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This is a list of known PAL PSX games that are missing from the database. Please note this list is serial# specific, not title specific. 2729 serial numbers on, additional unknown non-english discs may be missing. used for a comprehensive demo list.

See the discussion page for any removals, including non-existent rumored serial numbers.



Serial Region Bought Title Barcode Other Comments
SLES-03138 Sweden 007: The World Is Not Enough 5030945024897
SLES-01644 France Actua Soccer 3 5013658087090
SLES-02804 Spain Alone in the Dark - The New Nightmare 3546430010952 [Disc1of2]
SLES-12804 Spain Alone in the Dark - The New Nightmare 3546430010952 [Disc2of2]
SLES-00439 France Andretti Racing 5030931010477
SLES-03227 France Army Men - Air Attack 2 790561508687
SLES-03230 Spain Army Men - Air Attack 2 790561508670
SLES-01966 Italy Avventuri di Monkey Hero, Le 5026555190121 Probably matches SLES-00979 disc
SLES-01273 France Blaze & Blade - Eternal Quest (Legend of Foresia - La Contree Interdite) 3307212803953
SLES-03570 Australia Blue's Clues - Blue's Big Musical 4005209035699
SLES-03565 Finland Bob the Builder - Can We Fix It (Puuha Pete - Korjataanko) 5743211749072
SLES-03562 Sweden Bob the Builder - Can We Fix It (Byggare Bob - Kan vi fixa det) 5743211749058
SLES-03564 Denmark Bob the Builder - Can We Fix It (Byggemand Bob - Kan vi Klare det) 5743211749041
SLES-03563? Norway Bob the Builder - Can We Fix It (Byggmester Bob - Kan det Fikses?) 5743211749065
SCES-00468 Italy Broken Sword - The Shadow of the Templars 711719637127 Rom confirmed Italian language & internal serial.
SCES-03426 Russia C-12: Final Resistance 711719259121
SCES-01206 Spain Cardinal Syn 711719727422
SLES-00166 France Chronicles of the Sword 711719617129 [Disc1of2]
SLES-10166 France Chronicles of the Sword 711719617129 [Disc2of2]
SLES-00191 Spain Chronicles of the Sword 711719617426 [Disc1of2] [1]
SLES-10191 Spain Chronicles of the Sword 711719617426 [Disc2of2] [2]
SLES-00871 France Clock Tower 0093992085407
SLES-02605 Spain? Colin McRae Rally 2.0 v1.0 Alt version - Spanish print? In Trurip set.
SLES-01408 Spain Colony Wars - Vengeance 053203078499
SLES-01269 Spain Copa del Mundo - Francia '98 5030934017053
SLES-02691 Spain Crusaders of Might and Magic 790561046554 [3]
SLES-03447 Australia Darkstone 5026555190879
SLES-00146 Italy Defcon 5 711719614128
SCES-01769 France Destrega 711719850823
SLES-02063 France Discworld Noir 5029988006151
SLES-03190 Denmark, Norway, Sweden Disney's 102 Dalmatians - Puppies to the Rescue 5032921013345
SCES-03706 France Disney's Winnie L'Ourson C' Est La Recre! 711719302421
SLES-03315 Spain Disney-Pixar's Buzz Lightyear Guardianes Del Espacio 5030917012358
SCES-03760 Denmark Disney-Pixar Monsters, Inc. - Skraemmeoen 711719313922
SCES-03768 Sweden Disney-Pixar Monsters, Inc. - Skraemmaroen 711719315520
SCES-01524 Denmark Disney-Pixar Graes-rodderne 711719886129
SCES-01737 Finland Disney's A Bug's Life (Oetoekaen Elaemaeae) 711719886426 (Original and Platinum)
SCES-02459 France Disney's A Bug's Life - Atelier De Jeux 711719883920
SCES-00897 Denmark Disneys Action Spil med Herkules 711719693925 (Original and Platinum)
SCES-03001 Denmark Disneys Aladdin - Nasiras haevn 711719237228
SCES-03003 Finland Disneyn Aladdin - Nasiran Kosto
SCES-03534 Denmark Disneys Atlantis - Det forsvundne rige 711719287728
SCES-03011 Denmark Disneys Kejserens nye flip 711719252528 Barcode (Platinum): 7 11719 30852 2
SCES-03013 Finland Disneyn Keisarin Uudet Kuviot 711719308720 (Original and Platinum)
SCES-03019 Sweden Disneys Kejsarens nya stil 711719254126 (Original and Platinum)
SLES-03272 Spain Disney's El Rey Leon - Las Aventuras Del Poderoso Simba 5030917011863
SCES-03878 Sweden Disneys Lilo & Stitch - Trubbel i Paradiset 711719373025
SCES-03879 Denmark Disneys Lilo & Stitch - Ballade på Hawaii!
