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Acorn Archimedes & RISC PC

Catalogue numbers taken from the Acorn Education: Products & Services Catalogue Spring 1996 Titles with an asterisk* are not explicitly marked in the catalogue as being CD-based, but the description clearly identifies elements which would only be possible using a CD (e.g. "contains 100s of video clips")
TitlePurchased bySerial/UPC/EAN/ETCNote
19th Century Biographies Source: [1]
A Mouse in Holland
Acorn Education Directory Issue 4 Source: [2]
All About Planes / Handwriting
Ancient Egyptians Source: [3], [4]
Ancient Greeks Source: [5]
Archimedes Magpie
Arcventure IV: The Anglo Saxons
Art in the National Curriculum
Art Lesson for Acorn
Aspects of Religion Cat. no. TPS337
Being a Scientist Source: [6]
Breakaway Maths ISBN 0-17-200005-XImages: [7][8], Listing: [9]
Britain from the Air Source: [10]
Bonjour de France Listed on APDL Education Resources CD
Britain Since 1930 Cat. no. TPS249
British Birds Source: [11]
British Coastlines from the Air Source: [12]
British Countrysides Source: [13]
British Isles from the Air Source: [14]
Cars: Maths in Motion Source: [15]
Castles Cat. no. TPS244
Castles of the British Isles Source: [16]
Cell City Source: [17]
Changing Times Source: [18]
Chemistry Set Source: [19]
CIA World Fact Book (Electronic Book) Source: [20]
Collins Electronic Food File (Electronic Book) Source: [21]
Conjuguez! Cat. no. TPS562
Counties of the British Isles Cat. no. TPS250, Source: [22]
Countries of the World Cat. no. TPS251
Creepy Crawlies
Crystal Rainforest
Crystal Rainforest 2: Mission Control Source: [23]
Dangerous Creatures with Acorn Reader
Directions 2000: An Interactive Multimedia CD-ROM for the Teaching of French Cat. no. TPS319, Source: [24]
Earth and Atmosphere
Earth in Space
Electric Studio Source: [25]. Probably hybrid with PC/Mac
Elf Tales Source: [26]
En Marcha! Cat. no. TPS321, Source: [27]
English Architecture
The Environment: Series 1: Water
The Environment: Series 1: Water (Teacher's Pack)
The Environment: Series 2: Land & Air Source: [28]
The Environment: Series 2: Land & Air (Teacher's Pack)
The Environment: Series ?*: Climate Change Cat. no. TPS310
The Environment: Series ?*: Conservation Cat. no. TPS308
The Environment: Series ?*: Dwindling Resources Cat. no. TPS309
The Era of the Second World War
Essential Steps to Swimming
Eureka! An Encylcopedia of Discoveries & Inventions Source: [29]. Possible hybrid
Explore with Flossy the Frog Listed on APDL Education Resources CD
Exploring Castles Source: [30]
Exploring Maps
The First World War and its Consequences
Frontier 2000 Source: [31]
FunFysics Problem Solving Ver 1.00
Goldilocks Source: [32]
Guardians of the Greenwood Catalogue no. TPS030
Horizon Report Source: [33]
Houses and Households Source: [34]
How We Used to Live: Early Victorians
Human Biology Listed on APDL Education Resources CD
The Hutchinson Encylcopedia
Hutchinson Gallup Info (Electronic Book) Source: [35]
Hutchinson Guide to the World (Electronic Book) Source: [36]
Illustrated Holy Bible Listed on APDL Education Resources CD
Illustrated Works of Shakespeare Source: [37]
The Industrial Revolution Source: [38], [39]
Introduction to Digital Art
Inventors & Inventions Source: [40]
Japan Atlasfile Source: [41]
John Cabot & The Merchant Venturers
John Cabot in Tudor Times Source: [42]
Journeys into History
Karaoke Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night's Dream Source: [43]
Karaoke Shakespeare: Macbeth Source: [44]
