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Philips CD-i Europe is a difficult list to compile.


  • 310690***-2 serial numbers can be USA (Jewelcase or Longbox with "MADE IN USA" in the ring code) or European (PAL-style longbox with "MADE IN GERMANY" in the ring code). USA and European variants sometimes share barcode and serial numbers (310690***-2) but may still differ in software revision.
  • 81* ****, 310699***-2, 690 ***-*, and 699 ***-* serials are always European.
  • Other non-Philips / unstandardized serial numbers exist in all regions.
  • Sometimes serial numbers are different on packaging and disc label. Please note discrepancies accordingly in redump the entries' "Comments" section.



Title Region Serial # Barcode Build Type Notes
7th Guest, The UK 811 0040 Revision V2 bugfix revision[1], in VCD case?[2]. Ring code[3]
Alice in Wonderland Europe 810 0014 8712581000141 Unknown
Caesars World of Gambling Italy 815 0003 8712581500030 Probably Matches
Caesars World of Gambling Europe 699 027-2 731069902720 Probably Matches Serial number on case & disc label: 699 027-2 [4]
Dark Castle Italy 815 0007 8712581500078 Probably Matches Serial on back of case: 690 026-2 [5][6]
Defender of the Crown Germany 813 0010 8712581300104 Probably Matches
Dimo's Quest Europe 810 0204 8712581002046 Possibly Matches? CD-i Ready.
Go Italy 815 0054 8712581500542 Undumped Unique [7][8]
Kether Germany 813 0100 Revision 3.08 PVD Date: 1993-11-23. Dumped in TOSEC. Potentially a preproduction "TESTING - PHASE 1" disc like this.
Lords of The Rising Sun Italy 815 0041 8712581500412 Probably Matches
Mad Dog II: El Oro Perdido Spain 816 0065 8712581600655 Undumped Unique Only one copy has been seen (on TodoColeccion). The game has not been released in Spanish language or with a Spanish title on other platforms.
Mutant Rampage: Bodyslam Europe 810 0208 8712581002084 Possibly Matches? No evidence.[9]
Pinball Italy 815 0016 Should Match [10]
Sargon Chess Italy 815 0018 Probably Matches
Vegas Girls (REV 0) Europe TFGD0066 5014469800663 Revision crc32 4075ee3e. A one month earlier version than the redump build

Kids & Edutainment

Title Region Serial # Barcode Notes
ADI Accompagnement Scolaire: 3ème Français et Maths France [11]
Aventure di Sandy al Circo, Le Italy
Barrio más Animado de Richard Scarry, El Spain 816 0018 8712581600181 Covers here [12]. Mind that is different from [13]
Beauty and the Beast Europe 810 0024 8712581000240 bought Landcross / user7
Bella e La Bestia, La Italy 815 0053 8712581500535
Cartoon Jukebox Spain 816 0010 8712581600105
Como el Rinoceronte Consiguió su Piel Spain 816 0003 8712581600037
Fabbrica dei Pastelli, La Italy 815 0103 8712581501037
Face Kitchen Europe 810 0044 8712581000448
Fovole Di Esopo, Le Italy 815 0045 8712581500457
Jezus Messias Netherlands CD-ROM XA (hybrid CD-i / Windows) [14]
J'invente mes histoires 2: Reves d'etoiles France 812 0029
Maquina de Cuentos: Sueños de Estrellas, La Spain 816 0012 8712581600129
Moses: Bound for the Promised Land Europe 810 0003 8712581000035
Moses: The Exodus Europe 690 035-2 "690 035-2" serial on disc label and back insert.
Mother Goose: Comptines à Colorier France 812 0007 8712581200077 [15]
Noah's Ark Europe 690-032-2 731069003229 "690 032-2" on disc label and rear insert.[16]
Number Factory, The UK 811 0048 8712581100483 [17][18]
Paint School I Europe 699 009-2 731069900924 "699 009-2" spotted on the cover art, disc label serial number unverified.
Paint School II Europe 699 002-2 731069900221 "699 002-2" spotted on the cover art, disc label serial number unverified.
Perché il Cammello ha la Gobba? Italy Pecos Bill Italian version mentions this in the back of the box, probably from the same game series if released.
Retourtje Mali Netherlands DV
Richard Scarry's Busiest Neighborhood Disc Ever! Europe 310690038-2 [19]
Richard Scarry's Wunderbarste Geschichten aus Schaffenau Germany 813 0016 8712581300166 [20]
Sandy's Circus Adventure UK 811 6004
Sandy's Circus Avontuur (Rev 0) Netherlands 814 0008 Undumped revision in Tosec with mastering code "814 0008 50260 053 01".
Schilderschool II Netherlands 814 0011
Secondo Disco De Le Fovole Di Esopo, Il Italy 815 0045 8712581500467
Stickybear Leyendo Spain 816 0040 8712581600402 Dumped in TOSEC
Story of Jonah Could have a USA serial. Comes in a PAL long jewelcase.
Tom der Maximagier Germany 813 0034
Tom le Maximagier (v2.03) France 812 0021 Mastering code "8120021V203 50262231 05"[21]