SCES-03880 Norway Disneys Lilo & Stitch - Hula Baluba! 711719373421
SCES-03708 Denmark Disneys Peter Pan - Eventyr pa Onskeoen 711719335529?
SCES-03710 Finland Disneyn Peter Pan - Seikkailu Mikae-mikae-maassa 711719335924 Barcode (Platinum): 7 11719 47072 4
SCES-03716 Sweden Disneys Peter Pan - Aeventyr i landet Ingenstans 711719471424 (Platinum = SCES-03716-P)
SCES-03747 Denmark Disneys Plys' Spil-og-leg-sted
SCES-03944 Denmark Disney's Skatterplaneten [4]
SLES-03261 Denmark Disneys Tigerdyrets Honningjagt 3307212807609 (Original and Platinum)
SCES-02181 Denmark Disneys Tarzan 711719649322
SCES-02183 Norway Disneys Tarzan 711719849728
SCES-02184 Finland Disneyn Tarzan 711719849926 Barcode (Platinum): 7 11719 22172 2
SLES-02762 Portugal Dracula Ressurreição 3342185296609 [Disc1of2]
SLES-12762 Portugal Dracula Ressurreição 3342185296609 [Disc2of2]
SLES-03738 Italy Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22 3296580475179
SCES-02565 France Dragon Valor 711719177029 [Disc1of2]
SCES-12565 France Dragon Valor 711719177029 [Disc2of2]
SCES-02568 Spain Dragon Valor 711719177029 [Disc1of2]
SCES-12568 Spain Dragon Valor 711719177029 [Disc2of2]
SLES-01978 Spain Driver 5029988006021
SLES-00987 France Duke Nukem 5029988001804
SLES-02250 Spain Dune 2000 5030934021678
SLES-03491 Spain Egipto II - La profecia de Heliopolis 3554540528205
SLES-02723 Europe F1 2000 5030945022190 (Da,En,Es,Fi,Sv)? Barcode (Spain): 5 030934 022194. Electronic Arts ID (Disc): EAY06102498D
SLES-03345 France F1 World Grand Prix 5032921012706
SLES-02321 Israel FIFA 2000 5035228021761
SLES-00254 Spain Firo & Klawd 768964237923
SLES-01422 France Global Domination 053203042698
SLES-01425 Spain Global Domination 053203042896
SCES-01324 Spain Granstream Saga, The 711719768821
SCED-02904 France Gran Turismo 2 "Un CD Bonus" (Bonus CD) Common on when searching "gran turismo 2 bonus".
SCES-03114 Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden Grind Session 711719182528
SLES-01934 France Guy Roux Manager '99 3362932803645
SLES-00851 France Hard Boiled 3554540350011
SLES-03975 Europe, Norway, Sweden Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 5030945031208
SLES-03976 Finland Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Harry Potter ja Salaisuuksien Kammio) 5030949031204
SLES-00465 Spain Heart of Darkness 3546430003015 [Disc1of2]
SLES-10465 Spain Heart of Darkness 3546430003015 [Disc2of2]
SLES-00642 Italy Herc's Adventures 8015887001943
SLES-02768 Spain Hogs of War (Marranos en Guerra) 3546430007969
SLES-02769 Italy Hogs of War 3546430007990
SCES-03756 France "Hoobs, The" 711719362425
SLES-01592 Denmark, Finland Hugo 5703782290175
SLES-01590 France Hugo 5703782290175
SLES-01668 Spain Hugo 5703782290175
SLES-01810 Denmark Hugo 2 5703782100054
SLES-02163 Finland Hugo 2 5703782100115
SLES-0181? Norway Hugo 2 5703782100122
SLES-01809 Spain Hugo 2 5703782100078
SLES-03303 France L'Ile LEGO 2: La Revanche de Casbric 5036749006992
SLES-02720 Sweden Lussan Nathhorst Presenterar Riding Star 9713399002891 [5]
SLES-03322 Italy, Spain ISS Pro Evolution 2 4012927010211 Barcode (Spain): 4012927010198. Rom confirmed Italian language in main menu, Italian & Spanish as optional audio choices, & internal serial.
