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08009 De Havilland RoadAcclaim games
American Laser Games/Her Interactive releasesApple Macintosh CoverdiscsApple Macintosh MIA
Apple Macintosh Missing GamesArvato BrazilArvato USA
Aspyr gamesAtari Jaguar CD GamesAudio CD MIA
BD-Video Dumping GuideBD-Video MIABandai / Apple Pippin Missing Discs
Bandai Playdia Japan Missing DumpsBandai Playdia Quick Interactive System MIA
CD Dumping Guide (DIC CLI)
CD Dumping Guide with Audio Tracks (Old)CD Dumping Guide without Audio Tracks (Old)
CUBECommodore Amiga CD32 games, cover discs and demos
Commodore Amiga CDTV Missing GamesCommodore Amiga CD Missing GamesDVD-Video Dumping Guide
DVD-Video MIADVD Dumping Guide (DIC CLI)
DVD±R Media Codes
Detecting Copy-Protection in CD-Rom PC GamesDigital Audio Technologies AustraliaDiscImageCreator: Optical Disc Drive Compatibility
DiscImageCreator: Optical Disc Drive Compatibility (Español)Disc Drive Read Speeds
Disc Dumping Guide (DICUI)Disc Dumping Guide (DICUI) (Español)
Disc Image Creator: List of CommandsDiscs not yet dumped
Dumping Guides
Electronic Arts Japan releasesElectronic Arts US releases
Electronic Arts US releases (07)Electronic Arts naming conventionElf releases
FOG releasesFatArnold/Sega Naomi/Protection Key ChipFujitsu FM-Towns MIA
Fujitsu FM Towns Missing ApplicationsFujitsu FM Towns Missing CoverdiscsFujitsu FM Towns Missing Educational
Fujitsu FM Towns Missing GamesFujitsu FM Towns Missing MultimediaFuture Media
GD-Rom Dumping GuideGD-Rom Dumping Guide (Old)
GamesTMHasbro VideoNow MIAIBM PC
IBM PC: SafeDisc / SmartE protectionIBM PC: SafeDisc protection
IBM PC: SecuROM / StarForce protectionIBM PC compatible MIAIFPI L941
Interplay gamesJAST USA releases
Konami FireBeat MIAKonami M2 MIAKonami e-Amusement MIA
Linux Missing GamesList of PSP Disc IDsList of PSP Firmware Updates
List of SID codesMIA Lists
Main PageMemorex - Visual Information System MIA
Memorex Visual Information System Missing Discs
Microsoft Xbox 360 Japan Missing DumpsMicrosoft Xbox 360 MIA
Microsoft Xbox 360 PAL Missing DumpsMicrosoft Xbox 360 USA Missing Dumps
Microsoft Xbox Japan Missing DumpsMicrosoft Xbox MIA
Microsoft Xbox One Japan Missing Dumps
Microsoft Xbox One Korean Missing DumpsMicrosoft Xbox One MIA
Microsoft Xbox One PAL Missing DumpsMicrosoft Xbox One USA Missing Dumps
Microsoft Xbox PAL Missing DumpsMicrosoft Xbox USA Missing DumpsMicrosoft Xbox and Xbox 360 Dumping Guide
Missing DVD-Video discsMissing audio CDsModerating guidelines for IBM PC and other systems
NEC PC-98 Missing GamesNEC PC-98 series MIA
NEC PC-FX Missing Discs ListNEC PC Engine CD - TurboGrafx-CD Missing Games ListNEC PC Engine CD TurboGrafx CD MIA
NEC TurboGrafx CD Missing GamesNamco System 246 missing dumpsNamco System 256 missing dumps
Navisoft - Naviken 2.1 MIANeo Geo CD MIANintendo GameCube (NR) / Wii (RVT-R) Dumping Guide
Nintendo GameCube / Wii Dumping Guide
Nintendo GameCube MIANintendo Gamecube Asia MissingNintendo Gamecube PAL Missing
Nintendo Gamecube USA MissingNintendo Official Magazine
Nintendo Wii Asia MissingNintendo Wii MIANintendo Wii PAL Missing
Nintendo Wii USA MissingNintendo Wii U Dumping GuideNintendo Wii U Missing
Nuon Discs MissingPC Europe selectionPC Gamer
PC Missing ApplicationsPC Missing CoverdiscsPC Missing Games