King Arthur: Legends of Saxon Conquest and Medieval Chivalry
Kingfisher Children's Micropedia Source: [45]
Kingfisher Children's Micropedia 2
Langdale Primary Source: [46]
Listen & Read (Electronic Book) Source: [47]
Living Poetry Source: [48]
Map Skills Source: [49]
Maths Card Cat. no. TPS552
Maths Statistics Source: [50]
Max & The Machines
Mechanisms CD Cat. no. TPS566
Medieval Realms Cat. no. TPS331, Source: [51]
Mega Maths Source: [52]
My World 2: CD Extramictlantecuhtle Cat. no. TPS843
My World 2: Technology & Design Cat. no. TPS842
Mysteries of Nature Source: [53]
The Nature Park Adventure
Naughty Stories Cat. no. TPS291 (contains floppies vol. 1 & 2)
Nelson and His Navy Source: [54]
NightSky Cat. no. TPS464
Number Games Source: [55]
Number Time 2 Source: [56]
On the Home Front
Oxford English Dictionary (Electronic Book) Source: [57]
Oxford Reading Tree Software: Stage 2: Talking Stories [IBM PC/Mac/Acorn Hybrid]
PB Bears Birthday Party including Acorn Software
Perspectives Francaises
Photobase: 1920's Source: [58]
Photobase: 1930's Source: [59]
Photobase: 1940's Source: [60]
Photobase: 1950's Source: [61]
Photobase: 1960's Source: [62]
Photobase: Landscapes Source: [63]
Photobase: Science Source: [64]
Photobase: Victorians Source: [65]
Physical Processes
The Physical World Source: [66]
Picturebase: Victorian Britain Source: [67]
Picture Gallery Source: [68]
Picture Resource Disc - On the Move Source: [69]
Picture Resource Disc - Science in Action Source: [70]
Picture Resource Disc - Settlements Source: [71]
Picture Resource Disc - Space Exploration Source: [72]
Picture Resource Disc - Water Source: [73]
Practise Maths at 7
Practise Maths at 11
Primary Literacy One Source: [74]
Primary Literacy Two Source: [75]
Primary Literacy Three Source: [76]
Primary Literacy Four Source: [77]
Primary Literacy Five Source: [78]
Primary Literacy Six Source: [79]
Primary Maths CD-ROM 1 Source: [80]
Primary Numeracy One Source: [81]
Primary Numeracy Two Source: [82]
Primary Numeracy Three Source: [83]
Primary Numeracy Four Source: [84]
Primary Numeracy Five Source: [85]
Primary Numeracy Six Source: [86]
Romans Source: [87]
Rusty Dreamer Source: [88]
Science & Nature: Materials (Teacher's Pack)
Science & Technology Library (Electronic Book) Source: [89]
Science Explorer: 26 Interactive Experiments Image? [90]
Sea Rescue
Sermec Treasure Chest Source: [91]
Sherlock Holmes
Space Encyclopedia Source: [92]
Space Science Sampler (PD) Source: [93]
Stories Around the World
Survival: Mysteries of Nature
Talking Clocks
Talking Stories Stage 2 CD Cat. no. TPS910
Through My Window Source: [94], [95]
Trees of Britain CD-ROM
The Ultimate Human Body with Acorn Reader
Understanding Energy [IBM PC/Mac/Acorn Hybrid] Cat. no. TPS271, Source: [96], [97]
Understanding the Body [IBM PC/Acorn Hybrid] Cat. no. TPS270, Source: [98], [99]
Usborne Exploring Nature
Victorian Britain
Voyager Spacecraft (PD) Source: [100]
Wake Up, World! Source: [101]
The Way Things Work with Acorn Reader [IBM PC/Acorn Hybrid]
Who Stole the Decimal Point? Source: [102]
Woodland Birds CD Cat. no. TPS568
Woodland Life Listed on APDL Education Resources CD
The World of Robert Burns
World of Numbers Listed on APDL Education Resources CD
The World of the Vikings Source: [103]
World Population Atlasfile [IBM PC/Mac/Acorn Hybrid] Source: [104]
World War II: Global Conflict Cat. no. TPS302
World War II: Sources & Analysis Source: [105]
The World's Weather Cat. no. TPS241, Source: [106]
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