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Additional drive compatibility

Disc drives believed[1] to be compatible (move to verified list when confirmed):

  • Apple 300, 300i (Sony CDU-8003, CDU-8003A)
  • Apple's "New" CD (Matsushita CR-8004)
  • Chinon CDS-535 (note: needs v2.0 firmware "Q20" or "R20")
  • NEC CDR 500, CDR 510, CDR 600 (MultiSpin 3x series)
  • NEC CDR 400 (MultiSpin 3xp portable)
  • NEC CDR 900 (MultiSpin 4x Pro quadruple speed)
  • NEC CDR 84-1 (74-1) needs special new firmware upgrade from NEC
  • Sony CDU-561
  • Toshiba XM 3301TE (Silicon Graphics version)
  • Toshiba XM 3401TA, XM 3401B
  • Toshiba XM 3401TE (Silicon Graphics, and Sun versions)
  • Toshiba XM 4101TA Toshiba XM 5301TA
  • Hitachi 6750S

Known incompatible drives: Not recommend (because can't read lead-in and/or lead-out, can't exec 0xd8 command)

  • CD:
    • PLEXTOR (OEM drive)
      • PX-8xx/PX-Bxxx(many maker), PX-751A(BenQ DW1670), PX-750A/UF(TEAC DV-W516E),
      • PX-740A/UF(BenQ DW1640), PX-6xx(Pioneer, Panasonic and so on),
      • PX-504A/UF(NEC ND-1100A), PX-2xx(Lite-on, BenQ, NEC), PX-1xx(Pioneer and so on),
      • PX-S2410TU(TEAC CD-W224E), PX-54TA(Mitsumi FX5400), PX-R24CS(RICOH RO-1420C),
  • Protected CD:
    • SecuRom 3
      • PLEXTOR
        • PX-4824A (ecc/edc of the 2 sector doesn't match)
    • CDS200, Label Gate, XCP
      • PLEXTOR
        • PX-4824A (doesn't get the TOC correctly)

VC++ install issues

* if running a Windows 64bit OS, try installing the 32bit version of VC++
* Place vcruntime140.dll[2] next to discimagecreator.exe

See here [3]

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