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Some titles may be missing, needs cross checked with this list (demos already checked) this list.



SLES-50801	2002 FIFA World Cup	- language?
SLES-53364	7 Sins								[] (Germany)[1]
SLES-53265	Agent Hugo - Hula Holiday					[][2]
SLES-53910	Agent Hugo - Hula Holiday					[] (En,Sv,No,Da,Fi)
SLES-54919	Agent Hugo - Lemoon Twist					[] (Russian) (Агент Кузя: Лимонный твист)
SLES-51822	Alias								[] (Italy)
SLES-54886	Asterix & Obelix at The Olympic Games				[][3]
SLES-53849	Asterix & Obelix XXL 2						[] language?
SLES-53578	Bratz - Rock Angelz
SLES-52968	Burnout 2 - Point of Impact
SCES-54494	Buzz! Il Superquiz
SCES-53927	Buzz! The Big Quiz						[]
SCES-53928	Buzz! The Big Quiz
SCES-53929	Buzz! The Big Quiz						[]
SCES-54071	Buzz! The Big Quiz						[]
SCES-54073	Buzz! The Big Quiz						[] (Russian?)
SCES-55096	Buzz! The Pop Quiz						[] (Sv,No,Da?)
SCES-54263	Buzz! The Sports Quiz						[]
SCES-54267	Buzz! The Sports Quiz						[]
SCES-54268	Buzz! The Sports Quiz						[]
SCES-54269	Buzz! The Sports Quiz						[]
SCES-54524	Buzz! Junior - Jungle Party					[]
SLES-53713	The Chronicles of Narnia - The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe[] language?
SLES-55433	Disney Think Fast						[] (Russian) (Disney Отвечай, не зевай! [4])
UNK-Serial	Disney-Pixar Finding Nemo					[] (Portuguese)
SCES-50596	Disney-Pixar Monsters Inc.					[] (Danish)
SCES-50602	Disney-Pixar Monsters Inc.					[] language?
SCES-50605	Disney-Pixar Monsters Inc.					[] language?
SLES-54737	Disney-Pixar Ratatouille					[] (Russian) (Рататуй [5])
UNK-Serial	Disney/Pixar Toy Story 3					[] (Russian) (История игрушек: Большой побег [6])
SLES-55193	Disney/Pixar WALL-E						[] (Russian) (ВАЛЛ-И [7])
SLES-53741	Disney's Chicken Little						[] (Russian?)
SCES-52762	DJ Decks & FX							[] (French)
SLES-53242	DreamWorks Madagascar						[] language?
UNK-Serial	DreamWorks Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa				[] (Russian) (Мадагаскар 2: Побег в Африку [8])
SLES-54254	Evolution GT							[]  (Australia)
SLES-54246	FIFA 07								[] (Russian)
SLES-55672	FIFA 14								[] (English + Portuguese + Spanish + Polish?)
SLES-50014	FIFA 2001							[] language?
SLES-50465	FIFA 2002							[] language?
SLES-50469	FIFA 2002							[] (Greece)
SLES-54579	Flintstones, The - Bedrock Racing				[] (Portuguese)
SLES-55502	G-Force								[] (Russian) (Миссия Дарвина)
SLES-54108	Habitrail - Hamster Ball					(Italy) - 5060048318319 / 5060048318173
SLES-50506	Half-Life							[] language? - 3348542145191?
SLES-54780	Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix			[] (En,Nl,Sv,No,Da,Fi)
