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All known missing Sony Playstation 2 PAL discs.



Serial Region Bought Title Barcode Other Comments
SLES-50801 Greece 2002 FIFA World Cup 5030948030260 Electronic Arts ID (Disc): EAQ03403795D
SLES-54081 Poland 2006 FIFA World Cup reentrant confirmed "from a trusted source"
SCES-53358 Europe 24: The Game Without # = v1.00. Only Australia region dumped.
SLES-51960 Portugal A Procura de Nemo
SLES-52907 Germany Action mit SpongeBob Schwammkopf und seinen Freunden 4005209057424
SLES-53910 Scandinavia? olofolleola4 Agent Hugo - Hula Holiday (En,Sv,No,Da,Fi)
SLES-54919 Russia Agent Hugo - Lemoon Twist (Агент Кузя: Лимонный твист)
SLES-54560 France Colossus90 Alpine Ski Racing 2007 Confirmed serial on, cheap.
SLES-53849 Asterix & Obelix XXL 2 No proof of existence.
SCES-54556 Austria Big! Mega Quiz, The 711719609094 [1]
SLES-53578 Bratz - Rock Angelz No proof of existence.
SCES-53927 Finland? Buzz! The Big Quiz Finnish title: Buzz! Suuri Tietovisa
SCES-53928 Buzz! The Big Quiz
SCES-53929 Buzz! The Big Quiz
SCES-54071 Buzz! The Big Quiz
SCES-54073 Russia? Buzz! The Big Quiz
SCES-55421 Switzerland Buzz! Brain of Switzerland
SCES-55096 Scandinavia Buzz! The Pop Quiz 711719918257 (Sv,No,Da?) Also available as Bundled with Buzz! Buzzers
SCES-55107 Poland Buzz! Pop Quiz [2]
SCES-54263 Buzz! The Sports Quiz
SCES-54267 Buzz! The Sports Quiz
SCES-54269 Buzz! The Sports Quiz
SCES-54524 Buzz! Junior - Jungle Party
SCES-54704 Austria/Switzerland Buzz! Junior - Monsterspaß [3]
SLES-54612 Scandinavia Captain Scarlet 5051272000095 [4]
SLES-53713 Poland The Chronicles of Narnia - The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe Confirmed by reentrant.
SLES-51100 Club Football 5024866320732? Possibly Liverpool FC, region undetermined.
SLES-52653 Club Football 2005 Possibly Liverpool FC, region undetermined.
SLES-50901 Italy Conflict: Desert Storm
UNK-Serial Portugal Disney-Pixar Finding Nemo
SCES-50596 Denmark Disney-Pixar Monsters Inc.
SCES-50602 Disney-Pixar Monsters Inc.
SCES-50605 Disney-Pixar Monsters Inc.
SLES-54737 Russia Disney-Pixar Ratatouille (Рататуй [5])
SLES-54744 Poland? Disney-Pixar Ratatouille 4005209090803
UNK-Serial Russia Disney-Pixar Toy Story 3 (История игрушек: Большой побег [6])
SLES-55196 Poland Disney-Pixar Wall E [7]
SLES-53741 Russia? Disney's Chicken Little
SLES-53242 Portugal DreamWorks Madagascar Confirmed exists[8]
UNK-Serial Russia DreamWorks Madagascar - Escape 2 Africa (Мадагаскар 2: Побег в Африку) [9]
SLES-54254 Poland Evolution GT Confirmed serial[10].
SLES-54394 UK Family Guy: Video Game! 5026555305617 Only Australia region dumped.
SLES-54246 Russia FIFA 07 Poland? [11]
SLES-55672 Europe FIFA 14 5035223111412 English, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish? Electronic Arts ID (Disc): 100527903401. Electronic Arts ID (Disc) (Platinum): 102337503401. Barcode (Poland): 5030944112168
SLES-50014 Greece? FIFA 2001
SLES-50465 FIFA Football 2002
SLES-50469 Greece diego FIFA Football 2002 5030948027284 [12]
SLES-54579 Poland Flintstones, The - Bedrock Racing Serial number confirmed.[13]
SLES-51061 Europe Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 2009 Rerelease [14]
SLES-50506 Portugal? Half-Life 3348542145191? Needs researching on a Portugal shopping site.
SLES-54780 olofolleola4 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (En,Nl,Sv,No,Da,Fi). Barcode (Finland): 5030949057266
SLES-52056 Poland Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone Confirmed by reentrant.
SLES-52600 Poland Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban Electronic Arts ID (Disc): EAX03404348D3. Confirmed by reentrant.
SLES-55342 Hasbro - Family Game Night Can't find any evidence, maybe a Scandanavian country.
SLES-52247 Russia Hobbit, The (Хоббит) Seems to exist[15].
SLES-54472 Australia Home Alone 5051272001542
SLES-52314 Russia Hugo Bukkazoom
SLES-52675 Hugo Cannon Cruise Hard to imagine what other language is not already released for this game[16], but then again Hugos are known to have a ton of regional variants.