CD-i Music

Title Region Serial # Barcode Notes
Classical Jukebox Europe 810 #### 8712581001834
Classical Jukebox 814 0034
Classical Jukebox Italy 815 0005 8712581500054
Cool Oldies Jukebox Europe 699 006-2 731069900627 bought Landcross / user7 (I think it's this variant)
Cranberries: Doors And Windows, The 0440 92-2 Discogs
Cranberries: Doors And Windows, The Spain 810 9002 Discogs
Golden Oldies Jukebox Italy 815 0011 [22]
James Brown: Non Stop Hit Machine France 814 ???? CD-i Ready. [23]
James Brown: Non Stop Hit Machine Netherlands 814 0055 8712581400552 CD-i Ready.
James Brown: Non Stop Hit Machine Spain 816 0024 8712581600242 CD-i Ready
Jazz Giants: From Big Band to Bossa Nova Europe 690 096-2 731069009627 Probably Matches
Karaoke Vol. 1 810 0069 8712581400699 CDi PAL style case. [24][25][26] bought Landcross / user7
Karaoke Collection N.4 Italy Presumed to exist.
Karaoke Collection N.5 Italy [27]
Karaoke Collection N.7 Italy Presumed to exist.
Karaoke Collection N.9 Italy Presumed to exist.
Karaoke Collection N.10 Italy [28]
Karaoke Collection N.11 Italy Presumed to exist.
Karaoke Collection N.12 Italy Presumed to exist.
Karaoke Collection N.13 Italy Presumed to exist.
Karaoke Collection N.14 Italy Presumed to exist.
Karaoke Klassics 2: Greatest Love Duets: Volume 1 (REV 0) Europe Build in TOSEC from 1993.
Karaoke Klassics 3: Male Standards: Volume 1 (REV 0) Europe Build in TOSEC from 1993.
Karaoke Klassics 4: Contemporary Pop Female: Volume 1 (REV 0) Europe Build in TOSEC from 1993.
Karaoke Klassics 5: Special Occasions: Volume 1 (REV 0) Europe Does 1993 build exist for this title too?
Louis Armstrong: An American Songbook France 812 0019 8712581200190 CD-i Ready
Michael Jackson: Blood on the Dance Floor (Dernier Album) France [29] France Videotronic. Sony.
Michael Jackson: Compulation France [30]
Mozart: A Musical Biography Europe 699 041-2 731069904120 CD-i Ready. USA-style serial. Case serial only visible in spotted eBay listing.
Mozart: A Musical Biography France 812 0036 CD-i Ready
Peter Gabriel: Xplora 1 819 1030 8712581910303?
Spartiti Interattivi per Chitarra Rock Italy IM99001 [31]
Tatjana: Secrets Of Tatjana Europe 810 0224 8712581002244 Undumped serial variant. CD-i Ready.
Zingstrip: 12 Bekende Liedjes van Annie M.G. Schmidt Netherlands 65211 8712241652116 [32]

Samplers / Demos

Very little information on most of these. A few were assumed to be European based on "Notes" containing European-sounding production companies, some of these could be USA.

