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note: years ago this page was seperated into two due to a size large enough to trigger errors when editing. Since it has shrunk considerably and is now small enough to edit without triggering errors. as one page it will be more managable and hopefully updated more often. I plan to help out from time to time on this as well. i'm hoping anyone disc collecting will use this as a guide.--User7 00:55, 22 July 2015 (UTC)

VHS Tapes

PCPX-96001 Bakusou Playstation [1]

PCPX-96002 Video Playstation - Top Secret [2]

PAPX-90009 Arc the Lad II [Preview Video] [3]

PCPX-96020 PlayStation Soft Lineup 1995-1996 [4]


SSZX-90001 PS Soft Kanzen Guide 97 Towa Hozonban

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