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The purpose of this section is to organize / highlight database issues, areas of inconsistency or needing clarification, and various WIP items needing to be addressed.

  • Title / Main Title - Issue raised 2021-10-07
    • We need to address confusion over what should be used for the Main Title in redump, and whether certain titles take priority over others (in-game, disc title, packaging, spine, etc.). See this document for further discussion notes: Title Discussion
  • Logos on ringcodes - Issue raised 2021-10-07
    • We need to discuss a method or standardization for adding logos to ringcodes. For example, the "S in morph ball" logo - should it be added as S, left off entirely, or should custom tags be used to indicate certain logos?
  • Romanization of Foreign Titles to the Main Title Field? - Issue raised 2021 09-16
    • Should Foreign Titles ALWAYS be romanized / transliterated, to the 'Main Title' field, for a non-USA / non-english release/region entry? Even if there is an English Title on the item / in-game? Or should the English title in these instances, simply be added to an Alternative Title? More discussion: WIP Notes
  • Standardization of Foreign Titles - Issue raised 2021 09-16
    • Should foreign titles be standardized using a certain set of guidelines, or should the foreign titles be entered in the database exactly as they are written on the item / in-game? More discussion: WIP Notes
  • Full-width text used in Japanese Foreign Titles - Issue raised 2021 09-16
    • Should foreign titles (Japan) always use full-width text, including full-width space characters, or should normal text be used when there are punctuation / roman letters / etc? More discussion: WIP Notes
  • Separate Ring lines for different region releases - Issue raised 2021 09-16
    • When the Mastering Code and Mastering SID Code combination is the same, typically other elements are all added to the same Ring line. If a release is from a different region, should those elements be placed on that same Ring line, or should a NEW ring line be created? More discussion: WIP Notes
  • Ordering / Layout of Mastering Codes - Issue raised 2021 09-16
    • Should the Mastering Code have any standard set of rules regarding the ‘beginning’ of the code, in order to be consistent across the database? For example, some mods are starting with the unique code for the item, and some are always starting with the manufacturing / “mastered by” line. Individual mods are being consistent in THEIR submissions, but across the board, we are inconsistent. So which should it be? More discussion: WIP Notes
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