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Audio CD discs should be dumped only with the redumper app.

Tools Needed


The easiest way to dump a disc with redumper is to put the disc into your optical disc drive and double click on redumper.exe.

For more information, including dumping with specific parameters, see here.

Comparison against existing dumps

Note that because of the way redumper correctly handles offsets for audio CDs, there is a possibility that what appears to be a new dump - one with track hashes which do not match the database - may in fact be a verification of an existing entry in the database, but with a slightly different offset/non-zero data start. The moderation team will do their best to check for this, but there are some easy steps that dumpers can take to help check for this scenario:

  1. Search for discs which closely match the title of the one you have dumped (e.g. "SaGa Frontier: Original Sound Track (Disc 2)") and see if any of the core details match up (mastering code, mastering SID, etc.)
  2. If the disc has already had a redumper dump submitted, it will have a universal hash - check if this matches your dump. A Universal Hash already noted in comments can be found by searching for the value minus the final character (i.e. if the hash is e7af93523dcf254b9e62496c924ca3f50e943f8e, use the following search string Searching using the complete hash value will NOT work. If this search results in a matching entry, this is a verification and should be posted to the appropriate forum section rather than using the New Disc form
  3. If the disc has only been dumped with DiscImageCreator previously, you can resplit using a forced offset of 0: redumper split --force-offset=0. You can then check these track hashes against the database to see if they match. If all hashes match, then this is a verification as well and you should submit with the details of your original dump (with correctly detected offset) included.
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