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All GameCube, Wii, and Wii U games have a mastering code on the back of the disc. The format of the mastering code has been completely deciphered.

Example of mastering codes:

GameCube: C02H0710 DOL-GAFE-0-00 USA S0

Wii: 308K0111 RVL-RKGP-0A-0 JPN S0

Wii U: G13J1101 WUP-P-ARDE-00 USA S0

Character Meaning
3 Paired with the mastering code. If this character is a number, the disc was made in Tsuyama, Japan. If this character is a letter, it was made in the USA. Panasonic manufactured almost all North American discs in their USA plant in Torrance, California, but it closed on April 30, 2015.[1] Thus, all Wii and Wii U discs manufactured after that were made in Japan.

1 - IFPI LQ11 (Japan)
2 - IFPI LQ12 / IFPI LL37 (Japan)
3 - IFPI LL38 (Japan)
5 - IFPI LL39 (Japan)
6 - IFPI LL40 (Japan)

08 Year the disc was manufactured. In the Wii example, it was 2008.
K Month the disc was manufactured. In the Wii example, it was November. "A" would be January, "B" would be February, "C" would be March, etc.
01 Day the disc was manufactured. The full date is therefore November 1st, 2008 for the Wii example.
11 Disc batch per day.

RVL Platform. DOL for GameCube, RVL for Wii, and WUP for Wii U.
RKGP Disc Serial

0 Disc Number. (Wii and GameCube only) Almost always 0, unless there's a Disc 2.
A Disc type. (Wii only) A for single-layer, B for dual-layer, C for standard DVD-Video (used for Super Mario Galaxy 2 for Beginners DVD).
0 (or 00) Revision Number. Starts at 0, goes up to 9 for Wii, 10 for Wii U (binary-coded decimal).

JPN The factory the disc was manufactured in. If this is JPN, it was made in Japan. If this is USA, it was made in USA.

S0 Layer type. S0 for single-layer discs. For Wii, L0 and L1 for dual-layer discs made in Japan, 00 and 20 for dual-layer discs made in USA. The GameCube game Super Smash Bros. Melee (USA) (Rev 1) has this set to S1 for some reason.

(Deciphered by Hiccup, PPLToast, Larsenv, and Enker, plus some of it from common knowledge)

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