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Philips CD-i missing titles, serial numbers, and revisions from the Americas region.


  • 310690***-2 serial numbers can be USA (Jewelcase or Longbox with "MADE IN USA" in the ring code) or European (PAL-style longbox with "MADE IN GERMANY" in the ring code). USA and European variants sometimes share barcode and serial numbers (310690***-2) but may still differ in software revision.
  • 81* ****, 310699***-2, 690 ***-*, and 699 ***-* serials are always European.
  • Other non-Philips / unstandardized serial numbers exist in all regions.
  • Sometimes serial numbers are different on packaging and disc label. Please note discrepancies accordingly in redump the entries' "Comments" section.


Undumped Revisions

Title Serial # Barcode Notes Bought
Children's Musical Theatre (Rev 1) 310690008-2 ring code "00821015 01", crc32 7ee79faa[1]. Non-Redump
French Impressionists, The (Rev 1) Possibly European? PVD Date: 1992-09-24 Non-Redump
How the Rhinoceros Got His Skin (Rev 0) 310690147-2 Possibly European? PVD 1991-09-16, crc32 0cef10ee, English language only. Non-Redump

Retail Titles

Title Serial # Barcode Notes Bought
WEB-i Single track. crc32 3b548b9e[2]. Non-Redump


Title Serial # Barcode Notes Bought
Accent Health: Information For Healthy Living: January 2004 1026893 Non-Redump
Accent Health: Information For Healthy Living: November 2004 (50 Silver CDi 1104) 1031375 Non-Redump
Accent Health: Information For Healthy Living: October 2004 1030921 Non-Redump
Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 [3]
Basic Life Support [4]
CD Recording Software For The CDD521 OptImage Interactive Services Company. 18/11/1992. 1.0
CD-i Authoring Overview Presentation OptImage
Chew The Right Thing [5]
Discovery: Your Place In The World VAU004 Non-Redump
Dr Ross Nash: Cosmetic Techniques 4 x CD. Non-Redump: Disc 1, Disc 2, Disc 3, Disc 4
Exploration: The World Around You 18404 Non-Redump
First Aid [6]
Infection Control Practices for Dentistry [7]
Infotouch Health Kiosk [8]
Interactive Math: Fractions Presumed to exist, mentioned on the back of other Interactive Math cases[9]. Disc label should have Spanish title as well.
Interactive Resources Demo Interactive Resources[10]
Literature Explorers: Dinosaurs CD110001050 Disc Label, Trurip
Literature Explorers: The World Below CD110001070 Non-Redump
Mathtrak: K3 Presumed to exist, Mathtrak K1, K2, and K4 are dumped.
MediaMogul 1.1 OptImage 1.1
MediaMogul 1.2 Beta OptImage 1.2 Beta
MediaMogul 2.1 OptImage 2.1
MediaMogul 2.2.1 OptImage 2.2.1
MediaMogul Plug-In Demo Interactive Resources
Medicinal Plants [11]
Mexico: Paraíso Del Buceo 7509718000010 [12]
Michigan Judicial Institute, The 5 x CD. Non-Redump: [13][14][15][16][17]
MPEG Video Sampler Volume 1 Hidden Palace. Non-Redump
Occupational Exposure of Bloodborne Pathogens [18]
Odyssey: The Journey to Your Future VAU003 Non-Redump
Phillips CD-i Digital Video Training - Version 1.0 16180 Hidden Palace. Non-Redump
Socrates [19][20]
World Tours: Egypt 404590-1 Non-Redump
World Tours: Hong Kong 49424-3 Non-Redump
World Tours: New Zealand 49429-1 Non-Redump
World Tours: Pacific Islands 405 1052 Non-Redump
World Tours: The Amazon Rainforest 401417-2 Non-Redump
World Tours: West Africa 48300-2 Non-Redump
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