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Some PlayStation 2 DVD-Rom betas will not read properly in some disc drives. While it may be because they are scratched, sometimes these discs actually just need to be read by the same drive they were burned with (or similar drive model). Most PS2 DVD betas do NOT have this issue, but some have been identified and data recovered perfectly from this method. In this guide, we're going to determine which disc drive you'll need to dump a troublesome PS2 DVD beta.



Determine the drive Manufacturer

  • Open Imgburn with the disc in the drive
  • Click on the "Discovery" icon, or select 'Discovery' from the Mode menu
  • Select the appropriate drive under 'Destination' where your disc is inserted
  • Information on the disc will automatically load in the right area of this window. (Note: It may take a couple minutes for the disc to load.)
  • Depending on your drive and the disc, manufacturer information could be in a few different sections, possibly under 'Disc Information,' 'Pre-recorded Information,' or 'Recording Management Area Information,' etc.

Here's an example of what you might see:

    • Pre-recorded Information: Manufacturer ID: MCI4XG01
    • Recording Management Area Information: PIONEER CFDL041967WL DVD-RW DVR-106D

Official Sony List of Supported Drives

With the information gathered above, choose the most appropriate drive. Note: Category of "Authoring" and "General" shouldn't matter, but the info is separated for reference.

Drives for DVD for Authoring

PIONEER      DVR-S201   firmware ver2.02 and later
Hoei Sangyo  DSR-8000dp (DPM88 required)

Drives for DVD for General

PIONEER      DVR-A04-J (Drive name: DVR-104)
PIONEER      DVR-A05-J (Drive name: DVR-105)
PIONEER      DVR-A07-J (Drive name: DVR-107D)
Hoei Sangyo  DSR-4000dp-5  (PIONEER DVR-A04 mounted) (DPM88 required)
Hoei Sangyo  DSR-4000dp-10 (PIONEER DVR-A04 mounted) (DPM88 required)
Hoei Sangyo  DSR-4000dp-5  (PIONEER DVR-A05 mounted) (DPM88 required)
Hoei Sangyo  DSR-4000dp-10 (PIONEER DVR-A05 mounted) (DPM88 required)

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