SLES-52676 Russia Hugo Cannon Cruise (Кузя: На абордаж!) Seems to exist[17].
????-????? Poland Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights Says it's Polish language[18]
SLES-54532 Poland Kevin Sam w Domu (Home Alone) reentrant got the serial number from the seller[19]
SLES-51998 Europe Kao the Kangaroo: Round 2 9006113001935 2012 Rerelease
SLES-54106 Italy Kidz Sports - Ice Hockey 5060048318333 Seems to exist on, serial number not confirmed.
SLES-53705 King Kong, Peter Jackson's - The Official Game of the Movie No proof of existence.
SLES-52004 Poland King Kong, Peter Jackson's - The Official Game of the Movie [20]
SLES-52705 Europe Mortal Kombat: Deception 5051892018838 SLES-52705#2 [21] 2010 Rerelease by WB Games.
SLES-55266? Russia MotoGP 08 5055060924181 [22]. ID above Barcode: IS92370-09RUS
SLES-54113 Italy / UK Lizard Myth Makers - Super Kart GP 5060048318296 / 5060048318159
SLES-55352 Scandinavia Need for Speed - Undercover 5030935071412 English, Svenska, Dansk, Suomi. [23]
SLES-55338 Russia NHL 09 Czech, English, Finnish, German, Russian, Swedish. [24]
SLES-55675 Italy, Greece? PES 2014 - Pro Evolution Soccer 4012927124871 Italian, Greek? Seems to exist on, serial number not confirmed.
SLES-50484 Rayman M No proof of existence.
SLES-50677 UK Shadow Hearts 5037930070426
SCES-52566 Italy Lizard SingStar Confirmed serial number.[25]
SCES-53604 Germany SingStar '80s Without # = v1.0*
SCES-53603 France SingStar '80s With # = v2.0*
SCES-53605 Italy SingStar '80s With # = v2.0*
SCES-53606 Spain SingStar '80s With # = v2.0*
SCES-53609 Sweden SingStar '80s Without # = v1.0*
SCES-53607 Netherlands SingStar '80s Without # = v1.0*
SCES-53795 SingStar '80s
SCES-53605 Italy SingStar '80s With # = v2.0*
SCES-53610 Poland? SingStar '80s
SCES-55259 Portugal SingStar Canções Disney 711719744955 [26]
SCES-54325 Finland SingStar Legendat
SCES-54353 Denmark SingStar Legends
SCES-55513 Poland? SingStar Polskie Hity 711719107354
SCES-55616 Poland? SingStar Polskie Hity 2
SCES-53565 SingStar Pop
SCES-54613 Italy SingStar Pop Hits Confirmed on ebay.
SCES-53397 SingStar Pop - World Events Code Can't find any hard evidence of this title or serial number despite a lot of google hits on uncited lists.
SCES-54573 Scandinavia SingStar Pop Hits 711719674580, 711719678281 Sv,No,Da? Confirmed exists.
SCES-55485 Italy SingStar Queen
SCES-54765 Poland? SingStar R&B
SCES-53894 Croatia SingStar Rocks!
SCES-????? Denmark SingStar Store Drømme [27]
SCES-????? Denmark SingStar Summer Party [28]
SCES-55612 Finland SingStar SuomiHitit 711719185765
SCES-55521 Finland SingStar SuomiPop 711719186847
SCES-55177 Finland SingStar SuomiRock 711719985051
SCES-55650 Finland SingStar SuomiSuosikit 711719123194
SCES-55262 Denmark SingStar Syng med Disney
SCES-55061 Poland? SingStar Wakacyjna Impreza! 711719499756
SCES-50928 Europe SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Without # = v1.0*? / Press Kit? (early version was released by scene, possibly a beta)
SLES-53306 Poland Spartan: Total Warrrior Confirmed[29]
SLES-50965 Spain Spider-Man Platinum release = (Rev 1)?
SLES-50486 Europe Colossus90 Splashdown #2 in serial = v2.0*
SLES-50420 France Supercar Street Challenge 5030917014512 Serial unconfirmed
SLES-504?? Italy/Spain Supercar Street Challenge 5030917014536 [30]
SLES-53500 Sweden Svampbob Fyrkant - Tystnad, Tagning, Tvaettsvamp Seems to exist on Tradera[31], serial number not confirmed.
SLES-52821 Portugal The Incredibles 4005209064590 Confirmed exists.
SCES-51548 This Is Football Italian + Spanish. Considering This is Football and This is Football 2 were only known to be released on PSX, seems unlikely. No evidence.
SCES-52596 This Is Football 2005 Probably doesn't exist, serial number isn't adjacent like the other regional variants.
SLES-53672 Europe (UK) tossEAC Ultimate Spider-Man (Limited Edition) Confirmed exists.
SLES-53420 Poland Urodzinowe Przygody Kubusia 3307210196408 [32]
SLES-51782 Warhammer 40,000 - Fire Warrior No evidence.

