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Sarami's Xbox dumping bat

@echo off
set drive=g:
set appdir=D:\MyApp\rippingTools\Xbox Backup Creator
set creator="%appdir%\Xbox Backup Creator.exe"
set range="%appdir%\ss_sector_range.exe"
set freecell="%appdir%\FreeCell-0.2-RC1.exe"

if not exist %creator% (
  echo "%creator% doesn't exist"
  exit /b 1
if not exist %range% (
  echo "%range% doesn't exist"
  exit /b 1
if not exist %freecell% (
  echo "%freecell% doesn't exist"
  exit /b 1


%range% SS.bin >sectors.txt

%freecell% %drive% -o "%appdir%\Track 01.iso"


Xbox Kreon Pre-DIC dumping method

  • Xbox Backup Creator:
    • Open the Xbox Backup Creator app by double clicking on "Xbox Backup Creator.exe".
    • Navigate to the "Drive Tools" tab then click "Security Sector". Save this file ("SS.bin") into the "FreeCell & ss_sector_range" folder.
    • Click on "PFI Sector" ("PFI.bin") and "DMI Sector" ("DMI.bin") to save these as well in the same location.
    • Close Xbox Backup Creator app.
  • Press the eject button on your drive twice so that it will open and close your drive (remounting the Xbox partitions). DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP.
  • In the "FreeCell & ss_sector_range" folder you downloaded, you can run these apps manually or use the batch file.
    • To run with the "run.bat" file:
      • Open "run.bat.txt" with Notepad app and edit it, changing "F:" to your Kreon drive letter.
      • Remove the ".txt" extension so the file is now named "run.bat".
      • Double click on the "run.bat" file and wait until dumping is complete (reaches 100%).
      • Now the Xbox game will be dumped to "Track 01.iso".
    • To run these apps individually / manually, cd (change directory) to inside the "FreeCell & ss_sector_range" folder and:
      • Run ss_sector_range.exe SS.bin >sectors.txt in the folder containing the SS.bin.
      • Run FreeCell.exe Drive: sectors.txt in the folder containing the sectors.txt.
      • Now the Xbox game will be dumped to "Track 01.iso".

Note: Some stubborn discs may not read with FreeCell, as it lacks thorough error logic and read speed control. If you have a stubborn disc, you may be able to use an 0800 drive and Xbox Backup Creator to successfully dump it.

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