SLES-03580 France Junior Sports Football 3546430020579
SLES-01039 Australia Kick Off World
SLES-01616 France KKND Krossfire 4014762800262
SCES-01188 Spain Klonoa - Door to Phantomile 711719722526
SLES-00128 France Krazy Ivan 711719613329
SCES-02012 Italy Kurushi Final 711719844624
SLES-00029 Italy, Spain "Last Report, The" 3342185866406
SCES-03047 Spain "Legend of Dragoon, The" 711719236726 [Disc1of4]
SCES-01947 Spain Legend of Legaia 711719172222
SLES-03300 Denmark LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge
SLES-03302 Finland LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge
SLES-03306 Norway LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge
SLES-03308 Sweden LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge 5036749007050
SLES-00616 Italy Lifeforce Tenka 711719653523
SLES-00617 Spain Lifeforce Tenka 711719653424
SLES-00830 France Machine Hunter 5032921002714
SLES-00833 Spain Machine Hunter 8011642006376 Barcode and serial number present on manual for SLES-00832 (two sets of serials and barcodes). Was it released?
SLES-00787 France Magic: The Gathering: BattleMage 3455192117833
SCES-02179 Denmark Magical Tetris Challenge
SLES-02979 Spain Manager De Liga 2001 5024866241747
SLES-03607 Spain Manager De Liga 2002 5024866242355
SLES-03218 France Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX 5030917011597
SLES-01201 Italy Men in Black: The Game 5013658085904
SLES-01202 Spain Men in Black Referenced on PSX Datacenter website.
SLES-01734 Spain Metal Gear Solid 4012927010440 (v1.0) In Trurip set.
SLES-11734 Spain Metal Gear Solid 4012927010440 (v1.0) In Trurip set.
SCES-02485 Italy Muppet Race Mania 711719159322
SCES-02486 Spain Muppet Race Mania (Teleñecos Race Mania) 711719159629
SCES-00701 Europe Namco Museum Vol. 4 711719664826 No EDC?
SCES-00702 Europe Namco Museum Vol. 5 711719692720 EDC?
SLES-03131 Italy NBA Live 2001 5030947025335
SLES-03155 France, Czech NHL 2001 5030931024504
SLES-03529 Spain Noddy - Una Aventura Magica 8427197060242 [6]
SCES-01357 France Pet in TV 711719729426
SCES-01360 Spain Pet in TV 711719729723
SLES-01864 Italy Premier Manager Ninety-Nine (Novanta-Nove) 5013658087250
SLES-00925 Spain ReBoot 5030934014083
SLES-03725 France Rescue Heroes Molten Menace [7]
SLES-03604 France Roger Lemerre - La Selection Des Champions 2002 5024866242331
SLES-02049 France Rugrats - La Búsqueda de Reptar 752919470015 [8]
SLES-01576 Australia Shane Warne Cricket '99 9312544046590
SCES-02433 Spain Space Debris 711719881421
SCES-01234 Spain Spice World 711719705727
SLES-00644 Spain Star Wars - Rebel Assault II - The Hidden Empire 8420224006442 [Disc1of2]
SLES-10644 Spain Star Wars - Rebel Assault II - The Hidden Empire 8420224006442 [Disc2of2]
SLES-00023 Spain? Striker 96 (v1.1, sold in Spain?) In Trurip set.
SCES-03855 Denmark Stuart Little 2 711719377221 Barcode (Platinum): 7 11719 62151 5
SCES-03852 Finland Stuart Little 2 711719376620 Barcode (Platinum): 7 11719 62201 7?