Beta Trials

These should all have official labels with colored text (usually red) usually printed on transparent background (resemble promos other than text color). They should all have unique serial numbers. They were part of a beta test program for online games, as a result they will no longer play due to the PlayStation 2 online server being done for. This list should be very close to complete, though it is possible a few titles are missing.

SCES-50781/1.00/Beta	Destruction Derby Arena Demos (green/turquoise disc with silver lettering)
SLES-50958/0.02		Fire Warrior ("Pre-Production", white lettering on a silver background)
SCES-51593/0.01		Hardware Online Arena Beta (pink label)
TCES-53286		Jak X
TCES-52004		Killzone
TLES-82043		Metal Gear Solid Subsistence
TCES-10001		Mirage (video streaming software)
TCES-52456		Ratchet and Clank 3
SCES-50928/B1		SOCOM US Navy Seals Beta (online Game Only, network adaptor and headset - white disc with orange text and a SOCOM logo at the top)
TCES-51904/1		SOCOM II: US Navy Seal (orange text)[33]
TCES-51904		SOCOM II: US Navy Seal (red text)[34]
TLES-52149		Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow
SCES-51480/A5#		Twisted Metal Black Online (silver disc with black lettering)
TCES-52389		World Rally Championship 4


Dedicated Demos

Highly likely missing discs. When assembling the list I was careful to only include Demos (not similarly looking Promos).

