA-00105 The Pinball Arcade Europe 5060057029343
CUSA-00161 The Crew Europe 3307215748824
CUSA-00184 Angry Birds Star Wars Europe 5030917139574
CUSA-00189 Just Dance 2014 Europe 3307215734575
CUSA-00194 Until Dawn Europe 711719815136
CUSA-00207 Bloodborne Europe 711719800316
CUSA-00212 The Pinball Arcade (Re-Release) Europe
CUSA-00257 RIGS: Mechanized Combat League Europe 711719850052
CUSA-00264 EA Sports UFC Europe 5035223112525
CUSA-00265 Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition Europe 711719439417
Heavy Rain & Beyond: Two Souls Collection Europe 711719877745
CUSA-00271 Putty Squad Europe 5060057029206
CUSA-00284 Rayman Legends Europe 3307215774625
CUSA-00285 Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn Europe 5021290061538
CUSA-00286 Sniper Elite III Europe 8023171034478
CUSA-00303 Bound by Flame Europe 3512899112544
CUSA-00342 Murdered: Soul Suspect Europe 5021290062764
CUSA-00355 LEGO The Hobbit Europe 5051892167161
CUSA-00361 Le Tour de France 2014 Europe 3512899112841
CUSA-00362 Alien: Isolation Europe 5055277023776
CUSA-00375 The Evil Within Europe 0093155148918
CUSA-00394 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Europe 5030917141553
CUSA-00432 Evolve Europe 5026555417280
CUSA-00433 Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Europe 5030917144486
CUSA-00434 Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Poland
CUSA-00456 Air Conflicts: Vietnam Europe 4260231341365
CUSA-00469 Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments Europe 3512899112568
CUSA-00472 Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark Europe 5030917143090
Heavy Rain & Beyond: Two Souls Collection Germany 711719877448
Heavy Rain & Beyond: Two Souls Collection Europe 711719878049
CUSA-01433 Rocket League Europe 8023171037714
CUSA-02186 Toro Spain 8437015294018
CUSA-07994 FIFA 18 Europe 5030946121526
CUSA-10524 Ultimate VR Collection Europe 5060522090410
CUSA-10695 Rocket League Europe 5051892212113
CUSA-????? Strikers Edge Portugal 8431305028215 Portugal only. Limited physical release

Review Code

"Review Code" discs are officially pressed and labeled discs for press. Note: These share the same serial numbers as the retail counterparts but should contain alt versions. They are Not Red/White promo discs which should contain the same version as retail releases.

[Unknown]	Bloodborne (Russian language)[1][2]
[Unknown]	inFamous: Second Son
[Unknown]	Little Big Planet 3


CUSA-04821	PlayStation VR Demo Disc
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