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This is a list of known PAL PSX games that are missing from the database. Please note this list is serial# specific, not title specific. Sources used:

  • (now defunct, accessible via
  • - used for demo list.

Note: A "#" on the end of a disc's serial number indicates a software revision about half the time. Some discs in redump only include a "#" version, and ideally versions without # should also be dumped when possible.



Serial Region Bought Title Barcode Other Comments
SLES-03371 Europe Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX: Maximum Remix Game disc is dumped, audio disc is missing [1]
SLES-03189 Europe TossEAC Disney's 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue An earlier revision than [2] (note the "#" in the serial). Source [3].
SCES-03769 Portugal Sorama2 Disney/Pixar Monsters, Inc, Monstros e Companhia Ilha Assustadora NOT TO BE SOLD SEPARATELY bundled with PS One console? Platinum (or two editions)?[4]
SCES-01738 Norway olofolleola4 Disney/Pixar Ett småkryps 711719886525 (Platinum) Confirmed exists, in talks with seller[5]
SCES-02183 Norway RetroGamer R20S37, olofolleola4 Disneys Tarzan 711719849728
SCES-01444 Europe Jackie Chan Stuntmaster Version without Libcrypt rumored to exist. Versions with # and /ANZ in serial need to be dumped / identified.
SLES-01039 Australia Kick Off World 4005209032391 ? Same barcode as[6], manual has "SLES-01039 / SLES-01061" on the back. Released?[7][8] No hard evidence.
SLES-00126 Spain AlMagno Krazy Ivan
SLES-03302 Finland LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge
SLES-03306 Norway LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge Received a Norwegian language PC release [9][10]
SCES-02179? Sweden / Nordic? / Scandinavia? Magical Tetris Challenge (Tetris magiska utmaning) SMDB: [11]. Mentioned at ASSEMblergames: [12]. Plausible Barcode: 7 11719 87992 3
SCES-00701 Europe Namco Museum Vol. 4 711719664826 No EDC? Note: serial# is already dumped[13], looking for alternate barcode version.
SCES-00702 Europe Namco Museum Vol. 5 711719692720 EDC? Note: serial# is already dumped[14], looking for alternate barcode version.
SLES-03623 Europe Spider-Man 2: Enter: Electro Is the Pre-9/11 version [15]. A few copies confirmed. Is an earlier revision than [16], doesnt have the # in serial number SLES-03623 writen in the face of the disc.
SLES-00023 Spain? Striker 96 Is v1.1, dumped for Trurip set, the v1.0 is already dumped on Redump. It's known that the dumper/disc came from Spain but no other info or hint is known.
SCES-03236 Belgium This is Football 2 711719240921 [17][18] Renzukoken wants to buy. Zet confirmed. Sold in French-speaking areas of Belgium places like MediaMarkt, CORA, Cactus.
SLES-00761# Europe Viva Football Disc with # in serial probably contains a different revision than the #2 one
SLES-03484? Norway Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (Vil du bli millionær) Seen on an online shop (sold). PC version exists.


Note: Some rare demos may be missing from this list, it is semi-regular for an unseen demo to surface on ebay. Some demos have varying titles or are numbered differently depending on release region. Use Serial Numbers for a definitive identifier.