SCES-03854 Sweden Stuart Little 2 711719377023
SCES-01223 France Sub 711719741527
SLES-02443 France Suikoden II 4988602685763
SLES-02446 Italy Suikoden II 4988602685770
SLES-03244 Spain Technomage - El Retorno De La Eternidad 3546430016602
SLES-02131 France Telefoot Manager 3307212803946
SLES-02772 France Teletubbies - Joue Avec Les Teletubbies 3597660000671
SLES-03169 Germany Teletubbies - Spiel mit den Teletubbies [9]
SCES-03236 France This is Football 2 711719240921
SCES-02269 Australia number78 This is Soccer 711719854128
SCES-03071 Australia number78 This is Soccer 2 711719239529
SLES-00488 Australia Time Commando 047875201460
SCES-02072 France Tiny Tank 711719888529
SCES-02075 Spain Tiny Tank 711719889229
SCES-01998 Denmark, Norway Tiny Toon Adventures Buster & The Beanstalk 711719864325 [10]
SLES-02242 Spain Tomb Raider - The Last Revelation 5032921008532
SCES-01070 France Treasures of the Deep 711719718628
SCES-01072 Italy Treasures of the Deep 711719718826
SLES-01744 France UEFA Champions League Saison 1998/99 5032921005982
SLES-01747 Spain UEFA Champions League Temporada 1998/99
SLES-02581 Spain UEFA Champions League Season 1999-2000 5032921009522
SLES-03282 Spain UEFA Champions League Season 2000-2001 5026555190466 Note: SLES-03282 in the database is the Italian version, it was misprinted with this serial number.
SLES-02708 Spain UEFA Euro 2000 5030934022439
SLES-01215 Italy Vigilante 8 5030917001710
SCES-03030 Sweden Walt Disneys Djungelboken - Groove Party 711719226727
SCES-03027 Norway Walt Disneys Jungelboken - Groove Party 711719225829
SCES-03021 Denmark Walt Disneys Junglebogen - Groove Party 711719285229
SCES-03028 Poland Walt Disney Ksiega Dzungli - Groove Party "Not to be sold separately." [11]
SLES-01986 Spain "War of the Worlds, The - Jeff Wayne's" 5029988007851
SLES-03584 Finland Who Wants to be a Millionaire (Haluatko Miljonaeaeriksi) 5032921014571
SLES-0???? Norway Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (Vil du bli millionær)
SLES-03482 Denmark Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (Hvem vil vaere millionaer) 5032921014519
SLES-03590 France Who Wants To Be A Millionaire - 2nd Edition (Qui Veut Gagner Des Millions - Seconde Edition) 5032921016100
SLES-00104 France Wing Commander III - Heart of the Tiger 5030931880964 [Disc1of4]
SLES-10104 France Wing Commander III - Heart of the Tiger 5030931880964 [Disc2of4]
SLES-20104 France Wing Commander III - Heart of the Tiger 5030931880964 [Disc3of4]
SLES-30104 France Wing Commander III - Heart of the Tiger 5030931880964 [Disc4of4]
SLES-00138 France World Cup Golf - Professional Edition
SLES-00815 Spain Xenocracy - The Ultimate Solar War 3500339700352
SCES-00601 France Z 711719697121
SCES-00604 Spain Z 711719697428?
SCES-01289 Italy Zero Divide 2 - The Secret Wish 711719736424

Official Betas

Press kit discs with official labels. Labels are white with transparent text.

Esto es Futbol Beta 1.0 [Spain][12]
Manager de Liga V2 Beta 0.2 [Spain?][13][14]
Parasite Eve 2 Beta 0.1 [Spain][15][16]


Serial Region Title Barcode Other Comments
PEPX-94001 Europe QA Disc
PEPX-94002 Europe Aging Disc
SCD-2700 Europe Test Disc


Note: Some demos have varying titles or are numbered differently depending on release region. Use Serial Numbers for a definitive identifier.

Serial Region Bought Title Barcode Other Comments
SLED-01309 Adidas Power Soccer 98 Not on, may need further confirmation.