Title Region Serial # Barcode Notes
CD-i: An Established Format In The Market
CD-Online - Disc 1 NL 8190088 Lost Boys Interactive. Same serial as UK release.[33]
CD-Online - Disc 96-11 CD-Online Lost Boys Interactive
CD-Online - Disc 97-11 Bookmark Online. Lost Boys Interactive
CD-i - An Established Format In The Market
Cocktails Demo 1993
ECTS 1994 CD-i Games Promo 09/1994. Philips Media Systems AD
Effatha Gebaren CD-i Deel 1 Netherlands [34]
ESP Showreel 1992 1992. Electronic Sound and Pictures
Hasselt FMV Testdisc 1993. 1.0
IFA 1993 - Digital Video Launch Promo Philips Interactive Media Centre. Paramount Pictures, PolyGram Video, e.a. 1993. 1.01
Internetten op je TV! - Demo Disc 810 0330 [35]
Internetten op je TV! / CD-Online Internet Browser disc 01 Europe 8101069 v2 8712581010690 [36]
ICDIA 1996 Summit - Philips CD-i Strategy 1996
Imation Superdisk Driver For CDI670
Introduction To CD-i Production
Philips CD-I Demonstration Disc with FMV Version II (b)
Professional CD-i Examples
Ridiculously Short Introduction To CD-i Production, A 07/1993
Script Systems: Create Your Own Video-CD Script Systems

Retail Multimedia

Whatever other multimedia that was sold to the general public that doesn't fit in the above categories.

Title Region Serial # Barcode Notes / Publisher
4 Meesterwerken Masterpieces Netherlands [37]
Art of the Czars, The: St. Petersburg and the Treasures of the Hermitage Europe 810 0008
Chitarra Rock, La Italy 815 0055 8712581500559
Dutch Masters of the Seventeenth Century Europe 810 0019
Enciclopedia Elettronica Multimediale Grolier edizione 1995 Italy [38]
French Impressionists, The Europe 310690046-2 bought Blazers / user7
Gifts to Behold Europe [39]
Larousse multimedia: Diccionario Enciclopedico Spain 816 0083 [40]
Loving For A Lifetime: Sex, je lust en je leven Netherlands 2700500 8712527005001
Loving for a Lifetime: Sex, Lust und Leben Germany 813 0088 8712581300883 [41]
Modern Languages in the Primary School 3 Europe 819 0072 8712581900724
Methode de Langues Multimedia, La: Je Parle l'Espagnol: Junior France [42]
Nacer: La Gran Aventura Spain 816 0026 8712581600266
Philips Media Medische Encyclopedie Netherlands 814 0160 8712581401603 [43]
Playboy's Complete Massage Germany 813 0095
Playboy's Complete Massage Netherlands 814 0066 8712581400668
Playboy: I Segreti Del Massaggio Italy 815 0051
Rand McNally's America: A United States Atlas Europe 699 014-2 769901423 [44] Multiple revisions? [45][46]
Renaissance Gallery, The Europe 699 044-3 731069904427
Renaissance Gallery, The France 812 0042 8712581200428
Revolution in Color, A Europe 810 0022 CD-i Ready
Revolution In Color, A France 812 0046 CD-i Ready
Salvat Enciclopedia Interactiva Spain B-44677-96 Salvat [47]
Total Euro 96 Europe 811 0027 [48]
World of Impressionism, The France 812 0059 8712581200596
Zoo... Eenvoudig: Dierenencyclopedie Undumped REV 1 (in TOSEC)


Some of these may be US releases, but by far most are European. These are discs created for special professional purposes: either for internal use in a company, to promote a company product, or likely for sale only via special trade catalogs. Some of the discs listed below could be one-off betas never intended for public release.

