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List originally compiled with data, later fleshed out with more exact sources such as, ebay browsing (unlicensed section), and alternate revisions of roms found on the internet.

See the discussion page for any removals, including non-existent rumored serial numbers.

To Do: Check release dates against Redump dates to find early revisions: (Dates may need researching for accuracy)



SCUS-94580	NCAA Final Four 2001
SCUS-?????	NFL Gameday 2000 [Toys R Us - Test Drive Demo] (probably matches the regular release as NFL Gameday '99 TRU did as well)
SLUS-80190	Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee [Trade Demo] (not to be confused with retail demo which says "For Trade Only" on cover)


See also PC Missing Applications for PS1 development software.

PUPX-93001	QA Disc ("1.06" displayed on screen, only version that exists)
PUPX-93002	Aging Disc
PUPX-93010	Analog Controller Service Disc
 SCD-2700	Test Disc (Sony J6082512A)
????-?????	Net Yaroze Boot Disc (+PC disc, should match Euro version? need a confirm)

Undumped Revisions

Only known revisions that are undumped. Serial # Title

SLUS-01431	All-Star Slammin' D-Ball (supposedly released 2001-10, redump build is later [1])
SLUS-01266	Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix (EDC)
SLUS-01541	Final Fantasy Origins [2002-12-09, revisions in redump are post-release date)
SLUS-00772	Guilty Gear (v1.1 with 1998-10-05 EXE date)
SLUS-00707	Silent Hill (v1.0) (1999-01-22, version in redump is post-release date)

Were marked as missing versions, but dumped versions in redump already have pre-release build dates, so these are likely just betas. Ideally we would confirm earliest ring codes for these.

SLUS-00422	Breath of Fire III [1998-01-27 exists, likely beta as the one in redump has a pre-release date exe [2]]
SLUS-00806	Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko (1999-02-25, version in redump is post-release date but close to release date[3])
SLUS-01212	Metal Slug X (2001-01-15, likely beta as the one in redump has a pre-release date exe [4])
SLUS-00545	Shadow Master (ringcode PSRM-007730	1? exe date 1997-09-22 exists, likely beta as the one in redump has a pre-release date exe)

Undumped Editions

Alternate editions of packaging. May or may not match redump entries, unknown. List is complete. Assembled from Game-Rave's site [5].

Serial Title Edition Missing Notes
Army Men: Air Attack Greatest Hits
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX Greatest Hits
Digimon World Greatest Hits
Digimon Rumble Arena Greatest Hits
Disney/Pixar Monsters, Inc.: Scream Team Greatest Hits
Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22 Greatest Hits
Hot Wheels: Turbo Racing Greatest Hits
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Greatest Hits
Loaded Original
Madden NFL 98 Greatest Hits
Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX Greatest Hits
Medal of Honor: Underground Greatest Hits
Mega Man X4 Greatest Hits
SLUS-80594 Metal Gear Solid Trade Demo Internal serial SLUS-00594. Rom on internet matches disc 1[6]
NFL Blitz Greatest Hits
NFL Blitz 2000 Greatest Hits
NHL FaceOff Greatest Hits
NHL Face Off '97 Greatest Hits
Nuclear Strike Greatest Hits
Nickelodeon Rugrats: Search for Reptar Greatest Hits
Rayman Original
Silent Hill Greatest Hits
Soviet Strike Greatest Hits
Spider-Man Greatest Hits
Star Wars Episode I: Jedi Power Battles Greatest Hits
Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace Greatest Hits
Star Wars Rebel Assault II: The Hidden Empire Greatest Hits
Test Drive 4 Greatest Hits bought superg - to be resurfaced
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 Greatest Hits
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 Greatest Hits
Triple Play 2001 Greatest Hits
Vagrant Story Greatest Hits
Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense Greatest Hits
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: 2nd Edition Greatest Hits
WWF SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role Greatest Hits
X-Men: Mutant Academy Greatest Hits


Likely incomplete.

Action Replay Lite
Action Replay 4
Breaker Pro 1.1 CD 1.11
Fun + Learning Volume 2 (was it released in USA?)
GameShark Enhancement/Upgrade CD Version 2.41 [7]
GameShark Version 4.11a
Pro Action Replay (1996)
PS-X-Change Version 1.0
Ultimate Codes for Final Fantasy (Compilation Pack)[8]
Xplorer Xpansion CD

Unreleased Titles

SLUS-00833	All-Star Tennis '99
SLUS-01095	Backyard Football
SLUS-01037	Baldur's Gate (leaked)
SLUS-00349	Bedlam
SLUS-01432	Capcom Generations 1 [9][10]
SLUS-01433	Capcom Generations 2 [11][12]
UNKNOWN         Capcom Generations 3 [13][14]
SLUS-01434	Capcom Generations 4 [15][16]
SLUS-00286	ClayFighter X-Treme [17]
UNKNOWN         Deuce (leaked)
SCUS-94493	Gran Turismo 2 (Demo)
SLUS-01118	Jimmy White's Cueball
SLUS-01205	Kengo - Master of Bushido (Released on PS2)
SLUS-01390	Lego Stunt Rally
SLUS-00322	Lone Soldier
SLUS-00901	Motocross Madness [18]
SLUS-01050      NASCAR Racers (released on PC, different than "NASCAR Racing")
SLUS-01350      Pro-Wrestling
SLUS-01310      Puzzle, The
SLUS-01505	Silent Tactics (Released on PS2)
UNKNOWN         Spirit Master (Beta) (leaked)
SLUS-00712	Superman
SLUS-12345	Thrill Kill (Beta) (leaked)			
SLUS-00752	Thrill Kill (Uncensored) (leaked)
SLUS-00752	Thrill Kill (Censored) (leaked?)
SLUS-01211	Worms Pinball

Non-Existant Rumored Serial Number Variations

Commonly found on the internet, these serial numbers are incorrect.

SLUS-01405      Backyard Soccer
SCUS-94494      Contender 2
SLUS-01580      Disney's Lilo & Stitch
SLUS-01581      Disney's Monsters Inc.
SLUS-01582      Disney's Treasure Planet
SLUS-00527      Jersey Devil
SLUS-01126      Mortal Kombat 3
SLUS-00944      Panzer General 3D
SLUS-01583      Peter Pan in Disney's Return to Never Land
SLUS-84111      Rat Attack!
SLUS-01220      Rescue Heroes: Molten Menace
SLUS-00588      Tiny Tank
SLUS-00657      Viva Soccer
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