SCED-00610 France Adventures Of Lomax/Porsche Challenge/Pandemonium/Tomb Raider/2 Xtreme/Reloaded Le CD de PlayStation Magazine Disc 6. Possible barcode: 711719645023
SLES-00288 France Alien Trilogy
SLED-01610 Europe Apocalypse
SLED-02251 Atari Demo Disk
SCED-01570 Australia number78 Australian Summer Special
SCED-02327 Europe, Australia wiggy "Best PlayStation Games Ever, The"
SCED-00877 Blockbuster Playstation Challenge
SLED-02385 Championship Motocross Featuring Ricky Carmichael
SLED-01194 Chill
SLED-02809 Europe Codemasters Demo Disk (En)
SLED-01380 Europe Colin McRae Rally
SLED-01388 Italy Colin McRae Rally Italiano
SLED-02310 Australia Compilation 01 Included with Australian PlayStation October Issue 06.
SLED-02439 Australia Compilation 03 Included with an issue of Australian PlayStation.
SLED-02440 Australia Compilation 04 Included with Australian Station issue 10, presumably the same magazine as Australian PlayStation.
SLED-02119 Europe wiggy Croc 2
SLED-01085 Crime Killer The disc only contains a playable demo, and not the extra contents featured on the German edition, SLED-01305.
SCED-02147 Demo (En,Fr,De,Es,It)? Not on, may need further confirmation.
SLED-01725 France Démo Codemasters
SLED-02246 France Démo Codemasters [17]
SCES-00064 Germany Demo One ver.1
SLED-01109 France Discworld II
SCED-03924 France Disney Interactive/ PlayStation Demo Disc [18]
SCED-03926 Disney Interactive/ PlayStation Demo Disc Not on, may need further confirmation.
SCED-03927 Germany Disney Interactive/ PlayStation Demo Disc Not on, may need further confirmation.
SLED-00594 UK Disruptor
SLED-01817 Driver (En)
SCED-01386 Australia DualShock Demo
SLED-01027 France Duke Nukem Included with PlayMag issue 22.
SCED-02256 UK ECTS '99 Demo Disc (untitled) [19]
SLED-02411 France EIDOS
SCED-00572 UK Essential PlayStation Demo 2 (En)
SCED-00636 UK Essential PlayStation Demo 3 (En)
SCED-01143 UK Essential PlayStation Demo 12 (En)
SCED-00777 France Euro Demo 14
SCED-00779 France Euro Demo 16
SCED-03787 UK, Spain Euro Demo 84 aka Official PlayStation Magazine 84 711719324324 (En)
SCED-03788 UK, Spain wiggy Euro Demo 85 aka Official PlayStation Magazine 85 711719324423 (En)
SCED-03789 UK, Spain Euro Demo 86 aka Official PlayStation Magazine 86 711719324522 (En)
SCED-03793 UK, Spain Euro Demo 90 aka Official PlayStation Magazine 90 711719324928 (En)
SCED-03794 UK, Spain Euro Demo 91 aka Official PlayStation Magazine 91 711719325024 (En)
SCED-04035 UK, Spain Demo Future 93 (En)
SCED-04056 UK, Spain Euro Demo (Future) 94 (En)
SCED-04074 UK, Spain Euro Demo (Future) 95 (En)
SCED-04075 UK, Spain Euro Demo (Future) 96 (En)
SCED-04076 UK, Spain Euro Demo (Future) 97 (En)
SCED-04078 UK, Spain Euro Demo (Future) 99 (En)
SCED-04079 UK, Spain number78 Euro Demo (Future) 100 (En)
SCED-04080 UK, Spain number78 Euro Demo (Future) 101 (En)
SCED-04081 UK, Spain Euro Demo (Future) 102 (En)
SCED-04082 UK, Spain wiggy Euro Demo (Future) 103 (En)
SCED-04083 UK, Spain Euro Demo (Future) 104 (En)
SCED-04084 UK Euro Demo (Future) 105 (En)
SCED-04133 UK Euro Demo (Future) 107 (En)
SCED-04134 UK Euro Demo (Future) 108 (En)
SCED-02653 France Euro Demo (France) 49
SCED-02654 France Euro Demo (France) 50
SCED-02656 France Euro Demo (France) 52
SCED-02657 France Euro Demo (France) 53
SCED-03461 France Euro Demo France 55
SCED-03892 Germany Euro Demo Germany 06/02
SCED-03893 Germany Euro Demo Germany 07/02
SCED-03894 Germany Euro Demo Germany 08/02
SCED-03895 Germany Euro Demo Germany 09/02
SCED-03896 Germany irobot Euro Demo Germany 10/02
SCED-03897 Germany Euro Demo Germany 11/02
SLED-00956 France Explosive Racing The demo came with PlayMag issue 17 (09/1997).