SLES-54781	Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix			[] (Russian) (Гарри Поттер и Орден Феникса [9])
SLES-52056	Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone			[] language?
SLES-52600	Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban			[] language?
SLES-55342	Hasbro - Family Game Night					[] language?
SLES-52247	Hobbit, The							[] (Russian) (Хоббит)
SLES-52314	Hugo Bukkazoom							[] (Russian)
SLES-52675	Hugo Cannon Cruise						[] language?
SLES-52676	Hugo Cannon Cruise						[] (Russian) (Кузя: На абордаж!)
SLES-54107	Kidz Sports - Basketball					(Italy) - 5060048318326
SLES-54106	Kidz Sports - Ice Hockey					(Italy) - 5060048318333
SLES-53705	King Kong, Peter Jackson's - The Official Game of the Movie	[] language?
UNK-Serial	MotoGP 08							[] (Russian) [10]
SLES-50765	Music Maker							[] language?
SLES-54112	Myth Makers - Orbs of Doom					(Italy) - 5060048318302
SLES-54113	Myth Makers - Super Kart GP					(Italy / UK) - 5060048318296 / 5060048318159
SLES-55006	Need for Speed: ProStreet					[] (Russian) ([11])
SLES-55352	Need for Speed: Undercover					[] (Russian) ([12])
SLES-55338	NHL 09								[] (Czech, English, Finnish, German, Russian, Swedish) ([13])
SLES-55675	PES 2014: Pro Evolution Soccer					[] (Italian + Greek?)
SLES-55676	PES 2014: Pro Evolution Soccer					[] (Spanish + Portuguese?)
SLES-51834	Premier Manager 2003-2004					[] (French?)
SLES-50484	Rayman M							[] language?
SLES-53370	Real World Golf [with Gametrak]					[] (French)
SLES-50677	Shadow Hearts							(UK) - 5037930070426
SCES-52566	SingStar							[]
SCES-53181	SingStar							[]
SCES-53795	SingStar '80s							[]
SCES-53605	SingStar '80s							[]
SCES-53610	SingStar '80s							[]
SCES-54325	SingStar Legendat						[] (Finnish)
SCES-54353	SingStar Legends						[] (Danish)
SCES-52827	SingStar Party							[]
SCES-53565	SingStar Pop							[]
SCES-53397	SingStar Pop - World Events Code				[]
SCES-54573	SingStar Pop Hits						[] (Sv,No,Da?)
SCES-53894	SingStar Rocks!							[] (Croatian)
SCES-55127	SingStar Summer Party						[] (Netherlands)
UNK-Serial	SingStar Zingt met Disney					[] (Netherlands)
SLES-51925	Splashdown 2 - Rides Gone Wild					[] (Australia)
SLES-52387	SpyHunter 2							(Germany) (Disc = SLES-51841)
UNK-Serial	Star Wars - Clone Wars						[] (Italy)
SLES-51618	Starsky & Hutch							[] (Italian/Spanish?)
UNK-Serial	Surf's Up							[] (Russian) (Лови волну [14])
SLES-53500	Svampbob Fyrkant - Tystnad, Tagning, Tvaettsvamp		[] (Swedish)
SCES-51548 	This Is Football 200?						[] (Italian + Spanish)
SCES-52936 	This Is Football 2005						[] (Arabian)
SCES-52596	This Is Football 2005						[] language?
SCES-52425 	This Is Football 2005						[] language?
SLES-51782	Warhammer 40,000: Fire Warrior					[] language?