SLED-52326	007: Everything or Nothing
SCED-53081	Ace Combat: Squadron Leader[35][36][37]
SCED-51905	Amplitude
SCED-51366	Ape Escape 2 - BOUGHT tossEAC
SLED-?????	Area 51[38]
SCED-52575	Athens 2004 Olympics
S???-?????	Bouncer, The
SLES-?????	Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood
SLED-52597	Burnout 3
SLED-53512	Burnout Revenge
SCED-54363	Buzz! The Sports Quiz Show
SCED-51176	Disney's Treasure Planet (note: NOT SCES-51176)
SLED-51645	Def Jam: Vendetta
S???-?????	Destroy All Humans! 2
SLED-53977	Dragon Quest: The Journey of the Cursed King
SCED-51176	El Paneta Del Tesoro
S???-?????	Enthusia: Professional Racing[39]
S???-?????	Eyetoy Play[40] - BOUGHT tossEAC
SLES-?????	Fahrenheit
SCED-50313	Formula One 2001/Formel Eins 2001
S???-?????	Forumula One 2005 - BOUGHT Renzukoken
SCED-53431	God of War
SCED-52681	Gran Turismo 4: BMW 1 Series Virtual Drive
SCED-51352	Gran Turismo 4: Nissan Micra Edition
SCED-52311	I-Ninja
SCED-50614	Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy
SCED-52846/G	Killzone (Germany)
SLED-54022	Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend
SLED-53359	Lego Star Wars: The Video Game[41]
SLED-54315	Lego Star Wars II The Original Trilogy
SLED-50895	Medal of Honor: Frontline
SLED-52979	Mercenaries
SLED-50117#	Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty: Trial Edition - kHn bought
SLED-50782	Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (Promo) [42]
SLED-50439	MX2002 featuring Ricky Carmichael (found on Australian ebay)
SLES-53793	Pro Evolution Soccer 5[43]
S???-?????	Pro Evolution Soccer 4[44]
SLES-55023	PES 2008: Pro Evolution Soccer (SLES = game, must be SLED)
SCED-50286	Red Faction
SLED-52875	Sega Superstars (eyetoy)
SCED-53962	Shadow of the Collosus
SCED-51452	Sly Raccoon
SLED-54032	Sonic Riders
S???-?????	Summoner 2
SLED-53066	TimeSplitters: Future Perfect
SLED-51338	Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon
S???-?????	Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3
SCED-50768	Wipeout Fusion[45]
SCED-50520	World Rally Championship
SLED-53097	Worms 4: Mayhem
SCED-52945(?)	WRC 4 Ford Fiesta Sports Edition Demo
SLED-51380	Zone of the Enders: The Second Runner: Special Edition

Misc Compilation Demos

Probably some Bonus Demos missing, here's what's in redump[46].

SCED-52391	Bonus Demo 6
SCED-52436	Bonus Demo 7
SCED-52437	Bonus Demo 7 (bundled with Network Access Disc)[47]
SCED-53018	Bonus Demo 8 (Geu) [Germany?]
SCED-51148	PlayStation Experience Demo Disc
SCED-51899	PlayStation Experience Demo Disc
SCED-51938	PlayStation Experience Demo Disc[48]
SCED-50811	Selector Demo 01
SCED-?????	Selector Demo 02
SCED-?????	Selector Demo 03
SCED-?????	Selector Demo 04
SCED-?????	Selector Demo 06
SCED-?????	Selector Demo 07
SCED-?????	Selector Demo 08 (last number spotted in the series, are there more?)

OPS2M Demos

PlayStation Magazine demos can have conflicting volume numbers on their cases vs on the discs. All regions feature releases from other regions, but some much more so than others. This list is an active work in progress and partially maintained offsite on a spreadsheet (contact user7 for more info via forum).

UK release - may be re-released in other regions.

SCED-55115	Official PlayStation Magazine Demo 96 (disc title: OPS2M Demo 96 eur)
SCED-51389	Official PlayStation Magazine Special Edition 10: The Best Games of 2002 - BOUGHT tossEAC
SCED-51505	Official PlayStation Magazine Special Edition 11: The World's Best PS2 Games Ever
SCED-51543	Official PlayStation Magazine Special Edition 14: The Hit Squad! - bought number78
SCED-51544	Official PlayStation Magazine Special Edition 15: Summer Blockbusters!
SCED-51545	Official PlayStation Magazine Special Edition 16: Buyers Guide - mike

French release - discluding dumped discs that match other region serial numbers.

