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Philips CD-i missing titles, serial numbers, and revisions from the Americas region.

References - disclaimer these lists often incorrectly list USA re-releases into Europe as USA releases, please see "Notes" below to differentiate.


  • 310690***-2 serial numbers can be USA (Jewelcase or Longbox with "MADE IN USA" in the ring code) or European (PAL-style longbox with "MADE IN GERMANY" in the ring code). USA and European variants sometimes share barcode and serial numbers (310690***-2) but may still differ in software revision.
  • 81* ****, 310699***-2, 690 ***-*, and 699 ***-* serials are always European.
  • Other non-Philips / unstandardized serial numbers exist in all regions.
  • Sometimes serial numbers are different on packaging and disc label. Please note discrepancies accordingly in redump the entries' "Comments" section.


Undumped Revisions

Unless the mastering codes are noted, some of these may have actually been Europe releases misidentified by TOSEC.

Title Serial # Barcode Notes Bought
Caesars World of Gambling 310690186-2 Jewelcase variant has confirmed ring code "02721005 01!". Could match other redump entries, but mastering code is undumped. Blazers
Children's Musical Theatre (Rev 1) 310690008-2 ring code "00821015 01", crc32 7ee79faa[1]
French Impressionists, The (Rev 1) PVD Date: 1992-09-24
How the Rhinoceros Got His Skin (Rev 0) 310690147-2 PVD 1991-09-16, crc32 0cef10ee, English language only.
Story Machine: Star Dreams (Rev 1) PVD Date: 1992-03-09


Title Serial # Barcode Notes Bought
cd-i Title Sampler: Fall '94 Single track. crc32 16aa3437[2]
Cool Oldies Jukebox 310690007-2 731069000723 Blazers
Destination Great Britain: Scotland 310611003-2 exists per Blazers / artwork on other "Destination Great Britain" series
Monty Python's More Naughty Bits 310690210-2 crc32 df586c75[3] Blazers
WEB-i Single track. crc32 3b548b9e[4]


Title Serial # Barcode Notes Bought
Accent Health: Information For Healthy Living: January 2004 1026893 [5]
Accent Health: Information For Healthy Living: November 2004 (50 Silver CDi 1104) 1031375 [6]
Accent Health: Information For Healthy Living: November 2004 (General CDi 11-04) 1031375 [7]
Accent Health: Information For Healthy Living: October 2004 1030921 [8]
Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 [9]
Annual Report 1992/1993 [10]
Basic Life Support [11]
Branch Seminar Productions [12] Blazers
CD Recording Software For The CDD521 OptImage Interactive Services Company. 18/11/1992. 1.0
CD-i Authoring Overview Presentation OptImage
Chew The Right Thing [13]
Discovery: Your Place In The World VAU004 Blazers
Dr Ross Nash: Cosmetic Techniques 4 x CD
Exploration: The World Around You 18404 crc32 6a71310b[14]
Explorations of Space Another title of the same name[15] exists per Blazers?
First Aid [16]
lnfection Control Practices for Dentistry [17]
Infotouch Health Kiosk [18]
Interactive Education: Comparing Values in Decimals No serial on disc label. [19]
Interactive Education: Using Numbers [20]
Interactive Math: Fractions Presumed to exist, mentioned on the back of other Interactive Math cases. Disc label should have Spanish title as well.
Interactive Resources Demo Interactive Resources[21]
Literature Explorations: Dinosaurs CD110001050
Literature Explorers: The World Below CD110001070 crc32 aa3ba243[22]
Mathtrak: K3
MediaMogul 1.1 OptImage 1.1
MediaMogul 1.2 Beta OptImage 1.2 Beta
MediaMogul 2.1 OptImage 2.1
MediaMogul 2.2.1 OptImage 2.2.1
MediaMogul Plug-In Demo Interactive Resources
MCI: Portable Proof: Telecommunications Revolution [23] Blazers
MCI: Portable Proof: Your Network Advantage [24][25] Blazers
Medicinal Plants [26]
Mexico: Paraíso Del Buceo 7509718000010 [27]
Michigan Judicial Institute, The 5 x CD
MPEG Video Sampler Volume 1 [28]
Occupational Exposure of Bloodborne Pathogens [29]
Odyssey: The Journey to Your Future VAU003 crc32 af37db39[30] Blazers
Phillips CD-i Digital Video Training - Version 1.0 16180 [31]
Self Selling Disc (Philips) at the Home Computer Museum [32][33]
Self Selling Disc (Memorex) 310-690-049-2 [34]
Socrates [35][36]
World Tours: Egypt 404590-1 crc32 bd8a56ea[37]
World Tours: Hong Kong 49424-3 crc32 30d87227[38]
World Tours: New Zealand 49429-1 crc32 0b84bbaf[39]
World Tours: Pacific Islands 405 1052 crc32 8db85a06[40]
World Tours: The Amazon Rainforest 401417-2 crc32 f7da23b0[41]
World Tours: West Africa 48300-2 crc32 89c51331[42]
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