Title Region Serial # Barcode Notes / Publisher
1000 Jahre Osterreich Haudek & Kurek
Achterhoek Magazine Netherlands [49]
Ampeda Symbol Ampeda
Amsterdam – Blijvend in Wording Netherlands? [50]
AMTS Pilot Disc Philips Electronics NV
Atlas Of Hair, The L'Oreal
Auf Die Platze, Fertig, Los! Colmar
Avis Avis
Back Injury Prevention Program [51]
Backcare Program, The [52]
Bautagebuch Tauernkraftwerke AG
Being A Marketing Organization The Principal Financial Group
Blaascathertesisatie onbekend
Bleu Corail - Aout 1994 Bleu Corail
Bleu Corail Decembre 1994 Bleu Corail
Bleu corail Janvier 1995 Bleu Corail
Blue Corail Demo Blue Corail
BMW: Kiosk v12/97
BMW: Motorrad- Und Fahrerausstattung [53]. Discs 3 & 4 dumped[54].
Borne Citis Borne Citis
Bruxelles Bruxelles
BSO Company Presentation BSO
Canal Plus - 10 Ans Canal Plus
Canal Pro Canal Pro
CanalSEM - Soins & Conseils Pour Le Jardin SEM
Cardiology Diagnosis Interactive Zeneca Pharmaceuticals
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome [55]
CD-Eye World Media Demodisk CD-Eye
Chanel Juin 95 Chanel
Ciba Ciba
Clarins Initial Training I Clarins Paris
Clarins Initial Training II Clarins Paris
Clarins Initial Training III Clarins Paris
Codes Rousseau CD-i Test 3 Codes Rousseau
Confronting The Risks For CHD Merck, Sharp & Dohme
Controles Et Verifications Avant Depart En Circulation AFT Iftim
Customer Care Hoge Hotelschool Maastricht, Infath
DCC Product Presentation Philips Consumer Electronics BV
Delta Demo Delta
Dictionaire De La Langue De Signes Fraincaise Disque 1 Philips
Dictionaire De La Langue De Signes Fraincaise Disque 2 Philips
Die Shell Produkte 1996 Shell
Dienstleisterungen Der Radio Austria AG Radio Austria AG
Dolby Surround Prologic POS/Demo Philips Sound & Vision
Dutch Publishers Demo Philips Media Systems
EK Voetbal Historie, De Netherlands 660 3021
Eureka 2: Champollion [56]
Eureka 3: Galilee [57]
Expo '98 Lisboa Portugal [58]
Ediser 4 Ediser
Edudisc: Reis Langs De Velden Philips
Edudisc: Relief Philips
Enci-Clopedie Enci
Energiemanagement Novem
English For Business 2: Managing Quality University of Wolverhampton
Enter 94 IGR
EuroStar European Union
Eurotower - Von Schilling Zum Euro EuroTower
Fahren Lernen A 2005 Vogel
Fahren Lernen B 2005 Vogel. Partially dumped[59]
Fahren Lernen 2007 Partially dumped
Fahren Lernen 2008 Partially dumped
Fiat: CD-i Demo Marco 95 Fiat
Filieres D'enseignement Professionel En Alsace Alsacem
For Me It Must Be A Silhouette Silhouette
Ford Courier Ford
Gli Animali e i Loro Ambienti Italy IM99004 [60]
Guidare e Pilotare Italy 2126396101 8021263961015 [61]
Glucobay Bayer
Harlon Corporate Communicatie Harlon
Hello USA (Disc 2): ? Presumed to exist.
Hoegaarden Hoegaarden
Holland Casino
Internet in de praktijk Netherlands 9789065334251 [62]
Interact-Cases [63]
lnteract-Consult [64]
lnteractive EMT-B [65]
Interact-Intro [66]
Interact-Surgery [67]
Historia Interactiva de la Humanidad (Disc 8) Hybrid VCD / CD-i. Only disc 8 is undumped.
Intermarche - Les Mousquetaires Intermarche