SCED-50381	unknown ops2m french disc
SCED-50543	OPS2M Demo 12 or 10? (France)
SCED-50593	OPS2M Demo 13 (France)
SCED-51563	OPS2M Demo 37 (France)
SCED-53916	unknown ops2m french disc

German exclusive serial #s

SCED-50143	OPS2M Germany 09/2002 (serial already in redump, but this region's release needs confirmation)
SCED-50506	OPS2M Demo 12 (Germany)
SCED-50745	OPS2M Germany 07/2001 (serial already in redump, but this region's release needs confirmation)
SCED-51549	OPS2M Germany Special Edition 2003/02
SCED-52081	OPS2M Uncut Edition 01/04
SCED-52083	OPS2M Uncut Edition 03/04 (regular version shares same serial and already in redump)
SCED-52085	OPS2M Demo Germany 2004/05 (Uncut Edition, regular version shares same serial and already in redump)
SCED-52088	OPS2M Uncut Edition 08/04 (regular version shares same serial and already in redump)
SCED-54034	Germany Special Issue 01/2006
SCED-54056	OPS2M Germany 10-2006
SCED-54058	OPS2M Germany 12-2006
SCED-54642	OPS2M Germany 02-2007
SCED-54692	OPS2M Germany 2007/03
SCED-54758	OPS2M Germany 04-2007

Italy exclusive serial #s

SCED-53798	UPS2M Demo Italia Speciale Kids (unconfirmed disc title)
SCED-53946	Platinum

Australia exclusive serial #s - as far as I know

SLES-51536	OPS2M Demo 41 Australia (disc name, unsure of volume #)
SCED-53939	OPS2M Demo 67 (Australia)

Benelux: Netherlands / Belgium exclusive serial #s

SCED-54176	OPS2M Demo 73/benelux
SCED-55120	OPS2M Demo 101 eur

Undumped Serial Number Variants

"#" serial number variants do not necessarily mean a software revision, but it means there is a good chance it is a software revision.

SLES-52486#	Astro Boy
SLES-52118#	Castlevania [49]
SLES-50386-P	Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex
SLES-50386-P#	Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex
SLES-50330#2	Grand Theft Auto III
SCES-50522	Disney's Peter Pan: The Legend of Never Land
SCES-50526#2	Disney's Peter Pan: The Legend of Never Land
SCES-50960	Disney's Stitch: Experiment 626
SLES-54356#	Final Fantasy XII (Germany) [50]
SLES-50106	Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge
SLES-54582#	International Tennis Pro
SLES-54683#2	Medal of Honor: Vanguard [51]
SLES-53717#	Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition Remix [52]
SLES-52448#	Knights of the Temple: Infernal Crusade [53]
SLES-82038#	Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams (Disc 1) 
SLES-82039#	Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams (Disc 2)
SLES-50382#4	Silent Hill 2 [54]
SCES-53609#2	SingStar '80s (Sweden) 
SLES-50562	Super Bust-A-Move 2
SCES-53054/CEN	Tekken's Nina Williams in: Death by Degrees
SLES-53763#	Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter [55]


PS2 unlicensed discs are known to be undumpable to disc image (at least currently unknown other than by copying the files). Discussion here.