Serial Region Bought Title Other Comments
PCPX-96097 France 3D-Kaleidoscope - Baby Universe Printed in Japan, hence the Japanese serial [19]
SLED-02251 Atari Demo Disk Confirmed to exist. Rare. Nico[20]
SCED-00877 Blockbuster Playstation Challenge Confirmed to exist. Semi-rare. Nico[21]
SLED-02385 Championship Motocross Featuring Ricky Carmichael Confirmed to exist. Rare.
SLED-01194 Chill Confirmed to exist. Rare.
SLED-02809 Europe Codemasters Demo Disk (En)
SLED-01380 Europe tossEAC Colin McRae Rally Confirmed to exist. Rare.
SLED-02310 Australia olof Compilation 01 Included with Australian PlayStation October Issue 06.[22]
SLED-02415 Australia olof Compilation 02 found on
SLED-02440 Australia Compilation 04 Included with Australian Station issue 10, presumably the same magazine as Australian PlayStation.[23]
SCED-03926 Spain? Disney Interactive/ PlayStation Demo Disc Serial number is skipped, surrounding serial numbers are Disney demos from UK, Italy, Germany, and France.
SLED-00594 UK Disruptor Nico[24]
SLED-01817 tossEAC Driver (En). [25]
SCED-02256 UK ECTS '99 Demo Disc (untitled) [26]
SCED-03927 Germany Erlebe den Zauber von Disney auf der PlayStation Nico[27]
SCED-04082 UK, Spain wiggy, tossEAC Euro Demo (Future) 103 (En)
SCED-04085 UK tossEAC Euro Demo (Future) 106 (En)
SCED-04133 UK tossEAC Euro Demo (Future) 107 (En)
SCED-04134 UK tossEAC Euro Demo (Future) 108 (En)
SLED-00447 Formula Karts: Special Edition Confirmed to exist. Rare.
SCED-04012 Free Spin Demo Disc! - Völlig gratis Demo Disc! - △○×□ Nico[28]
SCED-04013 Spain? ¡Gratis! Demo Disc! Confirmed to exist. Rare.
SCED-03077 In Cold Blood
SLED-00796 International Superstar Soccer Pro
SLED-00690 Lifeforce Tenka Nico[29]
SLES-00221 UK Loaded, Actua Soccer, Actua Golf Nico[30]
SLED-00516 Lomax Nico[31]
SCED-02121 France M6-PlayStation: Best of '99 Vol.1 Nico[32] Included with M6 PlayStation Nº 2 - Juillet 1999
SLED-02138 Spain Play Power 5
SLED-01989 ajshell1 PlayStation Power Virgin Interactive logo.
SLED-03050 Rayman 2: The Great Escape Nico[33]
SLED-00406 France Resident Evil Confirmed to exist. Rare.
SCED-00609 Serial Players Only (Untitled)
SLED-02046 Star Wars: Episode I Die Dunkle Bedrohung Nico[34]
SLED-00665 Swagman Confirmed to exist. Rare.
SLED-01942 Europe Tank Racer [35]
SLED-01329 Europe Tommi Makinen Rally English.
SLED-02124 tossEAC V-Rally 2 Confirmed on ebay[36][37]
SLED-01548 V2000 Confirmed to exist. Rare.


Serial Region Title Barcode Other Comments
PEPX-94001 Europe QA Disc
PEPX-94002 Europe Aging Disc
SCD-2700 Europe Test Disc


Action Replay CDX Version 3.3 (UK)
Breaker Pro. V1.11P (PAL)
CD Lazer Cleaner (has physical part that needs careful removal)
Cheatcode S Version 1.00 (UK)
Equalizer Xtreme (Italy)
Game Guru 5 (Russia)
Game Guru 6 (Russia)
Game Guru 7 (Russia)
Game Guru 8 (Russia)
Game Guru Gold (Russia)
Game Guru The Best (Russia)
Game Guru X (Russia)
HMV Best Cheats In World... Ever (UK)
Planet PSX Volume 2 (UK)
Pocket PowerStation Cheats CD (game list on cover starts with: Driver 2, Final Fantasy VIII...)
PS-X-Change Version 2.0 (Europe)
The Redeemer Version 2 (UK)
Vindicator Cheat System (Blaze / Xploder)
Vzlomschik Kodov 9000 Ver.2.9 (Взломщик кодов) (Russia) - BOUGHT LedZepplin
Vzlomschik Kodov 9000 Ver.3.3 (Взломщик кодов) (Russia)
Vzlomschik Kodov 9000 Luchshie Poedinki (Взломщик кодов 9000 Лучшие поединки) (Russia)
Xploder CD 9000 Version 2 (UK)
Xploder CD 9000 Version 3 (Germany)

Games/Demos that Probably Don't Exist

This is a list of games and demos that likely do not to exist, but have been falsely reported to exist on the internet. The list is important for reference purposes.

