HDDVD-Video Key Extraction

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  • IMPORTANT: If your drive is a BD/HD-DVD hybrid drive, DO NOT insert A BD-Video disc with MKBv72 or newer, IT WILL BECOME IMPOSSIBLE TO DUMP HD-DVD KEYS ON SAID DRIVE.


Extraction Procedure

  1. Extract FindVUK to location of your choice
  2. Open a command prompt and navigate to where you extracted FindVUK
  3. Navigate inside the aacskeys folder
  4. Run aacskeys -v <drive letter>
  5. Copy paste output for safe keeping
  6. Validate the Volume Unique Key by running ValidateVUK <drive letter> <VUK>
    • Colon required for drive letter (F:)
  7. Grab required information for Redump (This is the same as BD-Video discs)
HDDVD-Video Protection: AACS (MKB version 7)
Media Key: D3A5957A0219001AB62D31EAC9A10E5A
Volume ID: FC3AAC79EA225AE1448C983C98259319
Volume Unique Key: F283D691673583569819F114460A6BF7
Unit Key File Hash (DiscID): D6630E5AA891CE4164A44E627E5672F092D0D717
  • "HDDVD-Video Protection" comes from this line: MKBv:
  • "Media Key" comes from this line: Media key:
  • "Volume ID" comes from this line: Volume ID (AACSAUTH):
  • "Volume Unique Key" comes from this line: Volume Unique Key:
  • "Unit Key File Hash (DiscID)" comes from this line: TKF Hash (Disc ID):

Extra Notes

The DiscID is the SHA-1 hash calculated from the following files:

  • HD-DVD Standard Content Audio : AACS\ATKF.AACS
  • HD-DVD Standard Content Video : AACS\VTKF.AACS
  • HD-DVD Advanced Content Audio : AACS\ATKF000.AACS
  • HD-DVD Advanced Content Video : AACS\VTKF000.AACS
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