Action Replay MAX v3.32 (Europe)
Action Replay MAX v3.60 (Europe)
Cheat Code Demon - Zone Free DVD Software (Europe)
Cheatcode S Spécial Action/Combat/Aventure (France)
Cheatcode S Spécial Sports Extrêmes (France)
Cheatcode S v3.0 (France)
Codes Exclusifs pour Gran Turismo 4 (France)
Codes Exclusifs pour Metal Gear Solid 3 (France)
Codes Exclusifs pour Tomb Raider AOD (France)
Codes Exclusifs pour True Crime: Streets of LA (France)
DVD Region X v1.0 (Europe)
DVD Region X v2.0 (Europe)
DVD Region X v2.0 (Free with PSi-2 Issue 18) (Europe)
GT Circuit Breaker
Max Play 01
Max Play Classic Games
Mega Memory 16 v1.3 (UK)
Memory Manager Plus v1.8 (Europe)
PS2 Action Replay Per Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (Italy)
Parental GameLock v1.0 (En/Ger) (UK)
Playcodes Disc #06 (France)
Playcodes Disc #07 (France)
Swap Magic 3.6 (Europe)
Swap Magic 3.8 Coder (Europe)
The Best Cheat Disc In The World... Volume 2 (UK)
Ultimate Cheats Platinum (UK)
Ultimate Cheats for Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance (UK)
Ultimate Cheats for BMX XXX (UK)
Ultimate Cheats for Gran Turismo 4 (UK)
Ultimate Cheats for Metal Gear Solid 2 (UK)
Ultimate Cheats for Tomb Raider AOD (UK)
Ultimate Cheats for True Crime: Streets of LA (UK)
Ultimate Update for Pro Evolution Soccer 3 (UK)
X-Mem v1.0 (France)
X-Port v1.03 (France)
Xploder V4 Lite (Europe)
Xploder V6 (Europe) (Xploder V5 Mega Cheats disc)
Xploder v1.0 Build 011219 (UK)
Xtreme Cheats Volume 01 (UK)
Xtreme Cheats Volume 02 (UK)
Xtreme Cheats Volume 03 (UK)

Discs that Don't Exist

A list of serial numbers on the internet that probably do not exist for reasons listed.

SLES-51214	18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker - similar looking to dupe serial number SLES-50214
SCES-53108	American Chopper - same dupe serial number as SLES-53108
SLES-51405	Armored Core 3 - no proof [56]
SLES-50561	Atlantis III: The New World - similar to dupe serial number SLES-50661
SCES-53385	Buzz! Brain of the UK - similar to dupe serial number SCES-55385
SLES-52852	Capcom Fighting Evolution - similar to dumped serial SLES-52854
SCES-53404	Deep Water -- similar to dupe serial number SLES-53404
SCES-52065	Flipnic: Ultimate Pinball - same duper serial numbers as SLES-52065
SLES-50633	Gitaroo Man - similar to dupe serial number SLES-50653
SCES-51533	God of War - no proof
SLES-51541	Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - similar looking to dupe serial number SLES-52541
SCES-50850	Gran Turismo Concept: 2002 Tokyo-Geneva - similar to dupe serial SCES-50858
SCES-50614	Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy - same serial as demo except SCED
SLES-52124	Kill.switch - similar serial to dumped SCES-52124
SCES-60971	Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix - shows up online as Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix + (Ultimate Hits) Japan
SLES-50370	Le Tour de France - similar to dupe serial number SLES-50570
SLES-54418	Powerdrome - similar to dumped serial number SLES-52418
SLES-50768	Rally Championship - similar loooking to dupe serial number SLES-50763
SCES-50987	Resident Evil Outbreak - no proof
SLES-52423	Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2 - similar to dumped SCES-52423
SLES-53300	SOCOM 3: U.S. Navy SEALs - similar to dumed serial SCES-53300
SLES-51618	Speed Challenge: Jacques Villeneuve's Racing Vision - no proof
SCES-51022	Speed Challenge: Jacques Villeneuve's Racing Vision - same dupe serial as SLES-51022
SLES-51731	Starsky & Hutch (French, German) - no proof of existence
SLES-51618	Starsky & Hutch (Italian) - was removed from the miss list, presumably for a reason. Lizard has a copy of this game with Italian art, but the serial matches the one in redump.
SLES-52605	The Polar Express - similar looking serial to dumped serial SLES-52685
SCES-52936	This Is Football 2005 - packaging serial number only, disc serial number is different / dumped
SLES-50432	Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 - similar to dupe serial number SLES-50435
SLES-51752	Tony Hawk's Underground - similar serial to German version SLES-51852
SLES-54845	Warriors Orochi - similar to dumped serial number SLES-54875
SCES-50009	Wild Wild Racing (in addition to SLES-50009?)
SCES-50935	WRC II Extreme - probably doesn't exist since this one has all usual languages
SLES-51294	XIII - similar looking to dupe serial number SLES-51244
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