SLED-01193 Europe Extreme Snowbreak
SLED-02258 Europe, Australia wiggy Final Fantasy VIII 711719857921 Demo. (En). Included with Official Australian PlayStation Magazine 28
SLED-02260 Germany Final Fantasy VIII Not on, may need further confirmation.
SLED-02261 Italy Final Fantasy VIII Not on, may need further confirmation.
SLED-02262 Spain Final Fantasy VIII
SLED-00447 Formula Karts - Special Edition (En)
SCED-04009 Free Spin Demo Disc! Bottom of the page [20]
SLED-01509 Future Cop - L.A.P.D. (En)
SLED-01112 Gex - Enter the Gecko (En)
SCED-01279 France Gran Turismo Demo
SCED-04013 ¡Gratis! Demo Disc!
SLED-01351 France Heart of Darkness
SCES-00231 France High Octane/ Ridge Racer/ Mortal Kombat 3/ Evolva [21]
SLED-00796 International Superstar Soccer Pro
SLED-01513 France ISS Pro '98
SCED-01138 France Joypad Demo 01
SCED-02542 Australia, New Zeeland Kids Demo 01
SLED-02252 Legacy of Kain - Soul Reaver
SLES-00221 UK Loaded, Actua Soccer, Actua Golf
SCES-00277 France Lone Soldier, Actua Soccer, Total NBA '96, Mickey's Wild Adventure, Thunderhawk 2, Assault Rigs
SCED-02121 France M6-PlayStation - Best of '99 Vol.1
SCED-02419 France M6 PlayStation Best of 99
SCED-02570 France M6 PlayStation - Best of Kids demo
SCED-03912 wiggy McDonalds Demo 4 (En)
SLED-00912 MDK
SLED-01069 France MDK Playmag Demo
SLED-01775 Metal Gear Solid
SLED-01901 France Monaco GP2
SLED-01005 France Moto Racer
SLED-03277 UK MTV Sports: Pure Ride [22]
SLED-01196 Newman Haas Racing
SLED-01750 Italy Next Station 1
SLED-01873 Italy Next Station 2
SLED-01953 Italy Next Station 3
SLED-02022 Italy Next Demo 4
SLED-02076 Italy Next Demo 5
SLED-02041 Italy Next Demo 6
SLED-02156 Italy Next Demo 7
SLED-02157 Italy Next Demo 9
SLED-01414 Ninja - Shadow of Darkness
SLED-01655 France Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus/ Duke Nukem: Time To Kill/ Duke Nukem: 3D
SLED-01573??? ODT - Escape or Die Trying (En) Not on, may need further confirmation.
SLED-01576 Italy ODT - Escape or Die Trying Not on, may need further confirmation.
SLED-01577 Spain ODT - Escape or Die Trying Not on, may need further confirmation.
SCED-02851 UK, Australia, Spain, Italy wiggy Official Australian PlayStation Collector's Edition / OPSM Best Ever Ever Games Demo / Official UK PlayStation Best Games Ever! Demo
SLES-00107 UK Official PlayStation Magazine - Demo 1 (En)
SLES-00150 UK Official PlayStation Magazine - Demo 2 (En)
SLES-00181 UK Official PlayStation Magazine - Demo 3 (En)
SCES-00182 UK Official PlayStation Magazine - Demo 4 (En)
SCES-00183 UK Official PlayStation Magazine - Demo 5 (En)
SCES-00184 UK Official PlayStation Magazine - Demo 6 (En)
SCED-00363 UK Official PlayStation Magazine - Demo 11 (En)
SCED-00365 UK Official PlayStation Magazine - Demo 13 (En)
SCED-00367 UK wiggy Official PlayStation Magazine - Demo 15 (En)
SCED-01991 UK, Italy, Spain Official PlayStation Magazine Beat'em up Special (Blood Pack)
SCED-01387 UK, Italy, Spain wiggy Official PlayStation Magazine Football Special
SCED-03167 UK, Italy, Spain wiggy Best Sports Games Ever 2000 / Official UK PlayStation Best Games Ever!