Official Betas

Usually for press. These should all have official labels and serial numbers. Not a list for press promo discs (which have identical data to regular releases).

SCES-51593/0.01	Hardware Online Arena Beta	promo with pink label [15]
????-????? 	SOCOM II: US Navy Seals		Beta trial[16]
TCES-51613 	This Is Football 2004 [Beta]


This list is probably missing a lot of discs. When assembling the list I was careful to only include Demos (not similarly looking Promos).

SLED-?????	Alias
SCED-51905	Amplitude
SCED-51366	Ape Escape 2
SLED-?????	Area 51[17]
SCED-52575	Athens 2004 Olympics
SLED-51211	Burnout 2: Point of Impact
SCED-54363	Buzz! The Sports Quiz Show
SLED-53327	Cold Winter
SLED-51645	Def Jam: Vendetta
SLED-52890	FIFA Football 2005
SLED-54327	FIFA 07
SLED-51062	Fire Blade
SCED-50313	Formula One 2001/Formel Eins 2001
SLED-53445	Incredible Hulk, The: Ultimate Destruction
SCED-50614	Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy
SCED-52759	Killzone
SLED-54022	Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend
SCED-50450	Le Monde De Bleus 2002 (France)
SLED-54315	Lego Star Wars II The Original Trilogy
SLED-53681	Liebesgrusse Aus Moskau + Need for Speed: Most Wanted + SSX On Tour - Triple Demo - PURCHASED
SLED-50895	Medal of Honor: Frontline
SLED-50439	MX2002 featuring Ricky Carmichael (found on Australian ebay)
SLED-51127	MX SuperFly featuring Ricky Carmichael 
SCED-50732	Official Demo Disc Retail Edition February 02 (France)
SCED-51591	Official Demo Retail 05 (France)
SCED-52225	PlayStation2 Christmas Special 2003 (The Sun)
SCED-51961	Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time "Exclusive Preorder Demo"
SCED-50286	Red Faction
SLED-51047	Red Faction 2
SLED-51048	Red Faction 2
SCED-50811	Selector Demo 01
SCED-?????	Selector Demo 02
SCED-?????	Selector Demo 03
SCED-?????	Selector Demo 03
SCED-?????	Selector Demo 04
SCED-?????	Selector Demo 06
SCED-?????	Selector Demo 07
SCED-?????	Selector Demo 08
SCED-?????	Selector Demo 09+? (8 is the latest number I've seen, are there more?)
SCED-53962	Shadow of the Collosus
SLED-50488	Spy Hunter
SLED-?????	Starsky & Hutch
SLED-51012	Stuntman
SLED-51338	Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon
SLED-51902	True Crime
SCED-50520	World Rally Championship
SLED-53097	Worms 4: Mayhem

Official PlayStation Magazine Demos

Ordered by serial number. PlayStation Magazine demos can have multiple titles depending on region of release, should be same data as with PSX PAL demos. More OPS2M discs from Australia may be missing (earlier ones seem to match UK serial numbers however).

