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Acorn Archimedes & RISC PC

Some can be purchased here, verified as a legit site, but still, do at your own risk: [1]


TitlePurchased bySerial/UPC/EAN/ETCNote
!ogic Mania PACD004/2000Image: [2]
Adventure Games Collection Serial No. 0825Images: [3][4][5]
Best Games Collection (APDL) Images: [6]
Best Games Collection Number Two (APDL) Images: [7]
Best Games Collection 3 (ADPL)
Dark Future Source: [8]
Descent Source: [9]
Descent 2: Counterstrike Source: [10]
Descent and Descent 2 Image? Site: [11]
Desktop Repton Issue Four Source: [12]
Doom+ Source: [13]
Doom II Source: [14]
(Eternal) Destiny Image: [15] [16]
Fun 'N' Games CD (Authentic?) Image: [17]
The GEK Collection Source: [18]
The Generation Collection Image: [19]
Granny's Garden Source:[20]
Heroes of Might and Magic 2: The Price of Loyalty Image? Source: [21]
Heroes of Might and Magic 2: The Succession Wars Image? Info: [22], Site: [23]
Krisalis Collection Gold Image? Site: [24]
Nevryon and Technodream Uncovered PACD002/2000Image: [25]
Other Worlds: Volume 1 Listing: [26] Site: [27]
Quake Resurrection Source: [28]
Simon the Sorcerer (Demo Version) ? Source: [29][30] "Simon the Sorcerer 1 - English Acorn CD Demo"
Shoot-Up Games Collection Serial No. 0640Image: [31]
The Skullsoft Collection (APDL) Image: [32]
The Soft Rock Games Collection CD (APDL) Image: [33]
Sorcerers! Image? Site: [34]
The Superior Collection Source: [35]
The Superior Collection v2 Source: [36]
TBA Classics Source: [37]
TEK 1608 Source: [38]

Acorn Hybrid

TitlePurchased bySerial/UPC/EAN/ETCNote
Doom Trilogy [PC Discs w/ Acorn Floppies [39] Site: [40]
The Crystal Maze [IBM PC/Acorn Hybrid] Image: [41]
The Crystal Maze (ALT) [IBM PC/Acorn Hybrid] Image: [42] [43]
Kiyeko and the Lost Night with Acorn Reader [IBM PC/Acorn Hybrid] Image: [44][45]
The Map Detectives [IBM PC/Mac/Acorn Hybrid] Image: [46]
Speccy Classix 3000 [IBM PC/Acorn Hybrid] EAN: 8 008285 205150Images: [47][48][49][50]
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