SLED-01170 France One
SCED-03239 UK, Australia, Spain, Italy, Poland OPSM Best PS One Games Ever aka. Official Australian PlayStation Magazine Demo 44
SLED-01015 Pandemonium! 2 Demo. (En)
SCED-02833 France Pizza Hut Demo Disc 01
SCED-02520 UK Pizza Hut Demo 01 [23]
SLED-02138 Spain Play Power 5
SLED-02040 Spain PlayStation Power
SLED-01989 PlayStation Power
SLED-????? PlayStation Power A third variant with a "GT" logo for game company. eBay pic too blurry to read serial.
SCED-01049 PlayStation Sampler (En)
SCED-03103 Italy PlayStation Speziale Italia
SLED-02312 Germany PlayStation Zone CD Vol. 12
SLED-02155 Germany Play Fun 8/99
SLED-02593 Germany Play Fun 3/00
SLED-02594 Germany Play Fun 04/00
SLED-01295 France Pro Foot GTA Crisis
SCED-03920 Spain PS One Demo Disc 2002 The demo came with an orange booklet with overview of the latest games.[24]
SCED-04019 France PSone Xmas Special
SLED-02231 R/C Stunt Copter Found on Ebay.
SCED-01385 Registered Users Demo (04) (En). [25]
SCED-02676 wiggy Registered Users Demo 08 (En)
SLED-00406 France Resident Evil The disc contains the uncensored version of the European trailer, with some added text in French in the beginning.
SLED-01756 France Rival Schools/Resident Evil 2/Bloody Roar/Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha/Mr Domino/Victory boxing 2
SLED-01896 Rollcage Competition Demo (En)
SLED-01415 S.C.A.R.S.
SCED-00609 Serial Players Only (Untitled)
SCED-02204 Sony Double Impact - Games
SCED-01637 France Spyro the Dragon Speciale
SLED-02045 France Star Wars: Episode I La Menace Fantôme Given out by La Vache Qui Rit, a brand of processed cheese products made by Fromageries Bel.
SLED-02077 wiggy Station 9 Demo. (En)
SLED-00665 CC Swagman eBay confirmation.
SCED-03780 Spain Syphon Filter 3 (Sentencia Final)
SLED-01609 T'ai Fu - Wrath of the Tiger (En)
SLED-01942 Europe Tank Racer
SCED-00467 France Tekken 2/Fade to black/V-CD
SCED-01384 France Tekken 3
SLED-03679 The Italian Job (En)
SCED-03200 Australia This is Soccer 2 (A-NZ)
SLED-00958? TOCA - Touring Car Championship Demo? Not on, may need further confirmation.
SLED-00513 France Tomb Raider & Blam! Machinehead
SLED-02418 France Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation (En)
SLED-01036 France Tomb Raider II
SLED-01709 France Tomb Raider III - Les Aventures de Lara Croft
SLED-01329 Tommi Makinen Rally (En). Not on, may need further confirmation.
SLED-02126 France Total Play
SLED-01557 Unholy War, The
SLED-01548 V2000 Confirmed demo title on eBay.
SLED-00911 VR Sports Powerboat Racing
SLED-00498 WipEout 2097
SLED-01367 France World League Soccer '98


SLES-03096     Donald Duck - Quack Attack      [Unknown]
SLES-?????     F1 World Grand Prix     [S] // Unconfirmed?
SLES-01812     Hugo 2  [Unknown] // Norway?
SLES-01814     Hugo 2  [Unknown] // Poland?
SLES-01803     Monkey Hero     [M4]  (Take 2 2000 Rerelease) [Unknown]
SCES-03853     Stuart Little 2 [Unknown]
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