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A list of known missing games for VTech V.Flash (USA) aka VTech V.Smile Pro (Europe).

To dump discs, they must be removed from their cartridge. A flathead screwdriver separating the two pieces of colored plastic is easiest. Be careful not to scratch the disc in the process.


SpongeBob Squarepants - Idea Sponge (USA) (Rev.0) - Presumed to exist. Rev 1 cartridge sticker is 633 ○●○○, so would come in an earlier batch number.


093103(UK)	Disney/Pixar Cars: In the Fast Lane
093003(UK)	Disney Princess: The Crystal Ball Adventure


No proof of release. Many serials are from the MAME softlist[1].

                Any Italian (093xx1), Netherlands (093xx2) or Portuguese (093xx6) release?
093??0(US)      Cars: The Piston Cup (US promo box art found. Art is similar to Cars: In the Fast Lane, may have just been renamed).
093180(US)	Marvel Heroes (according to VTech site)
093200(US)	Ratatouille (according to VTech site)
093220(US)	National Geographic Kids
093600(US)	Multisports
093603(UK)	Multisports
093607(SP)	Multisports --> I can confirm this one doesnt exist [diego-rbb-93]
093163(UK)	Bratz
093164(GER)	Bratz
093084(GER)	Scooby-Doo
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