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DiscImageCreator (DIC) is an a disc dumping app focusing on perfect disc dumping only. Some formats require certain drive models to dump perfectly.



DVD-Video and DVD-Rom dumping is supported with ANY drive that supports the DVD format. For your first dump/submission, please dump twice to verify matching hashes for any potentially misbehaving DVD-Rom drives.

For Xbox OG and 360 see this drive list.

CD-Rom / CD-Audio

CD format is particularly a pain in the ass, hardware support wise. Only certain models of Plextor brand drives can dump with DIC. Your drive should have the final firmware installed. The final firmware is also linked below for most models.


GDs are strange in that they contain two distinctly different areas of data. What this means to you is that you will have to dump the disc's LD and HD area separately. Unfortunately, this also means that you will need special hardware.

For dumping the LD area, the same rules apply as in dumping a CD, as they use the same technology. A list of compatible drives for dumping LD area is found below (and a more up-to-date list can be found in the CD Dumping Guide.) The Plextor PX-708 is the only drive model that supports both LD and HD areas.

LD area

Only Plextor brand disc drives are supported for dumping the LD area:

  • PX 7-series models: PX-704, PX-708, PX-712, PX-714, PX-716, PX-755, PX-760
  • Premium series models: Premium, Premium2
  • Addition PX-series models: PX-4012, PX-4824, PX-W5224, PX-W4220T, PX-32TS, PX-32CS, PX-83CS, PX-85CS, PX-63CS, PX-65CS, PX-43CS, PX-43CE, PX-43CH, PX-45CS, PX-45CE, PX-45CH
  • DM-series models: DM-3028, DM-5028, DM-3024, DM-5024, DM-3021, DM-5021, DM-3020, DM-5020

HD area

But for the HD area the process is different, and you need one of the following drives to dump it. In our testing, some drives worked better than others:


  • Samsung TSSTCorp models:
    • TS-H353A aka SH-D163A
    • TS-H352C aka SH-162C

Not Recommended (were unfriendly compared to Recommended models during dump tests):

  • Samsung TSSTCorp models: TS-H353B

Untested, but should work(?)

  • Lite-On models: LH-18A1H, SOHD-167T, LTD-165H, SOHD-16P9S
  • Plextor models: PX-W4824TA, PX-W4824TU, PX-755SA
  • Samsung TSSTCorp models: TS-H192C, SH-D162D
  • NEC model: CDR-1901A
  • LG model: GCR-8522B

PlayStation 3 & 4

Compatible drive list sourced from here.

  • LG models: BH26NS40, UH12NS30, BH16NS40, BH16NS48, BH14NS40, WH24NS40, WH12LS30, WH24LS30, WH26NS40, WH16NS40, WH14NS40, WH16NS48, BP50NB40
  • Asus models: BC-08B1LT, BC-16D1HT, BC-12B1ST, BC-12D2HT, BW-12B1ST, BW-16D1HT
  • LITE-ON models: DH-4O1S, IHBS112
  • Sony Optiarc 5300S
  • Sony PlayStation 3 stock drive[1] with 3k3y ripper adapter[2]
  • BENQ BR1000

Xbox original & Xbox 360

Dumping Xbox original and Xbox 360 there are two options for hardware. The Kreon is much easier and cheaper.

Xbox One

For compatibilty discussion see[3]

  • BDR-208D
  • BDR-209D
  • Pioneer BD-ROM BDC-TD03VA (BDC-TD03): Only compatible with single layer BD-25 discs, not double layer BD-50 discs.
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