ItaltelSistemi Philips Automation SpA
Jeulin 93 Jeulin
KB Pour Ne Pas Se Planter KB
Know Now: Klantvriendelijk En Klantgericht Functioeren ?
Know Now: Zakelijk Telefoongebruik ?
Knowledge Disc [68]
Koelen, Maart 1994 PNEM
KTM Bikes Vom Besten KTM
La Palma La Palma
LDD Gmunden LDD Gmunden
Leichter Lernen Hubert Ebner
Lenzig AG Lenzig AG
Lights Of Vienna Vienna
Lux - Verkeufs Schulung Teil 1 Lux
Mario Botta Switzerland [69]
Marie Claire 97 Marie Claire
Maritiem Museum Curacao Maritiem Museum Curacao
Media Bit Showmaster Demo Media Bit
MediaPro Instore Demo (Incl. Floppy) MediaPro
Mediasud Mediasud
Merceded Occasion (Incl. Floppy) Mercedez
Mercedez: Die Neue E-klasse Mercedez
Miniaturisation [70]
MJM Info 98 MJM
Mobalpa Cuisines & Salles De Bains Mobalpa
Mopedprufung Kuratorium Fur Verkehrssicherheit
Multimedia lntroduction to Knot Tying and Suturing [71]
New Perspectives In Heart Failure Zambon
OGB 100 Jahre OGB
Paindent Paindent
Personenauto - De Theorie Disc 2 dumped[72]
Philip Morris Gema Phillip Morris
Philips Consumer Electronics Promo 1995 Philips Consumer Electronics
Philips ICR '95 Limited Edition Philips
Philips Invents Philips
Philips S&V Presentations - June 1995 Philips Sound & Vision
Plexicolor Golden Plexicolor
Poilane Poilane
Pregolide Eli Lilly & Company
Process Surveillance Rover Group
Playboy Celebrity Centrefold LaToya Jackson Germany 58840
Raffeisen Interaktiv Raffeisen Landesbank
Responding in the Golden Hour (8 discs) [73]
RVV 1990 RVV
Salzburger Elektronische Programm Sommer 1995 Salzburger Land Tourismus GmbH
Salzburger Elektronische Programm Winter 1995 Salzburger Land Tourismus GmbH
Scan & Teach Degener
Selling Intimate Appearal Computer Training Development
SEP Moteurs 1994 SEP
SEPPI Winter 94/95 SEPPI
Service A La Clientele, Le Hoge Hotelschool Maastricht
Shimano Grundig - See Me, Feel Me, Hear Me Grundig
Shimano Product Catalogue Shimano
Sista/Pattex/Rubson Henkel
Splend'Or Photo-CD Projecten Splend'Or
Starten Sie Mit Uns Algemeine Sparkasse Oberosterreich
Stella Artois Stella Artois
Strafvordering Aruba Korps politie Nederlandse antillen
Studiedisk Strafrecht: De Overval Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Swatch 1993 Swatch
Tele Bebe Tele Bebe
Trodat Trodat
Trois Mats Belem Fondation Belem
Videotronic D'Or D'Or
Videotronic: Eschenback Optik Eschenbach Optik
Videotronic: Gaz De France Videotronic
Videotronic: Neudorff Neudorff
Videotronic: Ouvre Huitres Ouvre Huitres
Volvo: 440/460 Teintes Et Garnitures Volvo
Volvo: 850 Racing Volvo
Volvo: Freedom to Choose: An Introduction to the Volvo range [74]
Wapenherkenning Ministerie van Binnelandse Zaken
Welcome To Philips Philips International BV
Welkom Bij Albert Heijn TeleCD-i Albert Heijn
Whirlpool - Le Monde Fantastique Whirlpool
Wiener Blut Wiener Blut
World Wide Advise Royal Haskoning Group
Zeneca: Quaeritur III CD-i Ready. Quiz program. [75]
ZielspahrPlan: Wohne. Volksbank
Zumtobel Staff The Light Zumtobel Licht GmbH
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