Games that Probably Don't Exist

Serial Region Title Comments
SLES-01717 Europe Animaniacs in Ten Pin Alley [38] No evidence of a PAL version actually being released.
SLES-00458 Europe Bubble Bobble 2: Bubble Symphony [39] Rom and art exists on the internet, possibly unofficial. Never seen actual game.
SLES-03096 Donald Duck: Quack Attack Portugal? It's the only language released for PC not yet dumped for PSX.
SLES-????? Spain F1 World Grand Prix Origin of rumor unknown. No serial number unclaimed in sequence.
SLES-01422 France Global Domination Hypothetical barcode (053203042698) and serial? No proof of existence. [40]
SLES-02458 France Grand Theft Auto 2 Barcode: 5026555190268. Different text on front art[41]. Online listings appear to contain SLES-02453 disc [42] (SLES-02458 appears to be a case-only serial number).
SCES-01323 Italy Granstream Saga, The Italian version/barcode 711719768722 is just a new cover, but disc is standard European release (no new serial).
SCES-01324 Spain Granstream Saga, The Spanish version/barcode 711719768821 is just a new cover, but disc is standard European release (no new serial).
SLES-01814 Hugo 2 Origin of rumor unknown. Region unknown. Hugo 2 was released in many regions, so this possibly exists.
SLES-01803 M4 Monkey Hero Probably originally reported on[43]. Take 2 2000 Re-release.
SCES-03086 France Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness SCES-03086 serial number is on the case only. SCES-03085 is the disc serial number[44]. Barcode: 711719227922.
SCES-03087 Germany Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness SCES-03087 serial number is on the case only. SCES-03085 is the disc serial number[45]. Barcode: 711719228127.
SCES-03088 Italy Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness SCES-03088 serial number is on the case only. SCES-03085 is the disc serial number[46].
SCES-03089 Spain Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness SCES-03089 serial number is on the case only. SCES-03085 is the disc serial number[47].
SLES-05385 Russia O.D.T. An unofficial Russian translation. Fan made serial number. More info[48][49]
SCES-01359 Italy Pet in TV Redump user Lizard said he bought several copies of the Italian version and just the cover is in Italian, but the disc is not a new serial. Origin of rumor?[50]
SCES-01360 Spain Pet in TV Spanish release with barcode 711719729723 matches Europe release[51], "SCES-01360" must be a false serial number. Origin of rumor?[52]
SLES-02087 Europe Plane Crazy Rom has leaked but no proof of official release.
SLES-03725 France Rescue Heroes Molten Menace No proof of existence. Origin of rumor?[53]
SLES-00228 Germany Resident Evil (with EDC) Supposedly Value Series with EDC. Purchased Value Series ("White Label"), has no EDC. Source [54].
SCES-03822 Stuart Little 2 The rom floating around with this serial number on the internet has the same internal serial number and checksums as the Italian redump entry[55].
SLES-02829 Russia Technomage A hacked translation according to a native Russian speaker that brought it to my attention. Apparently some of this banter clears it up[56]. Fan made serial number.
SLES-03169 Germany Teletubbies: Spiel mit den Teletubbies [57] Probably doesn't exist.
SLES-02033 Tiny Toon Adventures: Toonenstein Serial is probably a typo.
SLES-02699 Worms Armageddon Portugal? It's the only language released for PC not yet dumped for PSX.

Demos that Probably Don't Exist

Serial Region Title Comments
SLED-01309 Adidas Power Soccer 98
SCED-03460 France? Demo Supposed to be 'Euro Demo 54 France', but I never found it. Looks like they skipped that number (#55 is the last demo).
SCED-02147 Demo (En,Fr,De,Es,It)? Originally listed on
SCED-00966 Demo CD Typo, disc should be SLED can be found here[58]
SLED-02260 Germany Final Fantasy VIII
SLED-02261 Italy Final Fantasy VIII
SLED-0???? Italy Next Demo 8 Serial numbers of Demo 7 and Demo 9 are adjacent, leaving no room for an 8.
SLED-01573? ODT: Escape or Die Trying English
SLED-01576 Italy ODT: Escape or Die Trying
SLED-01577 Spain ODT: Escape or Die Trying
SLED-01542 Tank Racer Has similar serial to the confirmed Tank Racer demo SLED-01942.
SLED-00958? TOCA: Touring Car Championship Demo?
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