PC Missing Games APC Missing Games BPC Missing Games C
PC Missing Games DPC Missing Games EPC Missing Games F
PC Missing Games GPC Missing Games HPC Missing Games I
PC Missing Games JPC Missing Games KPC Missing Games L
PC Missing Games MPC Missing Games NPC Missing Games O
PC Missing Games PPC Missing Games QPC Missing Games R
PC Missing Games SPC Missing Games TPC Missing Games U
PC Missing Games VPC Missing Games WPC Missing Games X
PC Missing Games YPC Missing Games ZPC Missing Games numbers
PC Missing Press KitsPC USA selectionPC Wise
PSX Date and EDC Check on Discs with Non-Standard EXEPalm OS MIAPalm OS Missing Game Discs
Panasonic 3DO Asia MissingPanasonic 3DO PAL MissingPanasonic 3DO USA Missing
Philips CD-i Digital Video MIAPhilips CD-i MIAPhilips CD-i Missing Games
Pioneer LaserActive Missing DiscsPlayStation 1: LibCrypt protection (Old)
PlayStation 2 Betas with Read IssuesPlayStation 3 Dumping Guide
PlayStation Portable (with Movie Partition) Dumping GuidePlayStation Portable Dumping Guide
PlayStation Portable Test Disc DumpingPsygnosis LimitedRETRO Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)Redump Search Parameters
Regional Online StoresRetro GamerRing Code Guide
SNK Neo-Geo CD Japan Missing Games
SNK Neo-Geo CD USA Missing GamesScanning for Copy Protection GuideSega-CD Japan Missing Games
Sega-CD PAL Missing Games
Sega-CD USA and Brazil Missing GamesSegaSoft releases
Sega Chihiro MIASega Chihiro missing dumps
Sega Dreamcast (NTSC-U) - Missing GamesSega Dreamcast Japan Missing GamesSega Dreamcast MIA
Sega Dreamcast PAL Missing Games
Sega Dreamcast USA and Brazil Missing GamesSega Dreamcast Unlicensed Missing Discs
Sega HCJ releasesSega Lindbergh MIASega Lindbergh games
Sega MK 85 releasesSega Mil-CDSega NAOMI missing dumps
Sega RingEdge 2 MIASega Saturn Japan Missing Games ListSega Saturn MIA
Sega Saturn PAL Missing Games ListSega Saturn USA Missing Games List
Sega Triforce MIASetting UpSharp X68000 CD Missing Discs
Sierra/Vivendi US releasesSony PSP Asia Missing GamesSony PSP Europe Missing Games
Sony PSP Japan Best Of Missing GamesSony PSP Japan Limited Edition Missing GamesSony PSP Japan Missing Games
Sony PSP Korea Missing GamesSony PSP Scene Release Bad DumpsSony PSP USA Missing Games
Sony PlayStation 2 Asia Missing DumpsSony PlayStation 2 BIOS Images MIASony PlayStation 2 MIA
Sony PlayStation 2 PAL Missing DumpsSony PlayStation 2 US Missing Dumps
Sony PlayStation 3 Asia Missing DumpsSony PlayStation 3 Japan Missing DumpsSony PlayStation 3 Korea Missing Dumps
Sony PlayStation 3 MIASony PlayStation 3 PAL Missing Dumps
Sony PlayStation 3 USA and Americas Missing DumpsSony PlayStation 4 China Missing Dumps
Sony PlayStation 4 Japan Missing DumpsSony PlayStation 4 MIASony PlayStation 4 PAL Missing Dumps
Sony PlayStation 4 USA Missing DumpsSony PlayStation Asia Missing GamesSony PlayStation MIA
Sony PlayStation PAL Missing GamesSony PlayStation Portable MIASony PlayStation USA Missing Games
Sony Playstation 2 US Missing Demos
TEMP Wiki page by olofolleola4Team Shanghai Alice releases
Tenshindo releasesTomy Kiss-Site MIATomy Kiss-Site Missing Discs
Triforce missing dumpsUseful LinksVM Labs NUON MIA
VTech V.Flash / V.Smile Pro Missing Games
VTech VFlash VSmile Pro MIAVideo CD MIAXuse releases
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