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Photo CD format discs related somehow to video games and video game system releases.

CD-i Branded

Philips CDi By Region: USAEuropeAsiaPreproduction/Demonstration All Regions
CD-i Related (All Regions): CD-BGMCD+GPhoto CDVideo CD (VCD)
Title Region Serial # Barcode Notes
Autosport Magazine Presents Grand Prix Special 811 0005 "Photo CD" branded variant.[1]
CD-i Product Pictures I 1995
CD-i Product Pictures II 1995
Cuba Ubi Soft Entertainment
Digital Dimensions TopWare PD Service GmbH. 01/1995. Appl: 3.2
Highlights auf Philips Photo-CD Germany Philips Media Systems Deutschland. 1992. Company Presentation
House Of Windsors Germany 8130064 8712581300647
How To Photograph Nature USA 310690224-2 73106902248
IMS Press Photos 1992 Eastman Kodak Company. 1992
Kodak Photo-CD Access Software & Photo Sampler Eastman Kodak Company. 1993. 1.1, OEM: Sony, App:2.3
Kodak Photo-CD Player Test Disc Eastman Kodak Co. 1992
Kodak Photo-CD POS Demo Disc Eastman Kodak Company. 1992. App: 2.3
Kodak Photo-CD Sample Images Eastman Kodak Company. App: 3.1
Kodak Sample Images - June 1993 Eastman Kodak Co. 06/1993. Appl: 3.1
Now You Can (Photo-CD Portfolio Demo Disc) Eastman Kodak Company. 1993. App: 3.1
Philips Audio-CD Recorder 1998 App: 3.3
Philips CeBIT 1993 Philips Consumer Electronics
Photo-CD Demo Disc 3.1 312232/152862 11/1993. App: 3.1
PIMA Title Covers 1991 Eastman Kodak Company. 1992
R.S.C. Anderlecht - Season 1992-93 Eastman Kodak Co. 1992. Appl: 2.3
Schönsten Hotels der Welt, Die Germany 813 0060 Philips Media Systems Deutschland. Burda GmbH. 1992. Appl: 2.3
Splend'Or Photo-CD Projecten Splend'Or. Computer Aided Visuals. 1994. Appl: 3.2. Company presentation
Stadtplanung Wien
Television Numerique
Traumland Amerika Germany 813 0059 Philips Media Systems Deutschland. Burda GmbH. 1992
Traumziele der Welt Germany 813 0047 Philips Media Systems Deutschland. Burda GmbH. 1992. Appl: 2.3
Voralberg Portfolio Landersverband Voralberg Tourismus
World Press Photo 1995 World Press Photo Foundation. Image & Imagination, Kodak Professional Imaging. 1995. Appl: 3.2
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