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A list of known missing games for VTech V.Flash (USA) aka VTech V.Smile Pro (Europe).

List compiled from ebay auction pics and mame document.[1]

To dump discs, they must be removed from their cartridge. A flathead screwdriver separating the two pieces of colored plastic is easiest.

Be careful not to scratch the disc in the process. These discs are really easy to scratch



SpongeBob Squarepants - Idea Sponge (USA) (Rev.0)


Serial numbers not verified.


093063(UK)	Amazing Spider-Man, The: Countdown to Doom
093103(UK)	Disney/Pixar:Cars: In the Fast Lane
093023(UK)	Disney/Pixar The Incredibles: Mission Incredible
093003(UK)	Disney Princess: The Crystal Ball Adventure
093083(UK)	Scooby-Doo! Ancient Adventure
093043(UK)	SpongeBob SquarePants: Idea Sponge


093045(FR)	Bob L'Eponge : Une idée spongieuse
093165(FR)	Bratz
093125(FR)	Dingo Rallye: Fou! Fou! Fou! (Wacky Race on Jumpin' Bean Island)
093105(FR)	Disney/Pixar: Cars: A Fond La Caisse!
093025(FR)	Disney/Pixar: Indestructibles, Les - A la Rescousse (The Incredibles)
093005(FR)	Disney Princess: L'aventure enchantee
093085(FR)	Scooby-Doo: Les Civilizations Perdues
093145(FR)	Shrek le Troisième: En Quete d'Arthur


No proof of release. Many serials are from the MAME softlist[2].

                Any Italian (093xx1), Netherlands (093xx2) or Portuguese (093xx6) release?
093??0(US)      Cars: The Piston Cup (US promo box art found. Art is similar to Cars: In the Fast Lane, may have just been renamed).
093180(US)	???
093200(US)	Ratatouille (according to VTech site)
093220(US)	National Geographic Kids
093600(US)	Multisports
093603(UK)	Multisports
093605(FR) 	Defis Sports (Multisports)
093607(SP)	Multisports --> I can confirm this one doesnt exist [diego-rbb-93]
093163(UK)	Bratz
093164(GER)	Bratz
093084(GER)	Scooby-Doo
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