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Serial Region Bought Title Other Comments / Languages
ULET-00996 Europe Ford Racing: Off Road v0.02 [1]
UCET-00860 Europe Go! Explore v0.08
UCET-00860 Europe Go! Explore v0.09
UCET-00844 Europe God of War - Chains of Olympus v0.01
ULET-00749 Europe Maddog Impossible Mission v0.01
UCET-00372 Europe Isle Of Minno v0.01 - UNRELEASED
UCET-00247 Europe Key Of Heaven v0.01
UCET-00278 Europe Killzone Liberation v0.01
UCET-00278 Europe Killzone Liberation v0.02
UCET-00179 Europe Lemmings v0.02
UCET-00357 Europe Loco Roco v1.00
UCET-01181 Europe Loco Roco 2 v0.01
PETR-00010 Europe Melodie UNRELEASED proto DVD [2]
UCET-00007 Europe Pursuit Force v0.08
UCET-01101 Europe Secret Agent Clank v0.01
ULET-00919 Europe Sega Rally Revo v0.01
ULET-01077 Europe Maddog Space Invaders Extreme v0.01
ULET-00386 Europe Test Drive Unlimited v0.01 (UMD Title: Testdrive Unlimited ULET v3580)
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