SCED-50163	PlayStation 2 Greatest Hits: Vol 3
SCED-50164	PlayStation 2 Greatest Hits: Vol 4
SCED-50506	OPS2M Demo 12 (Germany)
SCED-50543	OPS2M Demo 12 (France)
SCED-50784	PlayStation 2 Greatest Hits Volume 5, Best Games Ever 5
SCED-51148	PlayStation Experience Demo Disc
SCED-51440	OPS2M Demo 29 (France)
SCED-51489	OPS2M Demo 30 (France)
SCED-51505	OPS2M Special Edition 11, The World's Best PS2 Games Ever
SCED-51541	OPS2M Special Edition 12, PlayStation 2 Blockbusters!
SCED-51543	OPS2M Special Edition 14, The Hit Squad!
SCED-51544	OPS2M Special Edition 15, Summer Blockbusters!
SCED-51545	OPS2M Special Edition 16, Buyers Guide
SCED-51546	OPS2M Special Edition 17, The Best Games of 2003!
SCED-51549	OPS2M Germany Special Edition 2003/02 (Germany)
SCED-51551	OPS2M Germany Special Edition 2003/03 (Germany)
SCED-51556	OPS2M Demo 31 (France)
SCED-51558	OPS2M Demo 32 (France)
SCED-51559	OPS2M Demo 33 (France)
SCED-51560	OPS2M Demo 34 (France)
SCED-51561	OPS2M Demo 35 (France)
SCED-51563	OPS2M Demo 37 (France)
SCED-51652	UPS2M Demo Italia 04/03 (Italy)
SCED-51836	UPS2M Demo Italia 07/03 (Italy)
SCED-51880	UPS2M Demo Italia 08/03 (Italy)
SCED-51899	PlayStation Experience Demo Disc
SCED-51894	UPS2M Demo Italia 09/03 (Italy)
SCED-51940	Bonus Demo 5
SCED-52057	UPS2M Italia 12/03 (Italy)
SCED-52076	OPS2M Demo Germay 09/04 (Germany)
SCED-52081	OPS2M Uncut Edition 01/04 (Germany)
SCED-52083	OPS2M Uncut Edition 03/04 (Germany, regular version shares same serial and already in redump)
SCED-52085	OPS2M Demo Germany 2004/05 (Germany, Uncut Edition, regular version shares same serial and already in redump)
SCED-52088	OPS2M Uncut Edition 08/04 (Germany, regular version shares same serial and already in redump)
SCED-52092	OPS2M Edition 12/04 (Germany, regular or uncut version missing, they both have the same serial number, not sure which version is the database[18])
SCED-52168	OPS2M Demo 53
SCED-52186	UPS2M Italia 01/04 Demo (Italy)
SCED-52272	UPS2M Demo Italia 02/04 (Italy)
SCED-52354	UPS2M Demo Italia 03/04 (Italy)
SCED-52391	Bonus Demo 6
SCED-52443	UPS2M Italia 05/04 (Italy)
SCED-52549	OPS2M Demo 47 (France)
SCED-52580	UPS2M Italia 06/04 (Italy)
SCED-52619	OPS2M Demo 48, UPS2M Italia 08/04 (France, Italy)
SCED-52728	OPS2M Demo 49 (Australia, NZ)
SCED-52785	OPS2M Demo 50 (France)
SCED-52786	OPS2M Demo 51/eur, UPS2M Italia 10/2004
SCED-52795	UPS2M Speciale Di Corso (Italy?)
SCED-52855	UPS2M Italia 09/04 (Italy)
SCED-52938	OPS2M Demo 52 (Australia, Netherlands)
SCED-53018	Bonus Demo 8 (Geu) [Germany?]
SCED-53043	UPS2M Speciale Platinum Italia (Italy)
SCED-53070	UPS2 Demo 2005/01 ita (Italy)
SCED-53209	OPS2M Germany 2005/07
SCED-53210	OPS2M Germany 2005/08
SCED-53211	Germany 2005/09
SCED-53214	OPS2M Germany 2005/12
SCED-53215	OPS2M Germany 2005/13
SCED-53215	OPS2M Germany 2005/13
SCED-53217	OPS2M Germany 2006/02
SCED-53228	UPS2M Italy 04/05 (Italy)
SCED-53288	UPS2M Italia 05/2005 (Italy)
SCED-53291	OPS2M Demo 61 euro, UPS2M Italia 08/2005, OPS2M Euro Demo 61 (Italy, Netherlands, Australia)
SCED-53294	UPS2M Italia 10/2005 - Italian Demo
SCED-53513	Bonus Demo 10 (you)
SCED-53516	OPS2M Italian Demo 61 07/05
SCED-53798	UPS2M Demo Italia Speciale Kids (unconfirmed disc title)
SCED-53933	UPS2M Demo Italia 01/2006
SCED-53939	OPS2M Demo 67 (Australia)
SCED-53947	UPS2M Demo Italia Speciale Horror
SCED-54034	Germany Special Issue 01/2006
SCED-54050	OPS2M Germany 04-2006
SCED-54051	OPS2M Germany 05-2006
SCED-54053	OPS2M Germany 07-2006
SCED-54054	OPS2M Germany 08-2006
SCED-54056	OPS2M Germany 10-2006
SCED-54058	OPS2M Germany 12-2006
SCED-54059	OPS2M Germany 13-2006
SCED-54149	UPS2M Demo Italia 04/2006
SCED-54176	OPS2M Demo 73/benelux (Netherlands)
SCED-54314	UPS2M Demo Italia 07-2006
SCED-54605	OPS2M Germany 1-2007
SCED-54642	OPS2M Germany 02-2007
SCED-54692	OPS2M Germany 2007/03
SCED-54758	OPS2M Germany 04-2007
SCED-55115	OPS2M Demo 96, OPS2M Demo 96 eur
SCED-55120	OPS2M Demo 101 eur


????-????? Netflix Streaming Disc (Brazil)[19]
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