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List of missing Fujitsu FM Towns Coverdiscs only.

List sourced from [1] (the website doesn't exist anymore, but it was the most complete known database of FM Towns software). Demos need to be added to this list.

Alternative source: [2],

Title (Latin) Title (Japanese) Publisher Media Bought?
AnotherTOWNS - Anata~ Free Software Collection AnotherTOWNSあなた~One to Sevenフリーソフトウェアコレクション doujin CD
Doki Doki Disc CD-ban Vol. 2 どきどきディスクCD版 Vol. 2 D.O. CD
Doki Doki Disc CD-ban Vol. 4-5 どきどきディスクCD版 Vol. 4-5 D.O. CD
Login Sofcom (multiple discs) CD [3]
MediaDirect CD-ROM Magazine (multiple discs) CD cherokee (1 disc out of ???)
MiCom BASIC Magazine (multiple discs) CD sadikyo (5 discs out of ???)
Vector Design CD-ROM & Book series books (multiple discs) CD
Yaminabe DX [YAMI-0003] やみなべ DX Yaminabe Henshyubu CD
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